DASH008 Be Yourself

Posted on : 14-06-2012 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks

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Who are you anyway? Whoever that is, be that person.  After all, there is only one “you”.  Oh, if you’re a twin, triplet, etc. there may be a few human beings out there who look a whole lot like you do….but there still is only one of YOU.  I’ve often heard how we humans are born into this world being naturally loving, giving, enter in the adjective, verb, adverb that best fits here and then life happens. Well, what is that?  Why do we change out of being this fresh flesh encased soul into something else?  It’s as if we’re born trying to remember what we already know and then somewhere in the middle we forget everything and spend the rest of our lives trying to get back to what we already knew.

Not that there’s anything the matter with questing and improving ourselves so that we can be the best we can possibly be, but why don’t we all start now. Right now this very minute let’s just agree to be as much of ourselves as we can.  Preferably the good part of ourselves.  If you’re a highly sensitive person who feels emotions deeply, embrace that about yourself, welcome it and find ways to care for yourself around that.  If you’re a deep thinker, go off and think.  If you love to laugh, please, we can all use more laughter in this world. Whoever it is that you are, be that person.  Be that “are”. R R R.  Like me just then, I’m a big silly person and it’s taken me years to be okay with that aspect of myself (most of the time).

I’ve heard in the rooms of recovery over the years many times things like, “what other people think about us is none of our business” and “people are most likely thinking about themselves and really not even thinking about what you’re doing or who you are”.  So, let go of worrying about what others think about you and relax into being yourself.  You’ll be glad you did and I bet everyone around you will be glad too!

DASH007 Helping Others When You’re In the Trenches

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You may be thinking, “why would I want to help anyone when I’m in the trenches?!”  Well, because when we’re honest about how we’re feeling and what we’re thinking while we’re in the midst of crawling out of the trenches of life whether it be money related, work related, family related, etc….we help ourselves and we help others when we are transparent.  More than likely, there are others in the trenches with you—you just might not see each other because your walls are too high.

Recently I shared some of my experience of being in a financial trench.  It was a yucky place to “be” in and felt oh so familiar to me.  I could not get traction to climb up and out of the muddy walls, I could not stand the smell of it and I found myself wanting to just bury myself further into the very bottom in hopes that I would find a trap door to disappear through.  What was shocking to me is that I have not felt this way in such a long time, but boy the minute I stumbled into that trench, all the old feelings were right there with me.  The good news is that today I have tools to help me weather the storm of those negative feelings of guilt and shame.  I realized there were phone calls I could make to remove charges and actions I could take to create a flow of income.

It’s kind of a schizophrenic world we live in right now in many ways (is that an oxymoron?).  On the one hand, we’ve created this fantastic system of being able to communicate with each other all over this world but on the other hand, we are cautioned about the digital footprint that will follow us for the rest of our lives. Somewhere in the mix, finding our authentic being and embracing ourselves will create the stairs to lead us out of the trenches if we happen to stumble into them.  Being authentic means to be real about who we are and what we think and feel….even in the dark times.

A friend shared a question lately on “Ask Coach Lynn” about why she began her day so well yet ended it feeling so darkly.  I’m pretty sure many others can relate to her question and how she was feeling.  By her being willing to share and ask for help, she was not only helping herself but helping all the others who were feeling the same way.

What will you be “real” about today?