DINK #224 Message From The Centipede

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Considering yesterday was a Monday it flowed very nicely all things considered until, that is, beddy-bye time. I had just finished brushing/flossing, washing my face, removing my contacts and smoothing on cream when out of the corner of my eye a very fast movement caught my attention. When I turned around to see what was causing the movement, the horror I felt was almost visceral. There in the sink that not moments ago I had brushed ans washed was what seemed a very an extraordinarily big orange/brown Centipede. What was even more imposing about him, considering his size, was that you could almost tell that he was very pissed off to be stuck in the curving smooth sink and was waving several sets of arms in the air as if trying to grab hold of something. Like me!

It took me a nano second for the messages in my brain to reach my feet and jettison me out of the bathroom, across the bedroom floor and up into our bed to deliver the message to my husband, “THERE’S A CENTIPEDE IN OUR SINK”!!!! I felt torn between my fear and guilt (and you know which one won out) about his handling things because I knew that, unlike me who would find whatever means I could to transport the animal/insect safely outside, he would definitely kill it. Still, I have to say that it was mighty quiet in there before I heard sounds of a crunching body and then the fast padding of my husband’s feet as he made for the toilet with the Centipede carcass.

The spiritual higher self part of me was trying to be heard above the loud din of my extreme over reaction to the situation so I knew that this Centipede was a “messenger” and certainly a “symbol” of some sort that I needed to pay attention to but all I could do was absently swipe at my head every now and then just in case that Centipede had family members who had hitched a ride unbeknownst to me. When I went for my last bathroom break before sleep, you would have thought I was in the jungles of Africa as I moved stealth like and flicked on the light searching all corners north, south, east and west as well as up and down for any other Pede of whatever variety was lurking nearby.

Today, after a long run and some calming time I took the time to investigate just what the Centipede Totem brings. Turns out their considered to be the symbol of Chiefs (http://www.manizone.co.uk/centipede-animal-totem-a-36.html) and considered “GOOD LUCK”. Oy vey, so what does that mean that I killed (just as culpable even though I hadn’t actually killed the guy) the symbol of chiefs and good luck???

I do know that lately I have been battling with my own self about my tendency to not step up to the plate when it comes to doing my dreams and really going for making them happen but rather hide behind the coat tails of someone else and then fight with myself over copping a resentment. Geeze Louise, I say to all my Centipede brothers and sisters, “Got the message!” “Thanks”. “I sure do get it, no need to send additional runners!” (whistling in the background).

What messengers are showing up in your life today and what message do they bring you?

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