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Posted on : 12-01-2012 | By : Lynn | In : Communication, Heart Talks

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It’s crazy the way everybody, everywhere are talking about networking and connecting?!?!?  How many people have you had conversations with who “know” about social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn and maybe even signed up with them, but haven’t done anything with them?

It seems to me that the idea of networking and connecting with people has taken a head long jump into the pool of fearing people.  Really all that needs to be remembered by those of us who want to network or connect is what I’m calling “People ology 101”.   Think of that book “All I needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten” and you get the basic premise.

Some basic tips from your friend, Coach Lynn are;

1.) Be curious.  It’s good to be curious (just not in a creepy or overbearing way) about who people are and what they are up to.  Ask basic questions about how they are or what they do for a living and then zip your mouth, give them eye contact and really listen.  Prompt them with affirming sounds of listening (uhuh, oh my!, laughter, etc.) and re-state a few words or sentences they said for clarity if you don’t understand them.

2.) Be polite.  Manners never, ever, ever, never go out of style.  Basic phrases like please and thank you can go a long way.  Thinking of others before yourself.  Simple things like asking if now is a good time to talk with you, if you’re calling to make a request.  Sending snail mail thank you notes!?!? Think about it, what do you receive in your mail these days besides bill and ads? Wouldn’t you love to open up a personal hand written note or card?

3.) Create a file in your brain, on your pc, in your cabinets with some reminders about who you meet and what they do.  If you follow the two tips above, you’ll probably remember who you meet because you’ve learned through the limbic system through conversing, asking questions or thinking about them when you write a note.  All of this can be stored to be used someday.  With Facebook, LinkedIn and other network sites you will also have the opportunity to interact with your fellows and leave a digital trail to refer back to when your memory fails you.

4.) People are just people.  In most cases, we all put our pants on one leg at a time (though I discovered rather later in life that I step into both pant legs and then pull them up…).  Go for the heart is what I say.  In coaching school they encouraged us to be curious and have a sense of wonder.  Sometimes I end up feeling like Mr. Spock (Star Trek)  because then humans become fascinating to me but basically, most people have something interesting to learn or say if you give them the opportunity.

These are just a few tips that I hope will be useful for you to think about and/or use in networking and connecting.  Remember, if we humans didn’t have so much fear about each other our natural state would probably be to jump into a big huge puppy pile (and I’m not talking orgy here) with each other most of the time.  It’s in our basic DNA to make friends now all you have to do is remember….

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In now days networking are become so popular that whenever you go you, you heard this word frequently. Like Face book is getting so popular that everyone are used it like mandatory. In these circumstances your article must be popular and also innovative.

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