DASH015 Yes, You Can Find Something To Be Happy About

Posted on : 29-06-2012 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks


Trust me, I have to really make a decision to find something to be happy about instead of letting all the memes of our day pollute my mind.  I kind of like this perpetual teenage hood-ness that I seem to be comfortable living in and plan to not allow myself to become a crotchety old woman.  Sarcastic? Possibly.  Dark humored?  More than likely!

One of my little addictions of late is enjoying the 24/7 comedy channel that now plays in Austin, Texas.  I’m an in-the-closet comedienne you see, so I’m constantly looking for new material to mimic and crack my friends and family up with.   I’ve noticed that early George Carlin was easier to swallow then the edgy, really knife-edgy late George Carlin.  He spoke authentically but really really darkly.  It’s interesting how you can look at life and come up with observations that either make people laugh though cringe or you can make people laugh and feel good like comedienne Dmitri Martin.

What helps me is to remember how excited I would get (or dare I say just happy to be alive) when I was a kid.  You’d probably guess I was a food addict because what I remember about having to go to the base commissary with my mom and brother when I was 10-12, was that if we were good she’d treat us to a trip to the Dairy Queen where I always got a corn dog with mustard and a chocolate shake. A food combo that only a kid, and a kid who loves food, could enjoy!   All this week when I’d start feeling just a little bit down because it has been triple digit hot in Texas with no sign of rain relief in the forecast, all I’d have to do is remember about the quick trip to the beach that I’d be going on for the weekend with a good friend.  Then I’d pop into my happy place.  Takes so little to make me happy, really it does.

What will you find today to be happy about?

Me finding my happy place!

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