NEXT065 You Can Start Your Day Over Anytime

Posted on : 19-09-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Communication, Mind Fodder


Like right now for instance. Even if you’re just about to crawl into bed and go to sleep…you can start your day over.

During a great “My dinner with Andre” lunch with a good friend today among our topics of divorce, grief, depression, little life tests and more was the realization of how we write “stories” in our minds about what is going on sometimes without any investigation or research to see if our creations are valid.  As luck would have it, we’re also both writers so the fact that we create stories about pretty much everything in our lives guarantees that we will never run out of material to write about.

But it did get us to thinking.

What little worlds had we created out of the very thin air in our minds that we had no idea we had created AND were walking around reacting and responding to as if they were the truth?! Such as, for example, in my past if something negative were to happen to me first thing in the morning (and it could be something as simple as stubbing my toe on the edge of the bed frame) then that was a set up for my creating all kinds of other negative things to support the story that my day sucked.  All I really had to do was acknowledge that I had stubbed my toe possibly because I was still half asleep and not paying attention to where I was placing my feet AND that I could sit down on the edge of my bed (after I had done the jump around dance holding on to my foot routine), take a deep breath and start my day over. So simple yet so disregarded.

This morning I headed off to school earlier than usual so that I could take a test that I had missed while on vacation.  Where we had to take the test was in a different building from the class with a simply amazing number of stairs to take from outside to inside until you reached the class.  Now, I could have made up a whole lot of stories about how this day was going simply based on the fact that I still have a sore foot from a full tank of oxygen falling on it a few days ago and that I was having to walk up several flights of stairs to take a test….but instead I gave myself permission to take my sweet time climbing the stairs and then crammed with some fellow students while waiting for the Professor.  Somehow my morning was almost fun.

You can start your day over anytime if you need to do so, but are you willing?

And you thought you were having a bad day!!

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