DASH005 Setting Goals and Seeing Them Through

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If you’re like me,  even setting goals can be difficult. I mean, I knew that I had a bit of an issue with commitment but there have been so many things in which I’ve committed to well such as having a good marriage for 20 years, staying sober for 22, etc. so I thought I was done with that ole commitment phobia.  But I realize that is exactly what is going on with me in regards to compiling, editing, re-writing and revising my book.  I need to create a structure for my work replete with days, times and the task for accomplishing my work.

Just like one of my “gem” clients has shared through his process of turning around a family business and getting it back to gold, there is specific work that has to be done for a finite period of time that will require extra effort, time and panache for him to meet and exceed his goal in getting his company up to a place that will enable him to hire talent who can take some of the load off.  It can be hard to set goals and see them through to success when the “seeing through” process may be uncomfortable and require extra effort on top of hard work…but it can be done.  I know that in the past what has helped me set goals and see them through has been to divvy a big  goal up into portions so that I can see improvement, accomplishment and the horizon, one step at a time.

How about you? What goals do you need to set and commit to seeing through today?

DASH004 When Opportunities Knock

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From all the wisdom and words that I’ve put together over the years regarding opportunity, there are a couple of aspects that speak the most loudly to me:

1.) You have to be able to recognize an opportunity when it knocks.  Sounds like common sense, doesn’t it?  But there are times when a hidden belief system gets in the way (such as: X person became famous singing because they were lucky–insert person, place and ability to fit your life).  I believe that most of the time what can be confused as luck is really when a person recognizes and seizes an opportunity.

2.) Allowing yourself to strike when the opportunity is present, alive and available.  In other words, going for “it” and putting all your experiences, talents and wisdom to work.  Hesitation can be the wind that shuts the door.

How do you know when opportunity is knocking for you?  Look honestly through your past to find glints of opportunity in your reflection.  Did you act or did you hesitate?  How will you respond the next time that opportunity knocks for you?

DASH003 Choose Which Thoughts You Listen To

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This morning I woke up in a great place, perhaps a bit sleepy but happy to be alive, that is, until my husband and I dusted out an old tangle that we keep rolling around in to about finances. Mainly, my part in their demise.  Within about fifteen minutes of our discussion, I could feel the two sides of my brain duking it out to see which one would prevail, the positive creative side or the logical punitive side.  Not that logic is punitive, but my brain tends to make a logical punitive sandwich to hit me over (and inside) my head with during times like this.

Very quickly, I knew that I needed to make contact with at least one good friend who I trusted would not immediately want to send me to lock up after I expressed my dark feelings.  It took me about an hour of being around people who also work on being conscious of the thoughts and actions they pay attention to for me to come in from the dark side of my thoughts. But, I finally did arrive at neutral and eventually a pretty content place by the day’s end.  To think of all the times that I used to allow the most negative thoughts to take over my brain and determine how I was going to respond, react and perceive life, well, today, I want to make the rest of my time on this planet count!

It’s all in the way we look at things and definitely in the outcome of which thoughts we allow to play through our minds.

Choose the good ones.  There’s plenty of room inside.

DASH002 Being Kind Just “Because”

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as apt to stew inside of my own judgmental juices as the next girl which doubles the reason someone like me should take every opportunity to be kind just “because”.  When I was fighting depression (before meds, counseling, 12-step programs and all kinds of help) being kind was the last thing on my mind. Most of the time I either wanted to slap you or hide from you.  Now, it’s just as easy to be kind to someone as to be flippant, irritable, or dismissive.

This afternoon I took my car in to get the oil changed in a place I’ve never been to and when the young guy came to get all the particulars about my car it was pretty obvious that he was “in training”.  But I was kind to him.  I told him that yes, my car has 169,000 miles on it and yes, I get my oil changed every 3,000 miles but I also told him that the “take my car to the dealer” light was on but I was sure my car was okay so for him not to get all excited that I was going to spend a whole lot of money with them.   We laughed.

Then when his “manager” called me to the PC so he could load my information, we got to chit chatting back and forth about the kind of car I have and that he also had a car like mine awhile back (until it got totaled) and he loved it.  I told him I loved my car too even if it is 13 years old…it can still go from 0 to 60 pretty durn quick!   I’m not sure why, but when I went to pay my bill it went from $44 to $34.  I got some kind of a discount without even asking!  I wasn’t being kind to get something from them, I was being kind, “just because”.

Ended up feeling doubly rewarded as a result of being kind.  A.) Made some friends and I’ll probably go back there even though their shop is across town from where I live and B.) I got a nice discount.

Sometimes it really does pay just to be kind.


DASH001 – 125 Dashes of Inspiration, Perspiration and Musings

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Last month, I interviewed two mighty fine Texas writers, Joe Nick Patoski and Stephen Harrigan on BTR’s Hope42Day.  One of the many inspirations I picked up from these two great interviews was that they both wrote. A lot.  I think it was Joe Nick who said that bloggers/writers who have a great following, send out two-three paragraphs a DAY!     I know I receive daily blogs from Seth Godin, but I couldn’t tell you if I receive more than one from him.  Another one that I get on a regular basis, ProBlogger Blog Tips by Darren Rowse…but I couldn’t tell you if I receive them on a daily basis or not. I can tell you that the regular blogs I am signed up for,  I look forward to reading.

That’s the point of this Dash series.  To write on a daily basis (for both you and me!) pieces of information, inspiration and musings that, hopefully, get you to thinking and inspire you to act on your own special talent—whatever that may be.  Oh, and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to hear from you.   Please, I’m on bended knee here asking you to drop a line or two via comments with your opinion, inspiration or musings that can help all of us!

Write on.

The most inspirational video ever