WRITE011 You’ve Got to Laugh a Little..

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You’ve got to laugh a little, cry a little, until the clouds roll by a little cuz that’s the glory of life (no, I know it’s supposed to be love but for the sake of this blog…).  Went out this evening to celebrate with my littlest bro and his wife for her birthday.  After dinner, we drove down the the infamous 37th Street in Austin where our Hyde Park brethren and sisters usually go all out decorating up their homes, yards and even motorcycles with Christmas lights. They haven’t all kicked into the season just yet, but there were some good ones to enjoy.   Then we meandered up 15th Street to Old Enfield and took in some of the sites there.

On the way home, my sister-in-law wanted to share with us the great idea for a job/career that my brother could do and we knew it would be something good by the way he had started trying to get her to quiet down.  As it turned out, there was a happy little jingle that went with it that she sang and then I sang it too, only I got the major point of the jingle all wrong which put us all into laughing fits.  And of course, no laughing fit party is complete unless you keep doing that thing that made the group laugh in the first place, again, only while laughing.  My stomach still hurts, but boy do I feel good.


Last week I was inspired to create a video that could be acted out by me, my husband and a good friend.  The net-net is to make the viewer laugh at whatever monster is in the middle of their life sucking that is all the air out of it. Like in the movie, “Beasts of the Southern Wild” when little 6-year old Hushpuppy faces the mighty Aurochs who have escaped from the melting ice caps.  In the end she faces them and they bow down to her with respect for her courage.  That’s what it takes for us to be able to laugh in spite of the beasts in our lives.  So that maybe then we can make them a kind of friend…sort of.

So just remember in this life, sometimes we do get to cry a lot but we also got to laugh, just a little.

WRITE009 It’s the Most Depressing Time of the Year

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To be sung to “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” of course. Not to make light of depression, for I have suffered and recovered from it for many years…..and sometimes the only way I can surface out of denial is through the shroud of very dark humor.  Mind you dark humor is not instead of meeting with your doctor, therapist, clergy-person or guru but rather something that can roll you up and out of the black tar pit of despair through if not a few chuckles then at least a  harrumph or two.

For instance, one of my favorite holiday cartoons is Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Which, by the way, although I loved the cartoon, the part where the scary abominable snow man was introduced always terrified me.  Well, thanks to friend comedian Rob Nash, I now have a whole different way I can think of the holidaze and the hustle-bustle of this time of year:

In case some of you out there missed the reference, this is a pun on the movie Silence of the Lambs.   Humor can get us laughing when it catches us off-guard.  And I don’t know about you, but in my past depression could also sneak up on me and catch me off-guard and before I knew it I’d be feeling hopeless because something benign as the oatmeal being almost at the end of the big container or that the expresso didn’t foam when I made it.  Forget about the big earth crashing horrors of living that can come up, it’d be the little things that would start signalling to me that I needed to reach out and ask for some help, such as upping my meds, or making a phone call and just taking care of bidness.  But, only you fellow depressants understand that feeling such as being in a state of mind when you could compete with a sloth for the center of gravity on the floor, gathering yourself up to get help can feel like swimming in molasses.  That’s why I’m reminding you about humor and that it can help us to get up and moving.

Seriously, I’ve spent hours on YouTube listening to some of my favorite comedians, like Louis CK … til I find those fellow humans that understand what it’s like to see and feel the under belly of life.  Here’s Maria Bumford talking about the Crazy Office Myth.

You’re right of course, being depressed is no laughing matter BUTTTTTTT, laughter can help us realize that we’re not alone and there are probably more of us out there like each other than some would care to admit.  For the record, I’m glad you’re out there!  Now, go find something or someone to laugh at and get some help. One of us surely needs it!

NEXT122 Finding Something to Laugh About

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Years ago, I remember hearing an interview with the comedian Steve Martin (who was, then, hitting the bright lights of fame from Saturday Night Live) and how he said that actually comedians are usually the most serious people he knew.   It was one of those Soooby Doo ruh roh moments for me because I knew I loved to laugh but I also knew that I could be equally as serious about life.

I’ve always been fascinated by what makes people laugh and what brings up that surging giggle wave inside of me.  We explored the thinking behind it in Philosophy class (absurdity of information, how info is received, etc.) but that still didn’t satisfy me.  Where I’ve ended up landing about laughing is that I have to just enjoy the results of whatever it is that makes us laugh because trying to dissect it out takes all the fun out of it.

For example, a good friend and I have often joked that because my humor can sometimes be so off the wall that if I ever took my act on the road, she would be my one psychic fan because she knows what I am conveying with very few moves and words.  I’m pretty sure my mom and I have that kind of connection too, in fact, I think I learned this particular brand of humor from her with its is very subtle movements and lots of history.  So, when said good friend and I were waiting for yoga class to begin and had gathered around us the accouterments of class such as the Tami mat, blanket and a chair, when I looked at the chair behind me and made a very simple gesture with my hands in a circle above my head, my friend understood that I meant to convey a scene of  Chinese acrobats  doing amazing gymnastics with chairs and each other.  Perhaps with some honing and practice, I could convey this kind of humor to more than one audience member.  I think that’s probably what the really good comedians do such as Ellen DeGeneres and Jim Gaffigan.

And then there’s just the physicality and emotionality of laughing itself.  Like at the end of every yoga class when our teacher would have us laying on the floor and ask us to just laugh as heartily as we could.  Some people would start out with that hesitant laughter, heh-heh-heh, and then sometimes there’d be someone who’d go way over the top almost to the edge of making you want to rise out of your yoga bliss and go bop them on the head!  Whenever the aforementioned friend and I would start laughing together we would end up cracking each other up and really laughing getting the whole class into an uproar.  Such fun.  It’s all the gasoline my inner-kid needs to find ways to keep the laughter going.  No wonder I used to get U’s on my conduct reports in Sixth Grade.  Who doesn’t want to laugh? Evidently my teacher that’s who!

There are all kinds of ways we can find humor out there in life.  In fact, I have seen the very quirky off the wall humor that I love caught in photos. Like the one my friend Kat found right after the very slight Earthquake that Washington D.C. experienced last year of  garden table on a rolling lawn with one chair askew. 

So if you’re ever feeling just a little blue or perhaps taking life just a little bit too seriously…find something to laugh about…your soul will be glad you did!

Photo that my friend P posted this week on FaceBook with a very sparse explanation saying, “this is how I feel today”….

DINK #115 Laughing Til You Could Spew!

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Have you ever laughed so hard about something that you spewed whatever liquid you were drinking? My brother used to make me laugh like that. In fact, one time when we were 7 and 9, he made me laugh on top of a laugh on top of a laugh and I really got scared that I was not ever going to be able to catch my breath again. Of course, you know that i went back for more and more and more!

If you’re lucky you have someone in your life who ignites your laugh button (or at least your giggle button). I believe I have selfishly been collecting laugh-makers my whole life. There is nothing I love to do more than to laugh except maybe to make someone else laugh harder than me. Tonight my husband and I just returned from playing Rumicube with our good friends Tony and Janet. What we love about playing games with them is that we can really let our hair down and be silly with them while playing Rumicube or Dominoes or Uno and I feel just like I did when I was a kid. My ultimate goal is to win the game AND find a way to make everyone laugh at the table. I don’t think I could ever be the kind of comedian who people pay to see because usually I start cracking myself up about something before I can even get it out of my mouth. Sometimes that works in my favor though because everyone will start laughing at me laughing while trying to get out of my mouth what I find so funny. Then once I get it out, we all get to laugh again at the cause. By the way, I’ve been sober for almost 20 years so it’s definitely not the beverages I’m drinking—though there have been many a time when the people around me have threatened to cut me off from my decaf coffee.

If you haven’t laughed in awhile, it is okay to just start laughing at nothing right now for about five minutes. Seriously. Our yoga teacher used to tell us that there were actually laughing clubs in India that people went to just to laugh. One of the exercises he would have the class do towards the end of our session was to lay on our backs and laugh from our bellies as loudly and long as we could. Inevitably, someone somewhere would start laughing for real and the sheer joy of their laughter would cause others of us to follow suit. I loved it when a friend, who knows how I love to laugh, would be in the same class with me, because we would definitely encourage the laughter from each other.

Practice laughing so that you can get to the point that if you had taken a sip of something you’d accidentally spew it all over from the interruption of swallowing by laughter.

Laughter: It’s good for the soul!