NEXT057 See How Perfect the Present Really is….

Posted on : 10-09-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks



…even when it is clearly not!  That’s one of my favorite Thomas Leonard sayings (father of Coaching).  We landed in Cozumel today, thank you sweet Spirit above for green grass, vibrant green trees, all kinds of shades of blue ocean water and plenty of delicious guacamole!   Our main purpose for enjoying Cozumel is for the diving, of course!  And as we are getting just a wee bit older….we now get to indicate what meds we’re on when we sign up for the week.

Today, my husband has been temporarily derailed (thank you mom for all your help stateside!) because of a particular med that he is on etc. etc. etc.  So he’s understandably disappointed that he may not be able to dive tomorrow a.m.  but hey, so we don’t go diving right off the bat and we get to sleep around the beautiful pool and catch up on one of several books.  Sometimes I really do trust when things work out this way.  Besides, I’m feeling so mellow just from smelling the beautiful ocean that I’m just going to decide to see how perfect this present really is, even though it doesn’t appear to be right now.

Also, there will be no graphics on this blog until I can get David to show me how to use his lap top.

Until tomorrow, I wish you much happiness and a peaceful heart!

There’s no place like home away from home, there’s no place like home away from home…..

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