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Connecting you to yourself and others so that you can enjoy the life you were born to live.

Style/Approach: Depending on you and/or your companies’ values, priorities and goals, we will craft a program that fits with who you are and the goals you want to accomplish.  We all have a vast assortment of experiences, skills and talents inside of us.  Lynn helps people to discover and identify what makes them uniquely special so that they can show up consciously at the helm of their life.

Focus: Specialize in helping individuals and companies identify their strengths to create strategies for success. These strategies for success can help people through various stages of career transition and enable businesses to hire smarter and thereby maximize retention through a happier work force.

Education:  BAAS in Mass Comm, Texas State University in San Marcos,  Texas.  Associates Degree, Austin Community College. Attended University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.  Graduate of CoachU, Certified through the International Coaching Federation,  graduate and certified SUN® Coach through Success Unlimited Network. Professional Career Coach since 2001. Over 25 years experience within the corporate and academic environments

For ten years, Lynn  led a team of professionals for an IT consulting company (C&T Consulting Services) in Austin, Texas. She consulted with numerous software professionals and clients throughout Texas and the United States.  Lynn provides Career and Life Coaching for individuals, small business owners and corporations since 2001. Lynn is also a Certified Retreat Leader leading retreats for people who want to explore specific areas of personal and professional growth while relaxing and learning new forms of communication.

Lynn enjoys meeting new people and cultivating friendships both old and new.  She loves exploring all kinds of realms in this world from science to the arts to nature.  Lynn is dedicated to promoting justice where others need a helping hand.

One of Many Favorite Sayings:

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?”

Most Unique Coaching Opportunity
One Coach Lynn’s favorite experiences was Vocation Vacations and how she stumbled upon it because of a two page advertorial featuring the V.V. CEO, Brian Kurth, in Fast Company magazine. Lynn could really identify with V.V. and its mission to help people help themselves by offering them a venue to explore their career dreams. Lynn enjoyed coaching the curious VocationVacationers and helped them to take calculated risks!  You can explore Brian Kurth’s new incarnation Pivot Planet by going here:,

Most Unique Adventure
Direct quote from Coach Lynn: “When I realized that I was in a helicopter without walls as we went up to 1,000 feet above “the Grand Canyon” of Kauai in Hawaii. Although I’m sure the view was beautiful, I was pretty much willing to slide back down the volcano through the trees on my seat when we stopped at the gorgeous falls for lunch. They didn’t let me, of course, but I sure would have if given the opportunity!”

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