CLUE004 So You’re Looking For A Job

Posted on : 06-09-2012 | By : Lynn | In : Career Stuff

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Again.  Here’s a top ten list of tips and tools I’ve picked up along the way through my own experience as well as clients and friends. If you’re like me, you can’t hear this “stuff” enough.  Here goes:

1.) If you’ve sent your resume out and haven’t gotten many bites, find trusted friends and/or associates who you can send your resume to and get some open-minded, supportive feedback about how it hits them.  Would they want to interview this person (if it wasn’t you) from just looking at the resume? If not, why not. If so, who else that does what they do would want you?!

2.) No matter how many times you look at your resume with a critical eye, it’s still not enough times.  More than looking at your resume, ask yourself questions about what you’re trying to communicate and if that comes across for specific jobs that you are applying. Learn to view your resume with an objective mind.  Committee in the head not invited.

3.) More often today when applying for a job, you will be asked to fill out a job application and then you may or may not be requested to attach your resume.  Because of filing out an application, I got an interview for a consulting job; however am negotiating the initial rate offered.  Part of that process is to submit my resume and show where I have the specific experience required for the pay grade I want.  I do have that experience but in looking over my resume again, there was not one mention of the skills and experience anywhere!

4.) Do the reconnaissance about the company/NP/job/position to which you are applying. Who do you know who works there, knows someone who works there, etc.  What is the environment like?  What is the character of the people?  What is their focus (both said and unsaid).  Then you can tailor your resume/application towards this as well as prepare for the interview.

5.) Schedule some time with a friend over coffee and have them ask you about your work experience and the most recent jobs you’ve held.  Record the conversation, with their permission of course, if possible or take notes,  You may be surprised at how much you remember within an easy conversation that you can then put on your resume, applications and use in interviews.

6.) Be polite, have good phone etiquette, manners will go along way in distinguishing you from the pack both on the phone and in-person.

7.) Be curious about the person interviewing you as well as about the job and the company.  One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made during the interview when asked if I had any questions was saying that I had none.  There are always questions to ask.  Find them.

8.) Clean-up.  May sound like common sense but you’d be amazed at how some people show up for an interview.  Always ask before the interview what the dress code is for the company.  Find out what “business casual” means to them.  Have a clean hair and body. Brush your teeth.  Seriously, I’ve interviewed people who made well into the six figures who did not seem to care about how they showed up. It was a real deal breaker too.

9.) Be that person who you want to be.  And what I mean by that is if you’re not a confident person find out ways to boost your confidence before you go in for an interview and “be” that confident self. Fake it until you make it.  You might be surprised at how believable you can be.

10.) Trust the process.  Always.  If you are hired for a job that you really want, super. Congratulations! And if not, then you just may have dodged a bullet that you didn’t even know was heading your way.  Dust yourself off and get at it again. All it take is one yes.  No matter what don’t give up, don’t give up no matter what.