DINK #227 List of Ten Things You’ve Thought About Today

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Ever wonder what you think about all day or even if you think about anything in between all the things that you seem to be busy doing all the time? Well, fear not. You do think a lot. I know there are statistics out there on this but it’s almost past my bedtime so I’ll leave it to you to Google and explore them on your own.

In the meantime, I thought it might be an interesting exercise to write down ten things I’ve thought about today (create your own list!):

1.) How grateful I am to be healthy because really if I wasn’t healthy it wouldn’t matter if I had all the money in the world. I’ve had times of really feeling sick and/or hurting in my life and when I did it took up all my attention and energy. God bless all my friends and people that I don’t know who are sick or hurt, please help them to heal or release them from their pain.

2.) How grateful I am to be married, still in love and respect my husband. I never thought that I would be able to sustain a healthy relationship for very long. I had no idea how to climb inside of intimacy.

3.) Wondered if there was a heaven and if there was then surely the days must be like the day we had today in Austin. Gorgeous;

4.) Now that I’ve focused the direction of school towards an MSW, wonder what scholarships/grants are available out there and wonder if there are people who could help me dig for those scholarships and grants and wonder what their fee would be;

5. ) Need to start categorizing all my blogs in my word press files so that I can start putting together a book and if I put a manuscript together loosely with a title, chapters and content if I could interest a literary agent;

6.) Love my dogs and cats more each day. Paul-Paul taught me a new trick tonight with his Kong, I hold it up and he jumps up to get it from a sit. Need to invest in some frisbees and see if we can learn the art of throwing and catching frisbees together;

7.) Need to look up the botanical names of the flowers that are blooming this time of year that look like little purple daisies and big yellow daisies. How magnificent!

8.) What is the deal with the abundance of movie theaters in this town? I mean, it’s a great thing don’t get me wrong…I like pretending like I’m at my own private screening but really what is the deal with this? How can theaters continue to operate?

9.) Our home really is a nice comfortable place to live. I can’t believe we’ve lived here almost 15 years this December. That’s just insane. Time is really a bizarre concept and what’s even weirder is 15 years doesn’t seem like what I thought 15 years would feel like. It doesn’t even feel as long as the four years I spent in high school felt.

10.) I’m grateful that my body is feeling good after my long runs and that I’ll be able to go on another run tomorrow. Still feeling a bit sluggish when I’m running but after the first mile or so my body seems to kick in and get into the groove of it. I wonder if I keep growing my hair long if I’ll feel the weight of it when I run.

Seeee, I’m definitely not a rocket scientist with my thoughts don’t let me kid you but it is kind of fun to reflect back on them. Maybe I’ll pan out some gold one of these times when I do a list of ten things I’ve thought about today.

What are ten things you’ve thought about today?

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No fan page yet, but will put one up soon! Thanks for writing in–we appreciate you!

Great work keep it coming

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