DINK #152 Letting The Love On In

Posted on : 21-08-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


Finally sat down at my computer to blog and immediately heard my Paul-Dog come in, lay down behind me and and let out a big sigh. I am pretty sure I acknowled him when I came home but I don’t think I gave him a proper Aussie-dog acknowledging greeting so I turned my chair around and invited him up for some loving THe flow of love coming off of that dog was palpable. It’s a completely different energy than my black Lab, Reality, who is equally as loving but more of a “still waters run deep” kind of a gal. Where Reality will go lay on her bed next to my side of the bed and wait for me to say goodnight to her, Paul will follow me around and hang by my side like a shadow until I stop and acknowledge him.

I’m grateful for my loving animals who teach me constantly how to let the love on in.

This morning I was talking with someone I mentor who is having some feelings about a lot of changes going on in her life right now and in the midst of identifying some of those things it felt like she twisted off about two instances in our past together where something I said didn’t sit right with her. I really don’t like it when someone tells me that something I did or said doesn’t sit right with them and it is especially confusing when I feel hurt by this. When I got off the phone with her I prayed about this to learn what is my part and take only what is my part and clean that up. Do I need to make amends? What is the truth in this situation? And then I remembered that what this person was really, really wanting and talking about was to be loved. And perhaps at the time of our conversation she was having a difficult time letting the love on in so what came out sounded very defensive. My ultimate question to myself and the God of my understanding was to know if there was something in my word,thought or deed that I have done that I need to take responsibility about.

How many times have we gotten into situations like this in our lives whether it be at work or home or even standing in a check out line somewhere? It’s sometimes very difficult for us to remember that really the bottom line that we humans all want is to love and be loved. End of story. Why we need to go complicate it up beats the heck out of me.

I’m grateful that I have four gentle constant reminders in my life with my two cats and two dogs who are all about love and love me no matter if I walk in the house and don’t acknowledge them for half an hour til my consciousness comes up for air. These little four-legged gurus remind me not only what it looks like to let the love on in but what it feels like once the love comes through.

May you have and/or find gentle constant reminders for you to let the love on in.

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