NEXT013 Why You Chose Your Family

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Have you ever wondered how in the world (much less why) you chose the family you have? Yes, I do believe we had a choice in our families.  Well, I’ve thought about this a lot. In fact, I’ve had big moments of contemplation about how the hell I ended up with the family I have several times in this life.  And I’ve had big moments of extreme gratitude and calmness.   I remember when I was five years old sitting in the way back of our Ford station wagon (you know the one with the wooden panels on the side) as we drove through the streets of a small Japanese village and talking with someone about who I was and where I came from.    I used to think that I was having a conversation with my parents about this, but the few times I’ve talked with them about the lessons I learned from this conversation, I wondered if I might have been talking with the angels.  Whoever it was, what I am about to share with you has helped me to make sense in the middle of some really insane moments.

What I remember being told was that before we were born, we were up in “heaven” (loose term used for the five year old brain to comprehend the uncomprehendable) hanging out being little beams of light off of a infinitely big beam of light.  When we were given our assignment to come to Earth and looked down to see all that was possible for us, everything made sense and everything was love. so as we went about choosing the way that we would come through that could best support our mission, the mother/father/siblings we chose made the most sense to us coming from that complete place of oneness. Then I have proceeded to fill in the missing chapters of my journey on Earth with the following:

Upon coming through in corporeal form as a human being we then felt the impact of our heavenly made decisions (when you don’t understand the concept of free will, it’s hard to comprehend  the impact of freedom of choice).  I was talking with a good friend of mine this morning who is visiting her family of origin this week. My friend is in her early sixties and is a joyful, creative, breath of fresh air.  She has truly crafted her life to allow her to live as a free spirit.  Then enter some major life changes such as the love of her life leaving and she has found herself looking at the walls of her life and realizing that all of the choices she has made have gotten her to this point and that now she needs to insert some different choices that will allow her to bring in money to support her through the end of her days.  She has honestly shared with me her experience of visiting her family who consists of her mother and two brothers and feeling just as shut down and “not up to par” as she did when she was 14.  Both brothers are successful and mom is always ready with advice on what she should be doing (or should have done).

In the middle of listening to her describe herself as “flighty and not landing on one thing in her life”, I stopped her to tell her the story I just shared with you and to add that both her brothers and her mom and father (who is deceased) chose to be in that family with her  as well.  They knew that they were going to need that special brand of creativity and life force that only my friend has the ingredients for and so it was very important while she was looking at herself and contemplating where she could “grow up” and make changes, to do so with gentle and loving care.  As easy as it is to believe the outside messages from her family that she is a “loser” or “dilemma’ it is very important to remember how you came to be.  At some point in your creation, the people you find yourself surrounded with knew that you were the exact right person to complement their mission.

It’s just that a whole lot of us forget about our mission and get distracted by the accouterments of life along the way!

Remember who you are is very special.  Remember that there is only one “YOU” in the billions of all the you’s on this planet.  Remember that you have a reason for being here.  Now go and be who you came here to be!!!



DINK #164 Grateful, Grateful, Grateful

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Tonight I’m scooting in here just under the deadline to make it a daily blog! Had a great day today with my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, nieces, husband, brother, sister-in-law and best friends. I’ve been with some family member since Friday at 10:30 a.m. and I’m pretty much just feeling grateful. Yes, I did have a couple of mini-meltdowns, at my husband’s expense, but nothing like I used to have in the past.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to being around family, especially family that I’m not around very often, I can get a bit tense about things and my need to do everything perfectly can raise her ugly head. Most of the time; however, I can take a quick inventory of what is going on with me and what I need to figure out what I need to do to stop myself before I go over the edge.

Tonight I’m thinking that feeling grateful feels like love. I think that gratitude and love are interchangeable. When I’m feeling grateful my heart expands just a bit to accept love that I may have otherwise overlooked and when I’m feeling loved or loving, I am grateful that I am able to feel it. I’ve often wondered if anyone else–especially people that I respect–have ever had the experience of going from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds flat with a vicious inner dialogue about someone that you love but for whatever reason are completely miffed about at the moment. It’s such a gross feeling when I feel that way, like I’m sliming all over the inside of myself. And when I get down to it, I’ve got to say that the over-arching feeling at that time is the feeling of being constricted by fear. It’s a tight feeling that squeezes even tighter with each negative thought or scenario so that I can really get worked up into a really good frenzy about the person, bless their heart.

The moral of the story? I like the way I feel when I’m grateful because my heart feels expansive and I’m able to let more love in and give more love out. What’s not to love about that?!

Feel grateful, it’ll do your heart good

DINK #156 It’s All Relative

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All I have to say is it’s a good thing I love my family on both sides (mine and my husband’s) so much. This weekend, my husband’s mom (via Israel) as well as my brother-in-law and our two nieces fly into Austin at 11:00pm tonight from New York. Meanwhile, I drove up from Austin to Dallas with my littlest brother and his bride to meet our other brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, mother-in-law and my father to attend the Freedom Festival. Wow….now that is a whole lot of family to digest in one weekend (I’ll be driving back on Sunday to meet up with my husband and then we’ll take off for the beach). I love all of them very much and feel very grateful for each and every one (that’s me channeling my Tiny Tim).

One thing that I’m learning from this weekend already is that no matter what my opinions may be about “the” war or war in general, as my brother “Howdy” says, “it doesn’t matter what cause you pick to get behind to support the troops and their families (because there are many)….get behind something”. More to follow on this I’m sure as I wish that mankind could learn to get along with each other well enough that we didn’t have to blow each other up in various ways to prove who is the most right and/or to protect our freedoms.

It was interesting to hear my brother talking about the impetus of the Army guys to stay in the war and enlist for more tours was to help out their fellows and then to hear my Dad ask him to consider what special motivation had to come from pilots such as himself when they were flying alone into the war torn skies. What got them to get back into their planes and head up into the special hell that RF-4’s met. Makes me grateful to be too old to enlist and especially appreciate the comfort of my bed at night.

Meanwhile, on a completely different note I get to celebrate my nieces and nephews in all their differences and similarities. Whereas my brother’s kids have been home-schooled in a Christian environment, my brother-in-law’s kids attend public schools and are raised in a Jewish household. Still, all the same anxt that hits kids at various times in their growing years happens to all parties. It is interesting to see how each handles their particular situation.

Sometimes, I wish we could all live in a big family compound and share the wealth of experience, strength and hope that all have to contribute to the group but then again, it’s nice to have a quiet household now and again. I’m grateful for the life I have today and that because of the devotion, dedication and courageousness of some people I will never meet, I can feel confident in the privilege of having the freedom to possess different opinions.

Thank you to all the men and women who give of themselves so that others may enjoy the lives of their dreams.