DINK #263 If Nothing Else, It’ll Be Great Comedy Material Someday?!

Posted on : 11-12-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


I think my mind may be really warped.  Now when I go through a life challenge what helps me get through it just about as strongly as my spiritual beliefs is that I know that someday, maybe not tomorrow–maybe not the next day, but someday whatever challenging time I am going through now will make great comedy material for writing about and sharing with others later on.

And this kind of comedy is different than using denial sarcasm.  Denial sarcasm is when you’ve had just a whiff of the reality of what you are going through and you use heavy sarcasm ladled with defenses to spurn it away from your awareness.  The kind of comedy material I’m talking about is the learning kind of comedy material, where if you lay out all that you have learned as clearly as you can and then invite others to share with you this journey you’ve had — as if they have grown right along side you simultaneously — then you’ll be able to sit back and laugh with yourselves and jump to the next level of awareness in nano strobe time.

The more that I share the challenge of a class that I am going through where I am having to exercise fine motor skills (of which I am very limited) and pay attention to written directions (which has never been my forte), the more that I am able to really love myself.  And I’ve discovered that some friends of mine who I really admire a lot have these same kind of limitations that I do?!? Who knew?!??   I had two friends today admit to being “craft” challenged.   I don’t think I have really ever come out full throttle and admitted to anyone that I am totally craft challenged. You know, knitting or cutting paper into intricate snowflake decorations or making pillows.  I usually end up with lots of glue in all the wrong places and little ends of yarn stuck to my chin or behind my neck.

Martha Stewart and I definitely came from opposite ends of the universe and yet, I so admire what she is able to create.  The wonderful realization is that now I don’t have to walk in shame because I am craft challenged. As my friend Theresa said today, “I can’t knit booties but hey I’m a big idea person!!!”  And we laughed, but it is so true.  I spoke with an incredible woman today, Sarah  Siddiqi who is the CEO and Founder of “Experience Bangladesh” (http://www.experiencebangladesh.com/) and also one of the people that Felora Derakshani interviewed for the pilot show about Phenomenal Women that I helped with putting together this Fall.    Experience Bangladesh is just one of the efforts that Sarah is working on which includes working with the youth of Bangladesh to create an education platform for hands-on experience in exploring business. She is up to big things that I believe could be useful for countries all over the world.   Finding creative ways for you to know about incredible people like Sarah and what they are up to is what I love to do.

Now if I could only invent a way for those of us who do not have fine motor skills to text…….

So, the next time you’re in the middle of a really tough life challenge take heart and know that someday, when you’re ready, if you really want to use it, today’s life challenge will be great comedy material for tomorrow!

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