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There are times when I take so for granted the many avenues I’ve traveled down to expand my mind, expand my awareness of self and the world to understand what we’re doing here.  Do you care about expanding your mind?  When I was younger and more susceptible to following my peers, I thought mind expansion primarily happened through the exploration using various drugs.  I suppose, in a way, my mind did expand through the use of them but not in the way I had thought it would.  Instead of having that ah-ha hopeful feeling that I saw many of my friends having, I tended to get really hyper-sensitive and uncomfortable (okay, paranoid!).

As I grew up and matured, I found safer routes (for me) such as exploring various spiritual and religious paths.  I was blessed to meet some life long friends during my stint with a popular magazine.  During that time, a very special group of us formed and I learned all kinds of tools to add to my spiritual tool box from the way of the Red Man (Native American) to Self-Realization Fellowship (Hindu/Christian).   Along the way, I took all kinds of classes and workshops that explored a variety of ideas, techniques and tools that I’m sure if I listed them out here they would terrify some of the more conservative members of my family if they happened across this blog.  To me, the intention of learning them was for the connecting and healing of others, but I realize that some of my ideas for expanding my mind might trigger all kinds of fear for others.

To each his own in terms of how you expand your mind.  I just happened to be very grateful today for all that I’ve learned along the way and all that I know I will continue to learn.

Last night was no exception.  A good friend of mine meets with a group of special friends once a week who come together to share the various learnings that they have gleaned through their explorations.  This time when my friend picked me up she asked me before hand if it’d be okay if we picked up the main speaker/presenter, Rennie Davis, who was in town to conduct a very special workshop that would offer “Earth Whisperer Training”.  She went on to say that Rennie was one of the main guys protesting the Vietnam War (I’ll say!  He was one of the Chicago 7) and other then he was on a spiritual path that she was very interested in and had written a book that she had but had not read yet, she didn’t know much else about him.  Were we in for a treat!! We got 20 minutes with Rennie in the car on the way to the meeting and 20 minutes back.  You know for this interviewer , that exclusive time with him was close to Valhalla!  Suffice it to say Rennie is up to some big stuff in regards to teaching/training us on how to help heal the planet (and ourselves and each other) so if he is ever in your neck of the woods….go see him.

I would be remiss if I didn’t make a nod towards returning to school, by the way.  So many pieces of information that I’ve been walking around with un-tethered in my head lo these many years and missing pieces of facts that are all beginning to come together. I was actually fascinated with what I was learning today in the political science class g_d forbid!  It began to make sense in regards to the connections between the 10th Amendment and opinions that were written way back in the 30’s by various Justices who were opposed to Federal Government having too much power over Commerce laws and preferred putting that power back into the States’ hands.  Who knew that I’d actually one day grok some of this? Certainly not me.

But sometimes you never know where your mind will end up expanding too.

How about you?  What are you doing now to expand your mind?


The Keys - Maharaji


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