DINK #212 Ten Ways To Feel Appreciation

Posted on : 19-10-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


1.) Stop what you are doing for the moment and just breathe;

2.) Notice where you feel “tight” in your body and breathe relaxation into the tension. Let it release;

3.) Recall one moment where you felt grateful. It could be as simple as recognizing avoidance of a car wreck to giving birth;

4.) How does this memory feel in your body? Focus on that;

5.) Watch the movie, “E.T.” and remember the glowing heart.  Practice glowing with appreciation;

6.) When you “connect” with someone through words, touch, sound, communication really “feel” the connection. Is it warm? Is there expansion within you?;

7.) Practice relaxing your heart and releasing from fear into love;

8.) Get giddy about what there is to appreciate. Find as much evidence for things to appreciate as you are able;

9.) Be grateful for the moment, the person, the incident and bless it for you have called it into your life;

10.) Explore what you appreciate to learn the feelings inside of it.  Watch the rain drops falling into a puddle and feel what you see.

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