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We all have the capacity to be intuitive,  I don’t care who you are or where you come from, part of the human condition (I believe) is to be intuitive.  To me, being intuitive means that you get “inklings” of knowing or understanding of how things are which is not to be confused with being clairvoyant.  Being intuitive could be because of all manner of things from whatever spiritual beliefs you may or may not hold to just another way to explain how a part of our brain works.

Now, sometimes my intuition bumps up against being clairvoyant or psychic but I think that is just because sometimes I “know” or “get” things where I don’t have an understanding of how I get them. They just happen.  I would imagine that many artists, writers, and entrepreneurs flow with an outward manifesting of their intuition all the time.  The flow is just so natural to them, whether it be how they paint, create, write or brainstorm ideas, that they just don’t think twice about it most of the time.

Many years ago I was privileged to be part of a spiritual/psychic/enter name here kind of a group that came together to explore our intuitive side more deeply.  One of those friends really delved into her animal communication which became her life’s vocation (Leta, that’s you!).  I learned all kinds of levels and skills regarding animal communication and have played around with communicating with my animals, critters who live in the wild around me and other people’s animals for many years now.  Most of the time, I still don’t know if  I’m really having a communication with an animal or if it is just my fanciful imagination.  Except those times when things occur that just hover on the edge of being possible.  Like this evening for instance.

But let me back-up to create the scenario.  One of my cats, who I feel a special bonding with–K.C., had been gone for going on five days.  This summer, whether it be because of the heat, the drought, the Paul dog, Greybar or just sheer curiosity, has been one of K.C. taking mini-trips for 4 days or so without coming home and checking in for the night.  As we live out in the country, her being gone can be very nerve wracking as many of our neighbors have lost cats to coyotes, foxes and all kinds of things that go bump in the night.  The first couple of times K.C. didn’t come home, I suspected that she had crawled in some neighbor’s shed or garage and gotten stuck because she always came home skinny and famished.  But this last time, I thought she had either made the decision to find another home because she was pissed about the Paul dog chasing her or had been eaten.

So this evening, I went out to the porch swing in the backyard and got in my meditation pose, did my breathing, and then very clearly and neutrally began trying to connect with K.C.’s brain portal in my mind.  Finally, I began silently calling out to her calmly thinking K.C. where are you?  I’d been doing this for no less than three minutes and pictured her hopping over the back fence, jumping up on the porch and walking towards me when I heard her meow and opened my eyes and there she was walking towards me.  Now I don’t know if what happened here was sheer beautiful coincidence or if I had actually “reached” K.C. but I sure was happy either way.  I also sensed that she was glad to see me and welcomed the calm space that I had created for her to enter via being in a meditative state of mind.

Sometimes these things that we humans are capable of doing such as animal communication, being intuitive, etc. come so naturally and easily to us that some of us may disregard them.  But I think that may be the point of so many miracles in our life that they are much more elegant than we would ever imagine and with just a bit of effort on our part, whatever special gifts you may have inside of you can be brought out. If only to hear the friendly meow of a missing cat.

What do you want to take a closer look at that may just be a gift that you didn’t realize you had?


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