DINK #243 Doing Something Totally Different Just Because You Can!

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I hate to admit it, but it seems to be true that the older we get the more we get stuck in our “ways”!  Sundays are usually my day to completely hang out at our home (unless I go to fellowship) and to sleep in, read the paper at my leisure, go for a run, and catch up on homework and chores (like ironing while watching old time movies).  I know it’s really not very jazzy but it makes for a nice Sunday.

This afternoon we did something different.  We went to hear our friend Dr. Lenora Waters (who is the President of the Sanctuary Choir) sing in the Annual Musicale of the Ebenezer Baptist Church (http://www.thestoneofhelp.org/).  This was foot stomping, head shaking, body moving good ole Gospel music at its finest for sure.  Even my Jewish husband was tapping to the beat of the band.  If I didn’t already have a strong faith tradition, I’d be talking to Lenora about how I could join the choir for sure (they didn’t have quite as many altos as sopranos).  I felt like walking on air when we left the church.  We would have joined everyone for refreshments afterward but we had dinner to eat and dogs to let out at home.  A good time was definitely had by all and very nice people at Ebenezer Church for sure.

That’s just a little example of what you can do that is totally different just because you can. One of my friends is dating a guy who likes to build and fly powered parachutes (http://www.easyflight.com/). I don’t think I’ll ever work up the courage to experience one of those but I have been promising my friend Bill that my husband, brother and I would take him up on his offer to go up for a ride in his glider.  Flying in a glider has always had a sense of fascination for me.  Bill has told me many an amazing story about going up in his glider with other gliders and catching the currents for long periods of time when they can.  And to think that I have gone through a few years in my life where you pretty much had to knock me out with really good drugs just to get me on a commercial airplane, but I think gliding would be different for me.  At least I’m willing to try.  Might put on a pair of Depends before we go up just in case.

It’s good for us to step out of our “comfort zones” now and again and experience something completely different from our usual routine if for no other reason then to remember that we humans tend to be creatures of habit and it’s good for us to break up the routines.

Routine doing can lead to routine thinking which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s probably good for us to shake it up now and then just because we can.

What is something totally different that you’ve done lately?

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