DINK #264 What I’ve Learned From My Friends This Week

Posted on : 11-12-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized



1.) I’ve learned how to “pay it forward” by being there for someone in their really desperate time of need just like someone was there for me when I was in mine;

2.) That I’m not quite as unique as I’d like to think that I am–there’s usually at least one friend who has “been there, done that” just like I have;

3.) They seem to appreciate me even more when I’m honest about the Navajo thread running through my life;

4.) We can laugh at the absurdity of ourselves and of life;

5.) Boundaries are innate and respected;

6.) We know just what to say to each other to help lighten the burden;

7.) They know what words we meant to say to go with which story even if the word we used has nothing to do with the story we’re talking about;

8.) We feel supported in even the most hair brained idea we’ve come up with lately;

9.) There is a mutual flow of love happening that is easy to give and easy to receive;

10.) That I am very, very grateful for the friends that I have in my life and will never take our friendship for granted.

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