DINK #242 Why Do Some People Seem To Have All The Luck?

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This was but one piece of the conversation that my husband and I had over dinner tonight, “why do some people seem to have all the luck?”  Really we were dissecting the how and why of success and what we believe makes some people more successful than others.

The usual recipe applies such as tenacity, focus, endurance and David believes a good piece of it is just pure dumb luck. Being ever the antagonist, I had to counter with the question as to whether it was dumb luck or divine intervention.  Then I got a little bit freaked out on my own counter question because then I had to go deeper into what I really believe.

So what do I really believe about success? What do you really believe about success?

I remember years ago taking some shamanic master love courses through the Natale Institute that were led by Will Alix.  One thing that Will said that I have never forgotten is “if you’re going to quote me, date me” (1992).  So, what I’m about to blog about how I feel today about success may be very different from what I evolve to in understanding down the road—-and you can quote me on that!

Before I talk about my beliefs about success though, I have to distinguish what kind of success I’m talking about because there are all kinds of different levels and flavors.  If I was to look at how I’ve survived some things that I’ve met along the way in life, I’d say that I successfully survived them with all my body parts (well, except for a few disposable innards) and more awareness and understanding about cause and effect.  I believe I’m successful in my marriage because my husband and I share a mutual respect, love and enjoyment of each other still after 20 years.  There are quite a few things I feel successful about.

The success that my hubby and I were talking about tonight, though, is monetary success.  Career success.  Income success.  Being in that position where we can see that in many eyes we would be viewed as quite successful but in our own eyes in some ways we’re not quite as successful as we believe we could be.  I remembered hearing from people I have known that if you’ve ever earned a million dollars even if you lose a million dollars that you will always be able to earn another million dollars because you have done it before.  I’ve always seen my husband as being very competent, intelligent and extremely capable in my eyes but it is an inside job for him to see it for himself and allow for the redirection of his beliefs to take him beyond the horizon of what he ever believed was possible.  What allows some people to stretch their horizon of what they believe is possible for themselves way beyond what anyone else might believe they could do?

David talked about listening to a podcast on RadioLab (http://www.radiolab.org/2008/mar/10/) about the strange power of deception and lies. Evidently people who lie are much more successful than people who don’t lie.  I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but what is revealed is that the “lying” that leads to success when we tell ourselves that we can do something or succeed at something even if we believe or think we know that what we want to do is impossible or that the odds are greatly in our disfavor.  So then we talked about catching ourselves in mid-negative-think and redirecting our thinking to more positive perspectives.

I choose to think of it as re-programming my thought patterns rather than lying to myself.

This week alone I’ve had the opportunity to redirect my thought patterns several times.  There have been a couple of times that I could feel myself edging towards that slippery slope of despair and depression because of not having a steady source of income through a job that I enjoy.  Pretty much as soon as I felt my engine gears revving up to get into major pity party mode, I redirected my thoughts to more positive aspects by asking myself if having a pity party would help the situation.

Tonight I have clothes tumbling in the dryer, kitty-cats curled up asleep in their posts in the garage, a loving husband tucked up under the down comforter reading his Ipad and a little black dog laying about as close to my desk chair as is safe.  I’m feeling pretty successful right about now.

How about you?  How do you define success and just pure dumb luck?

DINK #241 Yep, It’s A Miracle Pretty Much Anyway You Look At It

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I remember when I was about ten thinking about life and what was it all about and it occurred to me that if we (humans) were the only ones in the vast universes upon universes; then that was a miracle but if we were not the only beings in the vast universes than that also was a miracle. Pretty much any way you sliced it, life is a miracle.

Then I lived through a couple of decades of life and the Archie Bunker (comedy show from the 70’s) side of my psyche began to shine through so that just as I would think about the miracle of something in my life, this middle-aged, big bellied, cigar smoking, beer drinking persona would pipe in and say, “eh, you were made that way so that you’d like that plant enough to grow it and eat it to keep you alive” or something along those lines. Probably the persona was more of an androgynous cross between Archie and his air headed wife Edith.  Nevertheless, that little counter thought would pretty much put the squelch on any good feelings coming from thoughts about the miraculous.

I’m happy to report that persona doesn’t have to last long though if you do the inner work of continuously clearing out the fall out thoughts from your ego and meditating and taking good care of yourself. Then you’ll have these moments that are pure bliss from being inside of realizing the miracle of life.  When I was younger, I used to wonder a lot about what it would feel like to be an angel on Earth.  In my mind, I was convinced that angels walked among us to earn more feathers for their wings by helping us out before they could go to the next level.  Anyway, my angels were (are) very different from most of the ideas about angels that I’ve ever heard, read or seen. I guess the closest I’ve seen to the way I envision angels are from the play/show “Angels in America”.  I envision angels to have the ability to morph sexes from male to female and to androgynous at will.  Needless to say, they are an incredible being.  They’re also very tall; meaning 7 feet tall would be a shrimpy angel!

I like to pretend that I am sitting with my angel and looking at my life through their eyes.  Because they are supreme beings, they do not experience the senses in the same way as we do so they are actually in awe of us and how we walk around in our bodies in this world most often times completely oblivious to the miracle we are living every day. I like to stand outside on our back porch at night looking into the living room all lit up with golden light and the dogs wrestling with each other on the floor and appreciate it because of my ability to feel all the nuances of life happening in that one scene because I am a lucky human and not an angel who can’t feel to the degree that I can.  Don’t get me wrong, it is great to be an angel; but there are so many wonderful gifts for us to recognize about our lives while we are humans.

The bittersweet texture of life that asks us to break open our heart so that they can grow bigger again and again.

When I’m in this state, then I can see everything as a miracle.  And I can even move back in time to basic memories like late at night when my Dad and mom returned home from a party smelling like cocktails and cigarettes tucking us into bed at night.  I used to love to lay in my bed and move my feet around in the sheets feeling all safe and cozy and warm as I watched the street light catch the glint of the rain coming down outside my window.  Basic life moments like that.

What would your life look and feel like through an angel’s eyes today?

DINK #240 It’s How And What You Purchase That Can Make A Difference

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Tonight I listened to a webinar with John Perkins who used to be a Chief Economist for a major consulting company years ago and has spent the last few decades working with indigenous people (from many parts of the world) and teaching all kinds of people about what he has learned to help rectify the contribution he made (in his work as an economist) to the damage done to their economies and cultures.

John is the author of several books including, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and more recently, “Hoodwinked” http://www.johnperkins.org/?p=937#respond.

In listening to him talk I could hear a fellow seeker who has done a lot of work on himself mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  He has a lot of respect for many kinds of beings.  John covered a lot of ground tonight but if there was one piece that caught my brain more than another I would have to say it was his suggestion (and I’m paraphrasing quite liberally here) that what runs our country is business. That when everything is said and done it is not the people who we voted into office because they will, hopefully, vote and pass laws that we want but rather it is the businesses who put forth the money to get things done (that run our country).  What this means is that where our power as individuals and groups can be exercised most effectively is in how and what we purchase–and that goes for everything we purchase.  The businesses are there because we have created them by what we have said and shown that we wanted.

Now it is time for us to pay attention to the effect/affect that we are having by where we put our money and how we use it.  Oh, yes, it is a lot more complex than how I am writing it right here, but this is me distilling the idea down to the chunk that I want to focus on in this blog.   As one of the greatest nations in the world, we have the opportunity right now to mature into the beings that I believe the Divine, the force, whatever you want to call it for yourself, had in “mind” our evolution.  We are responsible for the world that we have created and our dealing with now.  It is our privilege to wake up now so that we can look at how our actions and see our effect on those who live half way across the globe from us, much less down the street or in the next room.

John Perkins says over and over again that we have much we can learn from the indigenous peoples of our world.  I believe that is true.  As Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  Perhaps visiting with peoples from other cultures and communities can show us the way out of the box that we have created for ourselves.

As far as purchasing goes, John gave the example of Nike and how they use sweatshops in other parts of the world to create their products. He said that Tiger Woods missed a golden opportunity to make a statement by going with Nike’s brand instead of saying, “no, I can’t get behind your brand because you utilize sweatshops”.  John also gave the example of the golden opportunity missed by the media to explore the working conditions of the Chilean miners trapped underneath the earth for so long and instead focused on their crying families and the drama of it all.  Focusing on their crying families was not a bad thing, but day after day after day was overkill when deeper journalistic investigation could have been done to unearth a depth of understanding about communities and working conditions in other countries.

I’ll never forget when I worked for Communities in Schools years ago how the Social Workers employed their questioned what companies and products their 401Ks were invested in.  I had never stopped to think about what a 401K was much less that I had no idea what my money was supporting.  Once that door of understanding was opened, I began to inquire about insurance and how that worked, where did that money go?  It is quite a sobering exploration I can tell you that.  I haven’t quite found peace with it yet either.

How and what you purchase can make a difference in the effect we have on all kinds of economies, not just our own.  What will you purchase tomorrow?

DINK #239 What Do You Know About Human Trafficking?

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I sure didn’t know very much about human trafficking. Oh, I’d watched shows about it on CSI and Law & Order and occasionally I’d hear about it on the news, but in my brain human trafficking was about those “other” people and it wasn’t very many of “them”.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I couldn’t have been more ignorant.

There are an obscene amount (in the hundreds of thousands) of immigrants who are kidnapped and forced into sex slave labor and prostitution who are brought to the U.S. with no way out.  There are also tens of thousands of U.S. citizens who are kidnapped and forced into slave labor and prostitution. For statistics about human trafficking you may go to (http://search.conduit.com/ResultsExt.aspx?ctid=CT2720516&SearchSource=3&q=Human+Trafficking+stats)

Today our Universal Human Rights class was privileged to have Dottie Laster join us.  Dottie is an expert on human trafficking as well as a legal advocate for the immigrants who suffer from it’s plight (http://sites.google.com/site/lasterglobalconsulting/Home/training-1/dottie-laster).  Dottie talked about the case of “KiKi” who Mimi Swartz’ wrote about in Texas Monthly on human trafficking called, “The Lost Girls” (April 2010) (http://www.texasmonthly.com/2010-04-01/feature3.php).

To listen to Dottie speak about the hoops and caves and twists and turns that she and her defendants have had to overcome just to find freedom from their imprisonment in a life of unimaginable horrors was very sobering for me.  Dottie is going to be interviewed by television’s “Night Line” later on this week when she will talk about human trafficking going on in our own backyard at a restaurant right there in front of our faces in New Braunfels.  The NB police have thus far not had much interest in the case, we’ll see what happens when their town is all over the nation’s televisions.

Dottie stressed to the students who are getting a good education that it is our privilege (my word) to be able to help those people who have no one else who can help them.  It’s a sticky wicket in the bureaucratic jungle because if I understood her correctly, the way many of the U.S. laws are written, we cannot step in to “help” or “save” someone from this audacity if they do not ask to be helped. The problem is many of the people who are caught up in the human trafficking nightmare are under severe mental and emotional stress and do not have the where with all to know how to ask for help much less who is safe to ask for help.

Things we can do to help:

**  Visit some of the links that are within this blog to find out more info.

**  Evidently, at least in the state of Texas, it is not as hard as you might think to become a legal advocate.

** Bug your policemen, sheriff’s office, council men

** Pay attention to some of the bills coming down the pike pertaining to human trafficking and advocate with your representatives.  There was an article about it on KUT’s NPR.ORG this evening (11-10-10) that you can go to their website and listen to about the human trafficking bill.

** Pay attention.  In the case of the restaurant in New Braunfels it was pretty obvious what was going on with a van pulling up and letting several people out every morning and picking them all up 12 hours later. Dottie followed to where they were dropped off at night and all of the people lived in the same well-guarded house.

** If it smells like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck….it’s probably a duck!

What do you know about human trafficking? What are you willing to do to help?

DINK #238 Taking Care Of Ourselves

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Seems like such an easy thing to do just to take care of ourselves, right? But turns out that there are so many ways that we can trip ourselves up in this arena. I know because I feel like I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure out how I have not taken care of myself (when, how, what, why) and how to take care of myself.

One of the basic ways I take care of myself is that I don’t ingest those things that I used to when I thought I was “just doing what everyone else was doing” but I wasn’t. I was that person who would have one or two drinks before I went out with everyone else to meet for drinks. You know, just to take the edge off. I was that person who could not just eat “one” of anything. I had that compulsive need to eat whatever was in my pantry and fridge. It beckoned me from the other room. I could hear it clear across the house. And then, of course, I was that person who jumped from relationship to relationship to relationship before simmering down after meeting my husband 20 years ago.
Taking care of oneself is probably thought of as just common sense to most people, but for me it has been a long haul to educating myself on what to do. Things like eating nutritious foods (and the right amounts of food), meditating, handling physical, mental, emotional, spiritual problems if/when they occur, exercising, contributing to the world, loving, enjoying nature, friends and family. I’ve been adding to the tools of care for so many years now that sometimes I can forget how it used to be in my world. Not very much fun I can tell you that for sure!

I used to say to my good friends–tongue-in-cheek–that one of the things I have learned about men after living with my husband lo these many years as that they are pretty basic when it comes to being happy. Pretty much if they are fed, healthy, have had plenty of sleep and the right amount of sex–they are good to go…. which is a relief from the complexity of being female. But lately I’ve noticed that my life has calmed down to a loud roar enough that pretty much if I’ve gotten plenty of sleep, exercise, loving and good food—I’m pretty happy too. I also maintain those tools that I’ve learned to do to help me stay sane like spiritual studies, volunteering in my faith community, meditating, connecting with friends, talking over issues with safe people when I need to, not isolating but giving myself alone time when I need it, just the basic stuff.

Depending on where you are in your life you’re either figuring out how to take care of yourself or are maintaining what you’ve learned to do. I think this is probably one area that many of us haven’t known what to do because in many cases it is just “assumed” that we would know how to take care of ourselves. If you don’t know, ask. If you do know, share.

Pass along the gifts that you have so generously been given and the rewards will continue to grow ten-fold.

DINK #237 Thoughts For The Day On Restoration And Hoarding

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Tonight during dinner with a good friend of mine who is an architect who specializes in historical preservation (churches, public buildings etc.) we talked about preservation and the economy and hoarding. Makes sense, right? I think her firm does incredible work and has much to offer in terms of talent, skills, strategy and caring for their clients but the work has slowed down now partly because it is that time of the year and partly because of the economy.

So, of course we talked about how many of us who live in the United States are not so keen on restoring good architecture from the past. She talked about one project she had a few years ago where the client wanted her firm to check out the building structures that had weathered some storms. My friend and her team found the buildings not only to be of sound structure but were pretty nice looking considering their age. The client still chose to raze all the buildings to build entirely new buildings on the spot.

The first time I visited Europe when I was 21, I was struck my how much ancient (and well maintained) architecture there was across the continent from homes to buildings to religious places. A student in class today shared photos of abandoned buildings in Detroit, MI (http://boingboing.net/2009/03/13/haunting-photoessay-1.html) so of course my architect friend and I talked about Detroit’s demise as well as other cities in America.

What is it about our culture that is so ready to throw out everything with the bathwater and yet in this same culture (according to the self-storage blog) “self storage industry has been found to be the fastest growing new industry in the commercial property sector that has emerged in the country over the last three decades.” Hoarders only make up 1% of the U.S. population (it is a diagnosable psychological condition) and my architect friend happened to have parents who lived across from a woman for years only to find out that she was a true hoarder when she moved to a retirement center (had five vacuums that had never been used, etc.).

On the one hand it seems like we want everything to be NEW NEW NEW but on the other hand we save tons of “stuff” in storage places that most of us probably don’t need because…why?

I can almost see the feathers falling from the wings of several rising Phoenixes where someone with good business acumen could certainly find whole new ways of redeveloping and restoring communities. I don’t know about the rest of the country but in Texas I can tell you that down the road a ways when more and more of us boomers are heading off to retirement there are going to be a heck of a lot of big ole houses that will be left in the dust. What will we do then? Tear them all down? Or perhaps create a new way of living with what we have already built? It’s a great challenge and I hope there are people out there who are stepping up to the plate to help us find a new way.

Old is not necessarily better but neither is new. Rather it is the quality of something that will determine if it can and should be salvaged to stand the test of time. Hmmmmm, interesting statement about how we value humanity and society as well.

DINK #236 EGO Check In Partie Deux!

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Oy vey!  From the time I was a little girl I’ve always pined to be the center of attention. On my mom’s side of the family, there is a story that is told of when I was four years old and my grandparents took me to the San Diego Zoo. Evidently I got up on some little stage they had there and entertained some of the crowd spontaneously.  I suppose that having white-blonde curly hair and brown eyes helped with my need for attention but as the years waxed on I am sure that my need got a bit tiresome.

And then there’s this pact that I must have made with my higher power before I came down to Earth to be human when I must have agreed to be set straight as soon as the powers-that-be deemed it necessary. Some might call it Karma or Dharma but for me it’s just life.  Take for instance the fact that I’ve been on all the major television stations in Austin but never once did anyone “discover” me. In fact, on one of those occasions many years ago, I was asked by my Consumer Credit Counselor if I would be willing to be interviewed on camera about how CCC was helping me.  You know that I went out immediately and bought a $300 suit, right?  I just knew that a swarm of agents would be watching the mid-day show and catch me on camera and have to know “who is that girl??”  Later that evening, a friend who I had a not so secret crush on invited a group of us over to his apartment to catch the recorded show.  I was thrilled.  Not only would I get discovered by the media but I would also impress my friend?!?  Little did I realize that the “anonymous” tag line that the show had put in big block letters under my face each time I showed on camera said, “Recovering Compulsive Spender”. The first time my friend saw that he rolled over on his back howling.  Never was discovered either.

Fast-forward a bazillion years and I find myself once again with the opportunity to appear on camera. Only this time it is as the sidekick for a friend of mine’s show.  I thought that would be okay until months into it, I realized that I pretty much did not have a chance of being discovered at all. In fact, I had been cast into the role of “crew”.  Not that there is anything the matter with being part of the crew but when you’re a frustrated Diva, it is a big pill to swallow.  There have been some pretty funny awakenings for me around this whole situation because once again my ego has been bigger than the reality of what was going on.

It’s a fine line I walk between reality and hope.  Imagining what “could be” in the future has helped me make it through many a trying time but at the same time there have been many times when the reality of “what is” was a bigger let down because of where my hopeful imagination had taken me.  It’s good to visualize and look ahead but it’s also good for me to stay as grounded in today as I can so that I can pay better attention to what my actions are telling me rather than where my mind (ego) wants to take me.

I’m getting to that place in my life where it’s not so important for me to be the center of attention; actually, sometimes it is downright uncomfortable.  Today I’m more apt to pull other people into the center with me so that we can dance together and enjoy the music.  That feels a whole lot cleaner and helps me get to the real nuggets of what my unmet needs are such as acknowledgment and respect and love.  I’m not saying that if a television crew pulled up to me on the street to ask me a “gal on the street” question that I wouldn’t be secretly hoping that it could bring more but at least today I’m really happy with the kind of attention that I’m attracting from people who I care about and who I know care about me.

What about you?  Where does your ego show up in your life and is it kept in check?

DINK #235 If You Were To Write A Letter To Yourself, What Would You Say?

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If you were to write a letter to yourself, from the heart, what would you say?  Here’s an example of the letter that is inside of me that needs to be written (and read) by me (for further information on how to do this kind of writing, see www.writingdownyoursoul.com by Janet Conner).  I don’t know what this letter is going to look like or say but I feel someone and something is burbling up to speak so here goes…..(doing my part once again to keep Austin weird…):

Dear Lynn,

Oh dear one you try so hard to please everyone and in spite of yourself you do please a lot of people but at what cost.  There is a difference between pleasing someone else to get something that you want and pleasing yourself to get something that you want.  The kind of pleasing that your open heart wants is really not pleasing at all, it is love.  It is the give and flow of love between yourself and other beings that has no barriers or crustaceans attached.  This kind of love is readily available to all of you already with no extra effort on your part necessary except to receive.  Stop making it harder on yourself to receive.

It is time to come out from under the covers of your excuses and take a stand for who you are and what you are about.  When you are honest and real about who you really are you have no idea who may be helped by your transparency.  There are always others who are watching and waiting for permission to think and be themselves.  As it has been said before, there is only one “you”.  What could the great Divine have had planned for you to have been born on the day that you were born and to live during this time period now?  If it is hard to look at yourself and accept every single tick, shake and shimmy then look at someone who you have admired and give the same great empathy that you give them to yourself.  I imagine that if Albert Einstein was sitting across from you right now, you would have a crush on his brain and his warm brown eyes but after awhile you’d notice that his body wasn’t in that great of shape or perhaps that his hair needed a good conditioning.  How limiting would that kind of thinking been for Albert if his self-talk had consisted of the same as you give yourself?

Keep being willing to understand life and your purpose in it better every day, every second.  Allow yourself the grace of changing your mind.  Allow yourself the opportunity to make different choices.  Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Really what all of you want is so much more simple then most want to believe and that is to feel the peace of love.  It really all boils down to the simplicity of that calmness.  When you are looking for what your purpose is through the lenses of what life is really all about it will help you to clear away a lot of the mindless chatter of the ego.

Love yourself and you can love others.

DINK #234 I Know I Can Make You Laugh….But Someone Might Have To Die First!

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I have a good friend who shall remain anonymous because she’s pretty well known and as I’m respectful of her anonymity, well to a point, I’ll leave her nameless. Anyway, she’s very intelligent, a lover of God, very creative and absolutely hilarious and she is one person that I can absolutely shake out the dark shadow side of myself and share with her with complete abandon. All of us should have at least one person that we can share our dark side with so that we can let it out, invite it to the middle of the room and laugh at and with it until it disappears into a fine granular dusting of light.

Anyway, this friend of mine and I have an understanding that in our coffers we have in the making one of the most hilarious two women comedy skits about life that never was and never will be created. Meaning, we can never actually create this comedy compilation and take it on the road because it is composed of all of our shadow selves’ perspectives about life, people, etc. and so pretty much a whole bunch of people would have to die first because some parts of the play would be about them and we wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

This may sound awfully heartless upon reading this but really it’s been so helpful when I find myself in one of those life moments when I’m having to battle with my inner demons while behaving kindly, professionally and otherwise well-mannered outwardly. The reason it is helpful is that I know that whatever inner battle that I’m having now will make absolutely hilarious fodder for my friend and I as we add to our compilation of stories for the comedy duo of skits that will never actually happen. Yet.

Perhaps when we’re 85 and we look back on these days we will shake our heads in understanding at ourselves but for now, it sure does help the medicine of lessons learned to go down easier. As I’ve heard many times in various 12-step programs “to accept something doesn’t mean you have to like it”. We people in recovery for various addictions are often back door people who always want a codicil to any agreement we make so saying that I accept something without having to like it eases the pain of commitment.

I have had so many learnings and understandings over the past couple of days that I wish I could share with you now but suffice it to say (because I don’t want anyone to have to die first), I am learning how to have some humility and laugh with myself as I shake out my beautiful little ego.

Life is good and I am blessed. Love y’all!

DINK #233 Humility And Money Really Can Go Hand-In-Hand For Some Of Us

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Have I told you lately how much I love the three women who meet with me for one hour every week (for the past 10 years) on the phone to coach/mentor and explore our worlds mentally, spiritually and emotionally? Today was no exception for my love and gratitude to them although our Florida sister was missing in action today! Nevertheless, three of us managed to carry on and ended up in a really interesting discussion about money.

One of us is really experiencing what it feels like to be on her own for the first time in a long while and heading into her 60th birthday. There are a lot of women who are heading into their 60’s and 70’s who don’t have too much of a cushion, if any cushion, to keep a roof over their head, food in their bellies and clothes on their bodies. Many of these women are educated, have lived a nice comfortable middle class life and whether through death, divorce or choice find they are now on their own.

The group’s discussion evolved into talking about our own personal journeys with money and our relationship with it. For at two out of the four of us, has been one of pushing it away and seemingly going to great lengths to avoid it rather than to graciously receive money with some semblance of humility. We talked about how it is much easier to volunteer and do things for other people without asking for anything in return (which is a good thing if not taken too far) but then, of course, we go above and beyond the call of duty (for free) and it get’s more difficult to receive money if and when somebody offers it.

For the longest time I have felt like I must be putting out the kind of energy to the universe when it comes to money that is the exact opposite of a magnet. And yet I have many friends who have money and seem to have a good relationship with it when it comes to spending it, giving it away or asking for it. In my past, there has been a lot of guilt, shame and embarrassment when it came to asking for money (even when I had clearly earned it). I would have to become really resourceful if I ever found myself living off the streets because I don’t think I would have the humility it would take to ask for money and to receive it. I don’t like that feeling of anyone having power over me because of money.

But that’s me. What about you? Do you have the humility it takes to give and receive money? What are some of your own money stories where you have been able to see the pattern of your behavior? Curious minds definitely want to know?!