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Posted on : 08-10-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Communication



Asking the unseen for help, oy vey.  We’ve been trying to tell each other what that means since we found the  ability to communicate.  Some call it faith, some call it wishing, some call it accessing your inner voice, still others call it asking for help from forces/guides/angels/ancestors that we cannot see.  For me, it’s pieces and and a combination of all of that plus the added belief that there may also be an untapped part of our brains that is only accessed by directly asking “it” for help.  Similarly to thinking of our brain as being a computer such as Hal on 2001 Space Odyssey or the computer on Star Trek

I’ve been trying a new technique at night if I wake up and begin thinking/ruminating on something that needs to be handled instead of laying awake for hours, I  ask my guides for support and further request that the answers be given to me subconsciously or unconsciously and revealed to me in dreams or upon awakening. So far it’s worked like a champ to get me back to sleep fairly quickly.

I learned from my friend, Shannon Ogg–who is a channeler, healer and Reikki Master, to ask for my “whole team” when I’m asking for help.  I’m finding that the unseen help seems to be activated by having a strong belief that help is always there and all we have to do is ask.  But we also need to take actions to helping ourselves as well.  I ask for help all the time about all kinds of things.  Some of my requests are as basic as asking for help in resolving a problem on my computer.  For instance, I’ve created this part time job of selling my friend Kim’s gorgeous lighting (Illuminaries Lighting) which is made right here in our fair city of Austin, Texas.  It has taken me weeks to admit that the very simple task of forwarding emails to me from the illuminaries email address to my gmail address is overwhelming.  Part of my brain could not admit that I could not grasp the basics of getting the password, popmail etc. done.  So, I asked for help from the unseen  And what I got was a very calm voice in my head instructing me on what to do from how to open up my email and get into the account settings to then, once I was there, calling the tech support guy to ask one more time for what I needed to do.   Finally, today I was able to follow through with the instructions and now am receiving forwarded emails from my illuminaries account.

As with many things in this life curriculum, the first step is to admit that we need help.  Seems really simple doesn’t it?  Well, I don’t know about you but for me sometimes it is actually the really simple things that I need help with that feel so impossible to admit.  Give me the big stuff like car problems or needing a ride to the doctor and I can ask for help.  But give me something that I think I “should” know how to do or grasp the instructions right off the bat and it might take me quite a long time before it occurs to me that perhaps asking for help is a good solution.

As much as we think we know about the human brain and how it works, we are still so new at it.  I’ve been told by, heard or read by many teachers, masters and prophets that the human being is really one of the (if not “the”) most incredible beings that has ever been created.  For many years I balked at that idea because I didn’t like the way many people said that out of one side of their mouths and then treated people, nature and the planet out of the other side.  It has only dawned on me recently that perhaps a fully self-realized human being would be one who would interact with all life respectfully and in harmony.

That idea opens up all kinds of possibilities for the unseen helping us along our journey to waking up.

How will you ask the unseen for help?

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