DINK #235 If You Were To Write A Letter To Yourself, What Would You Say?

Posted on : 11-11-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks

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If you were to write a letter to yourself, from the heart, what would you say?  Here’s an example of the letter that is inside of me that needs to be written (and read) by me (for further information on how to do this kind of writing, see www.writingdownyoursoul.com by Janet Conner).  I don’t know what this letter is going to look like or say but I feel someone and something is burbling up to speak so here goes…..(doing my part once again to keep Austin weird…):

Dear Lynn,

Oh dear one you try so hard to please everyone and in spite of yourself you do please a lot of people but at what cost.  There is a difference between pleasing someone else to get something that you want and pleasing yourself to get something that you want.  The kind of pleasing that your open heart wants is really not pleasing at all, it is love.  It is the give and flow of love between yourself and other beings that has no barriers or crustaceans attached.  This kind of love is readily available to all of you already with no extra effort on your part necessary except to receive.  Stop making it harder on yourself to receive.

It is time to come out from under the covers of your excuses and take a stand for who you are and what you are about.  When you are honest and real about who you really are you have no idea who may be helped by your transparency.  There are always others who are watching and waiting for permission to think and be themselves.  As it has been said before, there is only one “you”.  What could the great Divine have had planned for you to have been born on the day that you were born and to live during this time period now?  If it is hard to look at yourself and accept every single tick, shake and shimmy then look at someone who you have admired and give the same great empathy that you give them to yourself.  I imagine that if Albert Einstein was sitting across from you right now, you would have a crush on his brain and his warm brown eyes but after awhile you’d notice that his body wasn’t in that great of shape or perhaps that his hair needed a good conditioning.  How limiting would that kind of thinking been for Albert if his self-talk had consisted of the same as you give yourself?

Keep being willing to understand life and your purpose in it better every day, every second.  Allow yourself the grace of changing your mind.  Allow yourself the opportunity to make different choices.  Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Really what all of you want is so much more simple then most want to believe and that is to feel the peace of love.  It really all boils down to the simplicity of that calmness.  When you are looking for what your purpose is through the lenses of what life is really all about it will help you to clear away a lot of the mindless chatter of the ego.

Love yourself and you can love others.

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