WRITE012 Reaching For The Divine

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In two of the world faiths that I study, Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship and the Bahai Faith the Unity of Mankind is often encouraged as well as the connection between the East and the West (India/Iran and the U.S.).  From both of these traditions, I have “heard” the call for us to reach out to the Divine (God) and really ask for that connection.   It may seem like an easy thing to do for some people who have never questioned or pondered what they believe, but for those of us who question, becoming vulnerable within ourselves to reach towards something/someone when all we have to go on is faith….can be very difficult.

And that’s just for those of us who don’t have all kinds of accessory problems with being human and living such as mental illness, dysfunctional families, addictions, catastrophic illness in ourselves or a loved one etc.   That may leave about two people out of the 7 billion of us on this planet who are able to fully give their attention towards finding the Divine (God) without any distractions.

So what about those of us who remain?  How do we handle big situations that occur in our community such as the shootings recently at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut? What is it that needs to be looked at more closely in order for us to heal the limping elephant in the middle of the United States?  Sure, we can look at gun control and have conversations about what laws can be put into place so that mentally disturbed people can be found out before they are able to purchase weapons of destruction.  But how are “we” going to know who is mentally disturbed and what being mentally disturbed means if we aren’t willing to look within our own lives, at ourselves and the people around us to admit that there just might be a bit of insanity in all of us?   Much less reach for the Divine (God).

For me, admitting I am powerless over addictions, people, places, mental illness is hand-in-hand with coming to believe there is something (the Divine/God) that can restore me to sanity. But first, I have to surrender to the reality of what “is”.   As a nation, I feel the United States is such a long way off from surrendering to the idea that some (many) of the things (overlooking extreme violence in film and videos etc.) are either a symptom of something much more wrong with us as a people than we care to know about or its too painful for us to let go of the curtain that hides the great and powerful Oz.  As in the Wizard of Oz, there is no great wizard that can grant us our wishes, our gifts are inside for us to find and realize.

Trying to reconcile the incredible distrust I have with politicians and big business in general with the belief that, as a group, our nation has the amazing capacity to unite together and leap towards goodness more than any other civilized nation in history,  considering where we come from (prisoners, refugees, etc.) is so complex. Where do we begin? Where do I begin?  How can I best live my values and help the people and community where I live (as well as myself)?

If ever there was a time for us to “wake up” it is now and as the great Sufi poet Rumi said, “do not go back to sleep” instead we’ve been giving another huge wake-up call to surrender our illusions and reach out for the Divine.


DINK #106 Rollercoaster of Life

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Of course you remember the Ohio Players’ “Love Roller Coaster”, right? We used to listen to it til the very end to hear the girl screaming. Oh, you know how these things get started, someone tells someone else that “really in truly for real” when they were producing this song there was a girl off in the background who had hot honey poured on her and you can hear her screaming…where do we come up with this stuff?!? But I digress….

The last couple of weeks has felt like I’ve been on the roller coaster of life. I tried to Google a story that I’ve heard shared before (but I couldn’t find it so if someone knows it please share with us…..) with the premise being that sometimes when we hear and see something we think must be really bad but then when we turn it just an inch or so in another direction it turns out to be good but then when we walk around for another view it may be really bad after all but then…and so on and so forth. Well, that is how my life has been feeling lately. I’ve got the blessing of awareness and introspection and connection with a higher source AND I’m feeling hyper sensitive lately and afraid for the future but grateful for what I have in my life at the same time.

It’s just a really bizarre place to be. I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a feeling/thinking place like this before now. Seems like there are several people I know, with different backgrounds then me, who are also on this roller coaster with me. I hope we’re not on the very back seat is all I’ve got to say!! (and if we are, somebody please pass back the bags…)

From all the data that I have put together from all kinds of sources it seems that there are more than a few divergent avenues of belief that are in agreement on this one: We humans are really in a huge growing stretch right now. It’s like…..well, I’ve never given birth but I have been born so I would imagine where we are all now as humanity is in the birth canal of life and so we can feel that things are pretty hectic and scary and that some huge changes are fixin to come upon us but we can’t necessarily “see” what is ahead of us. Most of us are just giving this all our best guess.

I remember reading “The Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramanhansa Yogananda and I think in that book he talks about being aware of himself even before he was born. But most of us do not have that level of awareness about our being ness (yet) so you’ve just got to wonder how our brains and hearts were interpreting the whole birthing process. You just know that our experience is filed away somewhere in some cell way back in our brains only to come awake when we hit a spiritual crisis or go through a huge humanity change such as the one that many of us are experiencing right now.

With that said, it would make sense to me that if you are experiencing the roller coaster of life, that we could consider that that pre-fetal brain cell is awake and alarmed and so we need to do everything that we know how to do to soothe ourselves and take good care of ourselves This uncertain time shall pass. Our inability to understand shall pass. At some point the roller coaster is going to come to the finish line.

One of the best ways that I know how to soothe myself in times like now is to connect with other people by sharing my true being and to be honest about where I’m at…even if it feels like I’ve got my behind up in the air and my head between the seats as the roller coaster is heading down hill at full tilt boogy. Heck, who knows, someone more creative than me may be able to describe this feeling I’m having in a much more fun way. But that doesn’t really matter, what matters is that we be real and connect and remember that we are never all alone.

I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again…..the problem in front of us is never as big as the power behind us.

How are you doing today? What’s going on with you and how are you seeing things?

Blog #65 One of the Military Classes

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This blog isn’t going to be what you think it is going to be about. I’m not trying to deceive you with the title, I’m just giving a definition that was used in a quote that I’m about to give you. It’s going to make your head expand and maybe, too, your heart.

This is out of a Self-Realization meditation book that I read each day called, “Spiritual Diary: An Inspirational Thought on Each Day”. For those who don’t know about SRF, It was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda who expounded the teachings of Bhagavan Krishna, The Christ of India, and of Lord Jesus, the Christ of the West, as in essence one.

Here it is: “When man becomes a little enlightened he compares his experience to the material creation, gathered in the wakeful state, with his experiences in dream; and understanding the later to be merely ideas, begins to entertain doubts as to the substantial existence of the former. His heart then becomes propelled to know the real nature of the universe and struggling to clear his doubts, he seeks for evidence to determine what is truth. In this state man is called Kshattriya, or one of the military classes; and to struggle in the manner aforesaid becomes his natural duty, by whose performance he may get an insight into the nature of creation and attain the real knowledge of it.–Swami Sri Yukteswar, “The Holy Science”.

Now that’s what I call a military class! WOW! Disciplined and passionate in our quest to know more about the unknown and what all this is and what it isn’t.

This is a juicy morsel for our brains to turn over and over and contemplate. It’s good for us to pull out of our everyday lives now and again to look around and wonder about what this all is about. It helps us (me!) not take ourselves so seriously. For we do take ourselves too seriously, and often!

Besides the quote being good for deep spiritual and mental contemplation–it also causes me to review what I know about English grammar so that I understand what Sri Yukteswar means when he said, “aforesaid” etc.!

One of my favorite angels is the Arch Angel Michael who is supposed to be the warrior angel. My understanding of Michael is that he/she/it is a warrior for God, but not in the way that many humans use that term. In angel terms I understand it to mean very intent and purposeful about carrying out the good intentions of God with the understanding that no harm is caused for the ultimate good.

Wouldn’t it be nice of we could insert kshattriya in as a new class within the traditional Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines?