DINK #262 Whatever You Do, Do Not Give Up

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I think I’ve written this blog before because it feels very familiar but even if I have it probably bears repeating.

Whatever you do, do not give up!

There was a blog in the Huffington Post (Friday, December 3) that I don’t even want to acknowledge beyond saying where I read it because I don’t want to be a party to spreading negativity.  The blog was about some interviews that the blogger had with recruiters who were saying that it was their experience that employers today were more interested in considering candidates who already had a job rather than those who don’t.  For anyone who has been without a job or has just joined the ranks of the unemployed, this could be a real downer.

Let me share my experience, strength and hope with you from my 15+ years experience as a recruiter, account manager and whatever other responsibility it took to keep the company going.

First of all even though it has been four years since I left recruiting to go for my Coaching business full time, there were clients back then who were more interested in considering people who were employed rather than those who had been out of work. In fact I  dare so that I bumped into those kind of clients throughout my career as a recruiter which began in 1993.  The economy sucks much more than it did back then, but the kind of people who thought the only employees worth considering were those that could be stolen, attracted, coerced or enticed were alive and well back then just like they are today.

If you are in a situation now where you are not currently employed, whatever you do don’t give up.

There are plenty of things that you can do to help yourself, I’ll list a few of them that come to mind right now:

1.) Whether you believe in God, the Divine, a Higher Power, or something greater than just you or not, for the sake of this exercise, find something outside of yourself that you can feel in awe about (life force?) and that thing–whatever that is for you—is your employer right now.    Show up for your day just like you would for any employer.  Clean up, get dressed and get yourself in gear to find the right job for you.

2.) Pay attention to what you’re “feeding your brain” in terms of music, words, television, games, movies, friends…whatever you’re listening to or receiving input from….and weed out the negative stuff. You can’t afford it right now.  Feed yourself positive affirmations, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, understandings, etc. Surround yourself with people who are succeeding and happy too!

3.) You can always do something during this unemployed time such as volunteering for ? which you can then put on your resume to show that you continued to make a contribution to society.  If you have the funds available, definitely take a class or two.  I returned to school in 2008 at as a very non-traditional student and have loved it!

4.) Depending on what your vocation has been or what you want it to be see if you can create that same kind of space where you live.  For instance, I’ve always known that having a desk with a computer and phone and a light and files and books at my fingertips was very important to me.  It helps me to feel plugged in.  Use your imagination, I’m sure you can find a way to reinforce what you love to do.

5.) You might as well believe that you are a celebrity because from now until you land a job every single person you come in contact with could be the person that helps you get that job.  BUT, you have to treat others as you would have them treat you so that means be interested in them, find out about them, be curious about who they are, see if there are any connections (friends, family, places, events).  Be kind wherever possible.

These are just a few of the ideas I have for you right now.  Just remember: whatever you do, don’t give up!!

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