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Had a great visit recently and caught up with VocationVacations Founder Brian Kurth who is visiting friends in Austin, Texas and elsewhere as the summer comes to a close.  Brian and I have known each other since 2004 and I so respect his creativity, entrepreneurship and the amazing energy and focus he has to take an idea all the way through to fruition.  Needless to say, when Brian throws his experience, strength and hope my way, especially when it comes to my Coaching business, I listen.

What I took away from our meeting today is one of the reasons that highly creative entrepreneurial minds have such a hard time landing on something and seeing it through is because of the need to focus.  There are so many great ideas out there to be thought about and the energy of expounding on them and getting them going can be absolutely exhilarating.  So if you have the same kind of creative mind and wandering attention span as I do it’s about learning how to follow the “rule of three”.  Corral your ideas in and focus them into three areas.  For me, that  concept is perfect since I love coaching, writing, and broadcast interviewing equally as well.  When other ideas come my way, which they always do, I will either find a way to funnel them into one of my three career areas or I will let them go for now.

And maybe, just maybe I’ll get uncomfortable enough about the parts that I haven’t touched in my three career areas…that I will actually do something about them instead of diverting my attention on to some new shiny idea that I can waste my time and energy on (shout out to mom, Kat and Vicki).  After all, I have been talking about putting together a book for years now!  See how good I am at diverting my attention?  It’s another form of procrastination too.  Again, if you are a highly creative person please know that that is such a lovely wonderful part of who you are.  Really embrace it! And, just like everyone else who has something about themselves that can get in there way of their greatness—we’re no different. We have to come up with our own strategies for success.  Be sure to grab on to people who can support you.  Shameless plug for myself, this is one reason that I am a great Coach for creatives and entrepreneurs because I so understand where you are coming from and as it goes, I can see what other people can do to help themselves because I know what I can do to help myself.

Remember: Focus and keep your top interests to the “Rule of Three” and see how you’re able to mature your creativity and channel it into constructive systems/products/situations that lead you to your greatness!

I believe in you because I believe in me—let’s discover together what is possible!

Creativity and Procrastination

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