DINK #303 What Does “Social Networking” Really Mean To YOU?

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One of my good friends has made her very successful career out of being on the bleeding edge of everything digital least of which has been the social networking scene. Needless to say, I’ve been blessed beyond measure by this friend (in many ways in addition to what I am about to share with you) who, through the years, has emailed, tweeted, messaged or called me up with directions on people who I should follow, meet, friend, hook-up with and sites that I should know about.

Because of her I know about:

How to take a really long link for a website and shrink it up to a bite size by using a tool such as TINYURL and BIT.LY

She has also referred me to several great blogs (too numerous to name) but one for bloggers that I love is: ProBlogger

And of course over the years, I have signed up and am active on Social Networking sites such as LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER in addition to becoming a host of my own radio internet radio show HOPE42 DAY on Blog Talk Radio.

Another friend introduced me to the “Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series” Listen to these interviews: Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series which  has an exciting lineup of speakers; topics. (http://bit.ly/eELHqV) #SEES2011 — You can listen to podcasts that have already been done or plan to listen to new live interviews (this week of February 3) for FREE.

But what does all this “social networking” really mean to me?
Personally, I’ve gotten re-connected with many friends and acquaintances from the past–which is a good thing.  It’s also made it very easy to make new friends along the way and keep track of acquaintances who I would enjoy making friends.

Professionally, social networking has allowed me to keep up with a huge network of people who may have gotten lost in a post-it-note shuffle otherwise.  SN sites such as LinkedIn have enabled me to strike up acquaintanceship and friendship with people all across the U.S. as well as all over the world.  It has also made it easier to approach someone with a question or invitation for coffee.

I’m one of the lucky ones though because way back in the mid-80’s when I was working for the Editor of the Journal of American Chemical Society, we were using this thing called an Alpha Micro system which enabled the assistants for all the J.A.C.S. Editors across the U.S. to “talk” to each other over the computer.  As rudimentary as this system was, I realized even then that I could connect with people at a deep level just through typing words back and forth to each other.  I used to print out reams of letters from two of the assistants in particular on the office dot matrix printer to take home and read.

A few years later, I began working for Texas Monthly Magazine and working with a slightly more advanced email system with all of the offices across the U.S.

In the 90’s when email finally hit the mainstream, I was ensconced in a job recruiting high level Project Managers, Technical Architects, Software Developers and more from around the country for multi-year jobs on large contracts.  Again, I found email to be an incredible tool which allowed me to cut through the barriers and to build trust and relationships with people in a relatively short period of time.

So here we are today snack dab in the middle of all kinds of boards and groups and social networking groups that allow us to communicate with each other as fast and as deep as we want too.  Who knows what history will prove about the impact of social networking on the protests in Egypt recently? What I do know is that these social networking tools aren’t going to make you friends if you don’t know how to be a friend first. And they certainly won’t help you make professional connections if you don’t understand how business communication works. What social networking can be for you is a vehicle to get your word to specific people for specific reasons with laser sharp speed.

What we all have to be mindful of is the thinness of the material density now from which we are communicating. I remember when I was given “The Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda many years ago, I was told by one of his followers that his written words were imbued with his energy as well as the energy of all the great Gurus in the SRF lineage.  I believe that our energy imprint is also conveyed when we communicate with each other in writing no matter the vehicle of delivery….what you are feeling will be felt.

What does social networking mean to you?

DINK #132 Social Networking to Meet Interesting People

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All throughout today, I’ve had the most interesting conversations with many people from around the world who I have never seen in real life. The two SNS I use most are Facebook and LinkedIN. If you’re reading this note while it’s posted as a note in Facebook before i post it as a WordPress Blog into my website (www.sacredpathcoaching.com/blog) then you probably already know how Facebook works and have your own preferences as to how you want to utilize it.

Although I use Facebook for both personal and professional reasons the over arching precedent is business. I’ve been sober now for many years and have been around the planet long enough that I won’t be posting any photos that I wouldn’t show the CEO of a company much less my favorite Aunt Susie. For me, it’s been fun to get to know people whom I’ve met but don’t have an opportunity to visit with very much other than on Facebook. Where else would I get to see the beautiful sunrise photos of the beach that my friend who is the Chief Marketing Officer at a well regarded eco-friendly marketing company had posted earlier in the day? Sure, I get the occasional plethora of postings by someone who thinks it is great fun to tell everyone all the little animals they have in Farmville who need feeding but I just slide my cursor over to the right side of their post and “hide” it to get rid of the clutter.

As to LinkedIn, I signed up on it 3-4 years ago strictly as a business networking arena and have been pleasantly surprised by all the friends I have made along the way. So far, I’ve had some coaching clients as a result of LI but not as many as I would like to have. I keep up with LI because of the camaraderie and the great advice/suggestions that I’ve received over the years. This is definitely a site that offers me the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. I love it because of the different viewpoints and opinions that people share.

The final site that I enables me to meet interesting people is Blog Talk Radio where I have a show called “Hope 42 Day”. Once a week I interview various authors, entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers, and “Hope Ambassadors” from across the world. Today was no exception when I interviewed Author David Heenan who is a trustee of the Estate of James Campbell, one of the nation’s largest landowners, as well as visiting professor at Georgetown University. David was formerly the Chairman and CEO of Theo H. Davies & Co, the North American holding company for the Hong Kong-based multinational Jardine Matheson. Trust me, David’s resume is wide and extensive. I enjoyed our interview immensely and glad that someone with David Heenan’s breadth and reach takes time out in his life to research and write books such as “Bright Triumphs From Dark Hours” which is his seventh book that examines the lives of ten extraordinary people who overcame great adversity in their personal or professional lives by applying winning strategies that guided them out of the darkness of near-defeat and into the light of success. Besides all that, David has an excellent speaking voice. Must have something to do with his roots as a Marine.

I use social networking to meet and get to know interesting people. I also use it to inspire people to find hope and success in their lives. I’m still a work in progress getting in here and figuring this all out and how it works. I do have enough of my diplomat/political father in me that I know that we need to be very aware of what we are putting out there for all the world to see and read about us because once it is out there, there isn’t a way that I know of to make it all go away.

For today, I’m grateful for the connections that social networking provides me and I hope you get connected as well.