NEXT059 Diving Into the Divine

Posted on : 12-09-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Coral Reefs

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Scuba diving is like swimming or a form of worship at least from my point of view and evidently from many other scuba divers viewpoints as well.

It’s wonderful to return to the reefs that were buried or at least covered in sand from Hurricane Wilma and to see that just a short five years later, many of the coral are rebuilding along with the other sea life.  Today we saw lot’s of fish with babies including two juvenile Spotted Drum fish

Juvenile Spotted Drum Fish

and many File fish

Scrawled File Fish


and two or three Giant Turtles

Sea turtle


We’re off for a night dive if the lightening from the rain clouds continues to stay off in the distance.  The sky is completely grey right now but the sea is calm and although there is no sun peaking through the clouds there is this one bright blue azure strip of blue in the middle of the sea that goes for miles.

Are we in heaven? I think so.  Come join us, the water is warm1

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