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Posted on : 10-08-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Communication

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You probably already know that one of the noun meanings for “clairvoyance” is a “quick, intuitive knowledge of things and people; sagacity.  Furthermore, unlike me, you also probably know that “sagacity” (what a fantastic word!) means “acuteness of mental discernment and soundness of judgment”.  Just wanted to be clear on that before I begin referring to clairvoyance and sagacity so that we can take the psychic woo-woo out when I’m talking about delving deeper into your awareness of the world around you.  Pretty much, I’m asking you to keep an open mind and just be willing to consider possibilities of outcomes that you may not have thought about before.

My last post was about animal communication and I refer to that post because a few years back I noticed that as my understanding and awareness for animals grew, so did my understanding and awareness for people.  Ever since I was a little girl I have been very confident about what I “knew” about the specific animals who shared my life.  One of my favorite memories during the first year of our marriage was when my husband gave our big furry Golden Retriever, Buckwheat, a huge bone to go munch on.  Buck grabbed it greedily but politely (he has been one of the few dogs in my life who could be both greedy and polite!) and was standing there trying to figure out where he wanted to go munch  in private.  He looked up at me and then out the door and then back again and I told him, “yes, you can take it into the dining room and enjoy it there”.  Off Buck went right into the dining room under the table.  My husband stopped what he was doing, went into the dining room to see where Buckwheat went and then came back to ask me how I knew what Buck wanted and I responded because Buck had asked me.

Could this be an example of being psychic? I’m sure some people would say so.  Could this be an example of opening up my zip file to a deeper awareness of facial movements, body language, connecting-the-dots? Sure, I’m sure that there are any number of reasons how Buck and I were able to understand each other. The point is that I was willing to open up for a deeper awareness.

It took some years after first beginning animal communication for me to gain that same confidence of “getting” animals in how I understand humans, but it did begin to happen.  I’d experience this awareness in situations such as talking with a friend about her son.  I had known my friend and her husband for several years but had interacted with her young son less than a handful of times over the years.  Yet, what began happening is as she spoke about him, I began “getting” a deeper awareness of who her son was and how he interprets life and why. My friend seemed to take my knowing in stride which allowed me to explore deeper what I was putting together/picking up/getting about him.

In another informal gathering with a committee from my faith tradition, before the meeting began some of us were sharing what was going on in our lives and one of my friends began to share about his 14 year old son.  I’ve seen his son a few times on Sunday mornings but haven’t ever had any kind of conversation with him.  All of a sudden I began getting an understanding of who his son was and how/why he reacted to the certain situation we were talking about. My friend was a bit puzzled that I knew his son so well and asked me how I knew this stuff about him.   I tried to make light of it and dust it off as just something I know sometimes.  But I knew that my awareness was not only going deep but spreading wide as well.

I bet if I did a bit of digging, I could find evidence that all humans have a kind of zip file in our brains full of information that we have been taking in and storing since we were born.  I imagine that when some zip files open, we see acts of genius in all kinds of ways whether it is through exercising our creativity or carrying through on our ideas.  And for some of us, our zip files probably contain information not unlike a million little rubic cubes of things we have filed away very, very quickly to be stored for later use.  How someone like me could “know” something about someone or some animal brilliantly and then in another breath completely forget names/numbers/formulas/answers to things we’ve known for years—I cannot say.  But, I suspect it has something to do with what part of the brain these bits of information are stored.  Let’s face it, a zip file is a nice, organized tight little container of information that doesn’t seem to be affected by hormones and age.

How can you access your own zip file and open it up to a deeper awareness?  Well you know that there are a bazillion authors and gurus out there that are more than happy to share how they have done this with you.  Believe me, I’ve explored many.  There is probably not just one great answer to how to do this but rather several answers that you’ve probably heard over and over again in your lifetime such as getting to a place of life/work balance in your life, eating right, getting enough sleep, getting therapy if you need it, handling your addictions if you’re prone to them, meditating, etc. etc. etc.  And at some point, as you do those things that help to take care of yourself, you will begin to notice the edges of your zip file and what promises to be your own unique gifts.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again that this force/divinity/higher power/magnificent unknown that all of life is, unfolds very elegantly sometimes. What I mean by that some of your gifts may have been leaking out of your zip files most of your life yet they are such a natural part of who you are that you do not think twice about them.

Think twice about your gifts.  Think again about what could be in your zip files.  Go deeper into the awareness about who you are and what you bring to this world because you do bring something, everyone of us does.



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