DINK #304 Ten Ways To Enrich Your Life

Posted on : 02-02-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Business, Featured



1. Read.   Seems the most obvious but you might be surprised just how many people don’t read.  Here’s one of my favorite Blog sites where you can find all kinds of bloggers and topics: My Alltop

2. Learn.   I returned to school in ’08 to complete a degree that I hadn’t ever gotten around to and I’m (for the most part) really enjoying the heck out of myself.  Philosophy class this semester is blowing my mind. Have to be careful not to think about “if only” in regards to how much I could have accomplished if I had known back when what I’m learning now!!

3. Listen. On the days that I drive back and forth to school, I listen to a talk show on the AM channel that supports different belief systems than me.  I do it for the exercise of considering another point of view.  Now that I’ve learned about all kinds of fallacies in Philosophy, I must admit to listening for those statements as well.

4. Experience Art and Music.  Go to an event or exhibit that you might not instantly consider going to and definitely go to an exhibit or concert that you are looking forward to experiencing.

5.  Be of service.   I sponsor several people in a 12-step program and talk to at least three of them every morning M-F.  Giving back what I have been given adds depth to my gratitude.

6.  Notice the tiny things in life.  Today when I was mopping our light pergot wood floor in the dining room I noticed a tiny black wolf spider frantically trying to get away from my mop,  He/she had no idea that I would never hurt them so they were scrambling.  I wondered why I found this tiny little insect’s movements so cute?  Notice the tiny things in life and you just may stumble upon a miracle.

7.  Grow a flower.  I have two potted orchids sitting on my window sill that I talk to every morning when I wake up.  I’ve had one of them 9 months and the other 6.  They’ve lost all their buds but have sprouted new leaves and air roots.  I know at some point that I will need to watch a you tube video on how to transplant them but, for right now, I can tell by their vibrant colors and hearty thick leaves that they are happy hanging in their present state.

8.  Love an animal.  We have five animal personalities in our family today. Three cats and two dogs. Each one has his or her very own unique spin on “being ness” and throw in their own unique flavor about life.  Tonight after watching the movie, “Billy Elliott” , I realized that our “bobby cat” (he has a naturally bobbed tail) who is the grey sweet tom who adopted me last year, sometimes sprints across our yard as if he’s doing plies like a ballet dancer with muscles that move across his back as he runs.

9. Let someone love you.  Volumes have been written on this subject. It’s about intimacy (in to me see), connection, receptivity, accountability and of course…love….to name a few.

10.  Travel.  It’s always good to get out of your own little world and see new sites, new people and new ways of doing things.  Helps to shake up the status quo and change your perspective.  Be willing to stretch yourself and take in different ways of being.

What ways have you found to enrich your life today?

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