WRITE004 Hurry And Do Absolutely Nothing!

Posted on : 26-11-2012 | By : Lynn | In : Creativity, Featured, Heart Talks

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Recently one of my favorite “Psychic Counselors”, Paxton Robey, posted the following thought:

Which is all about non-action that the core of my values holds so true and yet lo these many years after first hearing this concept, I still seem to forget. In other words, I cannot be reminded too many times that the best thing that I can do is not to think and obsess but to breathe and believe.

Enter in the walking paradox that I am.  Last night we watched the 60-minutes episode interviewing Craig Keilburger, who at age 12 set out to change the world and by gum, here it is 17 years later and his mission, “Children Helping Children”  has over 2 million volunteers.  And my mind says, “so what would have happened if Craig had just breathed and let things fall into place?”

My higher self reminds me that although as a human being on this planet now, I experience life in dualities as either or, right or wrong, good or bad, etc. that actually there are usually more than three options (think about the string theory concept). Furthermore, from the interview it did not seem like Craig had gotten lost in obsession but rather had stepped into the flow of something bigger than himself and stepped out in faith.  Somehow, perhaps Craig was able to let go and breathe, have faith and step into action which may be one of the reasons so many kids have been attracted to his non-profit.  They sensed that something bigger than Craig or themselves was at the helm.  Hmmmm. How many times have we heard about keeping a child-like attitude about the world?

Somewhere recently (and I have no idea where I read this or I would acknowledge them), I read that there is an actual physical phenomena for most people when we study math. Especially if the math is the harder more theoretical kind such as Algebra, Calculus, and on.  Evidently, learning new intricate math concepts can be painful for our brains and is often experienced as headaches.  Now studying intricate math concepts is a great thing to do. Personally, I believe EVERYTHING can be explained mathematically; however, I have never been very good at higher math.  But I wonder if it would be helpful for us to remember which side of our brain is hurting and what that feels like so that when we are obsessing and thinking about something (or someone) ad nauseum we can remember that we’re not solving an intricate math theorem.  We are trying to take control of a situation that we do not have control over and the best course of action is to let go and breathe.

Remember when you were a child finding something that could grab your attention for hours?   That is what being in the flow feels like.  Very simple, but not easy to practice in our complex world.

I bet what I’m trying to say here could be written into a mathematical equation, that when resolved would make you feel very relieved…..but unless your a math whiz, I’ll tell you the shortcut to the results:  Let go and breathe. And then follow your breath.


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