NEXT058 Some People’s Treasure is Another Person’s Pleasure

Posted on : 12-09-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Coral Reefs


I’m always amazed at how beautiful the Caribbean is and how many different hues of blue there are in one body of water depending on how deep it is where you’re gazing and where the sun is shining on it.  Today as we rode in the taxi from the center of town out to our hotel, I looked out at deep dark blue to bright turquoise to a  beautiful pale blue. On the land; however, there were such different scenes from partially built hotels or condos that have been standing like skeletons in the jungle for years now with their exposed rebar reaching out to newly built high rise condos and shops built to lure the never ending sea of cruisers from the ships that come through on a continual basis. Being old hat visitors to our favorite island, we know to avoid the first three-four street level both latitudinally and longitudinally from the main boardwalk to find the really good restaurants and interesting shops.

I often wondered for the people who live in Cozumel or who commute via hover boat from the mainland to work in Cozumel if they ever get bored of the beautiful water, Frangipani bursts of orange in the trees or the variety of gorgeous birds and butterflies but, at least the people who I’ve interviewed, always seem to be as much, if not more, in love with their land as we continue to be.

We did a shore dive today to get used to our gear again etc. and were heartened to see that slowly but surely the coral are coming back from Hurricane Wilma’s visit from five years ago.  Saw a lot more species of fish hanging out closer to the shore then we have before and plush waving in the current anemones.  One of our new dive friends that our group made today on a boat dive, took an incredible video of a big sea turtle (I will find out what kind he was and report back) munching away around the reef and letting our friend video him from all angles. He was a gorgeous beastie with a beautiful shaped head and beak lots of big brown spots on his creme colored shell and head and a very placid and peaceful disposition.

All in all it is a truly wonderful experience to get away from the never ending heat of Texas and enjoy the humidity of Mexico as it drips off of you most ever second that a breeze is not blowing.

What treasures do you drive or ride by everyday that you may take for granted but someone else might see the absolute beauty?  How can you look at your world in a different way?

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