NEXT064 Returning to the Land of the Living

Posted on : 17-09-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks


Or so they say that the “real world” is the one where we are working for a living, providing for ourselves and others, etc.  I always notice when I’ve been away from the busy life that I lead, the level of the energy that circulates in and around me.  It is truly amazing.  So nice to be able to ratchet yourself down enough to really take in what is happening in the moment without feeling like you have to do something.

Today we took one whole day to tour around the island.  Stopped at a couple of places along the north side where the waves are big and the currents are vicious but the water is the most incredible color of greens and blues.  There are sticks stuck in the  sand all up and down the beaches to mark where the turtles have come up to lay their eggs so the biologists know where to return the hatchlings so they can make their annual trek to the sea.

Now not only does my brain feel full from all that it is taking in, but my heart feels full as well.  I feel grateful to be alive.  what are you grateful for today?

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