Blog #9: Scotty Beam Me Up!

Posted on : 30-03-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized

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Reference to the character “Bones” or was it “Spock” from the original Star Trek series….

For my birthday this year, my loving husband gave me a brand new Palm-Pre. The fact that he gave me a “new” phone is a huge feat unto itself given that my loved one’s idea of good hunting is to discover used IPODS and Phones on Craig’s list. The hunt begins with meeting the owners at various Starbucks locations around town and negotiating with them until he can bring his bounty home so that he can then try them out and repair them if needed. Evidently the ultimate coup de grace of this whole scenario is to then turn around and repost the items on Craig’s list. I suppose the apex of satisfaction is to then to sell the items and make even just a little bit more money than the purchase price.

The day he gave me my new phone I had one of those schedules that was non-stop. Fun but non-stop (including dropping by to pick up a spare key and locking my car doors with the keys in the ignition and the car running). What that meant was that by 6:00pm when my honey had changed my old phone service over to my new phone service I was lucky to be able to rub two sentences together much less to understand where he was telling me that the on button was and how to swipe the screen and handy little short cuts for all the many applications available.

Yes, I have been begging him for an iPhone for quite sometime now but I must have had visions of the phone being as uncomplicated as say a Jitterbug phone because I had no idea how amazing these phones really are and quite what they are capable of doing. I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me that you could open up three or four or five applications simultaneously and bounce between them back and forth to accomplish all kinds of things all with an effortless sideways movement or tap-tap-tap of your thumb (hey now I know why they haven’t evolved from our hands….)!

But what I really wanted this morning, this very painfully early morning on my way to get my first cup of coffee was to try to remember how to answer the phone if someone called and to call someone from my contact list. So there I sit at the stop light finding out that I’ve opened up my contacts and emails and somehow I’m sending an article that I didn’t even know I had to someone that I don’t even know and all I wanted to do was to make one simple phone call.

I know eventually I will get enough sleep that my brain cells will move around to the center cortex of my brain and into buck-up mode so that I can pay attention to what I need to do to use my phone but gee I can’t wait until we can simply hook our phones into our cars and interact with our computer like Jean Luc Picard did so well on Star Trek Enterprise. But then again, maybe we would end up like the really soft and flabby cartoon characters living in the far away land in from the movie “Wally” where everything is done for them.

Who knew that a thumb could be so important? If I don’t call you…you know why and if you call me and I don’t pick up it just know that I do see the little bright green phone ringing and probably even your photo from my contact list and I’ll be sending you really, really good thoughts but it…er…might be awhile before I figure out how to answer the phone.

Love you, mean it…..