DINK #210 True Callings

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Today was an interesting day. Jogged a fantastic five-mile run with the Paul dog through the hood. I have a great interview scheduled with Inna Segal who is an international healer, author and television host about her latest book and I Interviewed Attorney John Swomley on www.blogtalkradio.com/Hope42day who succeeded in winning a new trial motion for Bernard Baran, an innocent man wrongly incarcerated for 22 years. Bernard Baran also joined us for the conversation about his experience. There was so much to respect about both men, John for diving into the center of this case which would certainly not earn him millions and Bee for not giving up the hope of someone like John coming through for him so that he could once again be free to join his family. John’s sharing about being able to fight for the rights of the downtrodden had me thinking about actually pursuing law school for myself and simultaneously thinking what a great representative he is for the industry. Wow. Good people do exist in law!

Both Inna and John are people who seem to have answered their true calling. I don’t think that Bee would want to say that being wrongfully incarcerated for 22 years was his true calling; however, what he is now doing with the sharing of what happened to him and offering information and solutions for how to help others may indeed be his calling.

I’ve spent a good portion of my career life helping other people to figure out what their true calling is and am happy to say that many people seem to have found theirs. I’m not sure if I really know what mine is yet or maybe that I am doing my true calling all the time but it doesn’t earn me any money to live on. I keep doing it anyway because it fulfills me. I don’t think I’ve read many books that say that there are cases where people may find their true calling but not earn very much money. I wonder if putting the two together: True Calling and Earning potential is a gross injustice? Gratefully, I am able to blog and interview interesting people on the net without expending any income. I love to help people and to let others know about various solutions and experiences that others have had that may help them find their own solutions.

A new idea did occur to me today after watching a you tube video of Inna Segal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44FGVS2IQ2E about creating abundance. Inna reminded us to be grateful for what abundance we do have in our lives and to make “friends” with the money and she offered an exercise that asked for us to hold money in our hands and bless it. There was something about holding money in my hands and making it my friend that made me stop and think about how many times I’ve had negative energy transferring from my brain to the palm of my hand to the money that I then gave to other people. Yuck. I certainly wouldn’t want to pass on that kind of negative energy. So, it occurred to me to think of money, or the energy that money represents, in the same way that I think of animals, plants, trees and flowers. I love animals and plants and send loving energy to them all the time without blinking an eye; I’m going to start doing that with money and see what happens. If nothing else I can at least send positive energy from my brain, to my palm to the money I’m holding and then giving to another person and that just has to be a good thing?!

What is your true calling and how did you know it when you found it?

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