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Posted on : 20-09-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Communication

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Because you just might get it!  Haven’t you heard that before? As if prayer could be some kind of a threat to us?  I don’t believe that; however, what I do believe is that when we pray (and by pray that can mean very different things to many people from praying to the g-d of your understanding to a higher source to the voice within you to the great unknown, etc.) you set up an alignment of your energy with all kinds of combined energies which can then call things forward (to you) in your life.

What made me think of this is a discussion that we had tonight in Janet Conner’s “Plug in for Expressive Souls” class about finding and removing blocks to your creative soul.  Much discussion was made about various techniques/prayers/etc. that can be used to help remove those blocks including the very powerful, ho’oponopono prayer that comes from the belief that you (each of us) are 100% responsible for what comes into our lives.  That’s a very big pill for many to swallow.  That word “responsible” does mean so many different things to us and is charged with all kinds of meaning and emotion depending on how it has been used and abused by us/to us in our lives.

For me, being 100% responsible for what is brought into my life feels so much lighter than it felt a couple of decades ago and I believe that is because I’ve let go of a whole lot of beliefs (very co-dependent beliefs that I was responsible for everything and everyone) that were not serving me. Now you may be asking, “how can you be 100% responsible for what is brought into your life and let go of being responsible for everything and everyone?  It’s a control thing.  The only person that I can change is me.  The only thoughts that I can alter are mine.  There is a great release that happens for me today when I am able to say, “thank you” to every situation and person (mentally or out loud).  Now, this morning when I drove around the little squashed up parking lot at TXST for over an hour looking for a freaking parking place and some new little person who had just driven into the lot sped past me really quickly to score a parking place of someone who was walking to their car—I wish ho’oponopono was the first thing that had come out of my mouth…. and it is exactly the thing that would have helped to relax my heart and send that driver good energy to boot but what I said were some pretty colorful phrases that I’m glad no one could hear!  I did end up reclaiming the words I said in the privacy of my own little car and blessing the woman a few minutes later, so there’s that!

Sometimes it is not all fairies and sunbeams when we say ho’oponopono, at least not immediately. Like the time I was coming home late from a meeting and rolled past a stop sign in our neighborhood when out of the blue came the local sheriff who was young enough to be my son all resplendent in his freshly washed and ironed uniform.  I was nice and polite to him and admitted I’d run the stop sign (but it was 10:00pm and nary a human was about) handed over my driver’s license and paperwork and began to say “I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry and thank you” over and over and over til he came back to the car and very politely admonished me for running the stop sign and to be careful yadee yadee yadda as he handed over the ticket for me to sign for $350.

Yes, the entire 3 minutes after that it took me to drive the rest of the way to my home I was fuming!??  I fumed the rest of the evening until bedtime when I did my meditation and prayers and asked for understanding.  Well the next morning don’t you know that I got my answer when I realized as I drove to the first intersection with stop signs that for quite awhile I had been rolling past that stop sign with just an ever so tepid stop before moving along through the intersection (that is in the middle of a steep hill by the way) and I knew that ticket was my wake up call. That ticket probably saved my life as well as someone else.

So, when I said the ho’oponopono words I was hoping for “warning” in the form of words without money involved but what I got was something that would for sure make me pay attention.  Wasn’t what I’d hoped for but actually was what I prayed for…help.

What about you? How deep are you willing to go with the understanding of your answered prayers today?

accepting responsibility....


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Lynn, It’s so interesting how we think we’re praying for one thing but in reality asking for its momma, the bigger thing, the real deal. And when it comes, we don’t at first understand or appreciate it. Not at all. But thank goodness spirit sees the big picture.

In traffic, when I hit red light after red light, instead of getting upset, I say thank you for protecting me. thank you for getting me to stop. Red lights for me are little moments to take a deep breath and pray.

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