RB002 Being Real Even, Especially in Our PJs

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I laugh at myself a lot.  Bless my little heart.  I must have made a really strong pact with the Universe to be authentic because it seems like it doesn’t give me one inch to fake it til I make it most of the time.  Take my car (no, please, really take it!) it’s a good little car considering it was born in 1999 and has over 189K miles on it. And it is sporty with a little engine that always does.  But the convertible top has had to be replaced and bless their little hearts, my husband and brother replaced the top themselves (original DIY!) leaving just enough of a gap in one side where the top connects to the windshield that when it rains, drops get in and collect.  The first morning after a rain when I realized this, I was backing up our driveway headed to a coaching appointment and the inside of my car sounded like I was at the beach with the waves gently wafting on the beach.   But I wasn’t at the beach, I was in Austin, Texas and so I looked down at my floorboard to discover that over an inch of water had collected in the floorboard of my car.


Of course, I chose to keep my coaching appointment and so on the 20 minute drive had the opportunity to not let the crazy reality of driving up in a car full of water effect the delivery of career coaching for the client.  She never knew!

This morning as I sit in my pjs keeping my commitment to daily blogging for this year, I’m reminded that many of us are in similar disparate situations.  Especially us writers who work from our home offices.  Somewhere in here there’s a mirror image of how we act outwardly differently then we feel inside and in most professional instances, that is good.  Even so, it’s important for us to remember to acknowledge what it is that we’re feeling inside too and not let it get lost.  One of my good friends, I’ll call her “N”, exposed her daily wearing of pajama jeans to her blog readers during a time of intense depression and change after a divorce.  I don’t have the stats to support how much pajama jeans stocks went up after N’s sharing, but I’m betting they did.  Who wouldn’t want to be comfy and look good without notice when going through a dark period of their lives?! A whole lot of us!  And we were all grateful that N had the courage to let us know about her find and her process through the mucky part of her life.

Not sure how I’ll be able to weave the broken zippered sweat shirt jacket that I’m wearing over my pjs this morning, but I know I will and that sharing this part of who I am keeps me humble (and cuts down on the wear and tear of my good clothes too!).  Don’t hate me because I’m comfortable!


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Now that’s being real to the fullest. Great inspiring article this is. Thank you for the share! Love the cartoon strip to its contents. Keep it real! Be comfy!


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