DINK #241 Yep, It’s A Miracle Pretty Much Anyway You Look At It

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I remember when I was about ten thinking about life and what was it all about and it occurred to me that if we (humans) were the only ones in the vast universes upon universes; then that was a miracle but if we were not the only beings in the vast universes than that also was a miracle. Pretty much any way you sliced it, life is a miracle.

Then I lived through a couple of decades of life and the Archie Bunker (comedy show from the 70’s) side of my psyche began to shine through so that just as I would think about the miracle of something in my life, this middle-aged, big bellied, cigar smoking, beer drinking persona would pipe in and say, “eh, you were made that way so that you’d like that plant enough to grow it and eat it to keep you alive” or something along those lines. Probably the persona was more of an androgynous cross between Archie and his air headed wife Edith.  Nevertheless, that little counter thought would pretty much put the squelch on any good feelings coming from thoughts about the miraculous.

I’m happy to report that persona doesn’t have to last long though if you do the inner work of continuously clearing out the fall out thoughts from your ego and meditating and taking good care of yourself. Then you’ll have these moments that are pure bliss from being inside of realizing the miracle of life.  When I was younger, I used to wonder a lot about what it would feel like to be an angel on Earth.  In my mind, I was convinced that angels walked among us to earn more feathers for their wings by helping us out before they could go to the next level.  Anyway, my angels were (are) very different from most of the ideas about angels that I’ve ever heard, read or seen. I guess the closest I’ve seen to the way I envision angels are from the play/show “Angels in America”.  I envision angels to have the ability to morph sexes from male to female and to androgynous at will.  Needless to say, they are an incredible being.  They’re also very tall; meaning 7 feet tall would be a shrimpy angel!

I like to pretend that I am sitting with my angel and looking at my life through their eyes.  Because they are supreme beings, they do not experience the senses in the same way as we do so they are actually in awe of us and how we walk around in our bodies in this world most often times completely oblivious to the miracle we are living every day. I like to stand outside on our back porch at night looking into the living room all lit up with golden light and the dogs wrestling with each other on the floor and appreciate it because of my ability to feel all the nuances of life happening in that one scene because I am a lucky human and not an angel who can’t feel to the degree that I can.  Don’t get me wrong, it is great to be an angel; but there are so many wonderful gifts for us to recognize about our lives while we are humans.

The bittersweet texture of life that asks us to break open our heart so that they can grow bigger again and again.

When I’m in this state, then I can see everything as a miracle.  And I can even move back in time to basic memories like late at night when my Dad and mom returned home from a party smelling like cocktails and cigarettes tucking us into bed at night.  I used to love to lay in my bed and move my feet around in the sheets feeling all safe and cozy and warm as I watched the street light catch the glint of the rain coming down outside my window.  Basic life moments like that.

What would your life look and feel like through an angel’s eyes today?

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