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Enjoyed visiting with friends tonight and getting caught up on our lives over the past summer as well as finding out what books everyone is reading and even brought two said books home with me.  The first, is the latest Barbara Kingsolver, “The Lacuna” , always love Barbara because I know I can count on the heavy research she does for every book she writes and the second one won a National Book Award and is called “Three Junes” by Julia Glass.  The latter is a first novel by Julia Glass, which brings me to the point of this post.


Here I am typing through my blurry eyes because I made the commitment to blog 365 blogs in 365 days and I had not blogged today.  For an author to publish a book, much less have it win an award or become a New York Times Bestseller, it takes commitment on their part to carve out time each day to write, research, dig in to their craft.  I’m good at making some commitments, such as caring for our animals, making sure they are safe , healthy, well-fed and well-loved.  I’m committed to my husband and to our marriage.  I’m committed to helping David water all of our poor trees and shrubs on our property so that they can survive the Texas Drought of 2011. I’m committed to all sorts of things and people which is pretty much a miracle since I used to be someone who was pretty terrified of being committed to anything or anyone.  But making a commitment to writing/blogging everyday is somehow just a little bit harder because really this commitment is to myself, to write everyday no matter what.  I hope there are people reading my blog and hopefully enjoying it and taking something away, but even if there is not one person eyeballing my writing—I need to make this commitment to myself to see through my dream of someday compiling my thoughts into a book.

Right now, however, I’m making a commitment to completing this post so that I can say that I’ve done it and then go to sleep. Tomorrow, I’ll make more of an effort to write when more than two brain cells are working together at any one time!

What commitment will you make (and keep) for yourself today?

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