DINK #301 Lynn Kindler’s Top Ten List For What Makes a Successful Person

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1.) A successful person is persistent.  A successful person doesn’t give up–no matter what.

2.) A successful person trusts themselves even when everyone else seems like they don’t.

3.)  A successful person is willing to entertain other points of view.

4.) A successful person is always teachable even when they know a lot.

5.) A successful person creates lots of reserves for themselves in many areas of their lives and gives freely to others from those reserves.

6.) A successful person loves deeply and widely and is able to set firm and appropriate boundaries both for themselves and others.

7.) A successful person understands that they will experience failure along their journey; however, they view each failure as a great learning instrument.

8.) A successful person knows they are successful because of how they feel inside and not because of how they think they should feel.

9.) A successful person sticks to their own measuring stick and avoids comparing themselves to others.

10.) A successful person is alive with pleasure, beaming with the joy of life and grateful for each new day they are given.

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!.5 – A Successful person achieved the goal.
∏ – A Successful person is more humble than when they began.
Ω – A Successful person is usually not successful in just one endeavor.

hmmmm… what would I attempt if I knew I could not fail?

Thanks Brudda-man!! Love your additions–they are right on…..brother!

The skies the limit my friend, the sky is the limit!

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