DINK #180 Seeing Your Feet When Dreaming!

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Now you have to understand before I begin talking about the particular dream that I had last night that I was raised with the understanding of two primary ideas about dreams. The first idea is that often times our mind is like a drunken monkey and is just doing back up of all the bits and pieces of information that we’ve collected during the day. Like any good piece of fine running machinery, it does its nightly backup and so sometimes dreams are just a montage from that backup. The second idea I believe about dreams is that we can get symbolic messages that can help us to unravel the mysteries of life.

I know that I went through a period of time in my younger years when nightmares seem to be the de rigueur. Luckily my mom had been studying Carl Jung for quite awhile and so she introduced the concept of lucid dreaming to me. My understanding of lucid dreaming is it is when you are in a dream state during REM sleep and you can realize that you are dreaming. Then, as the theory goes, you can reconstruct your dream–such as a nightmare—while you’re in the middle of it to construct a different outcome. The first couple of times I realized that I was in a dream, I woke myself up out of sheer excitement. Eventually I was able to work within a dream state and ask questions as to why I was dreaming certain things and working within the nightmare to bring it around to a peaceful ending if not ascertaining some modicum of understanding.

Last night I had a compilation of both of these two theories where I was in the middle of a very vivid dream state with several threads of subjects playing simultaneously. I was able to understand why I was dreaming about certain things such as going sky diving with some friends of mine. In the dream, we were always on the verge of going skydiving but we never quite made it. I was very nervous about skydiving but was going to go anyway because my friends were going. I surmised that this portion of my dream came from hastily reading over an article about a Vet sky diving in San Marcos with an artificial leg and before going to sleep, I had blogged about my scuba diving group on our way to Mexico on September 11.

The best part of the dream, for me, was walking along a beautiful beach just after sunset and looking down at my feet. I could see my feet in the dream and I could feel the pebbles on the beach to the point that I was thinking to myself in the dream that I should put on my shoes so that I could walk easier on the sand. It’s been several years since I’ve read Carlos Castaneda’s books but I remember lucid dreaming was considered an important aspect of realization and seeing your hands in a dream was an ultimate goal. I haven’t ever been able to see my hands but there’s just got to be something to having seen my feet, such as that I’m grounded and I can see where I’m standing and where I’m going.

For me to get humble about being human and still having so very much to learn, all I have to do is bang into something I don’t know! As far as humans have come technologically, we sure do have a long way to go to really understanding our psyche and soul. It’s amazing to me what a large portion of most societies are apparently inured to most things psychological and certainly spiritual. It seems to me that exploring the concept of lucid dreaming and learning from people such as Carl Jung, Edgar Casey and Carlos Castaneda (to name a few) we can start on the path of learning about our subconscious and unconscious while we sleep.

One simple exercise that you can try tonight before you drift off to sleep is to give yourself some quiet time before you go to sleep and focus on one question that you would like to know more about. The worst that can happen is that you’ll sleep through the night and wake up with nary a clue as to the answer to your question and the best that can happen is anything (other than nothing)! Have fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see your feet…..

Sweet dreams!

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