DINK #145 Everything Is Unfolding As It Should

Posted on : 14-08-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


As a woman who has pretty much lived most of her days in the South, we tend to have these velvet hammer sayings that sound really nice and sweet on the outside, such as “Well Bless his/her heart” and on the inside can be full of ooey gooey marshmallow stuff or coconut covered anvils. When it comes to all things spiritual the saying, “everything is unfolding as it should” can fall into the same category.

Often times people throw out “everything is unfolding as it should” as a last panicky resort to keeping everyone from running away wildly when it seems as if life has taken a very bizarre turn on the road to happiness. People don’t like pauses, much less silence, so when times are tough and we don’t have a clue as to how the hell they got there nor when they’re going to turn around…that’s my theory as to how these swifty slogans get started.

Except for in cases like I seem to be having here lately where so many good things are beginning to come my way spiritually, mentally, emotionally, career-wise, etc. etc. that this is also an occasion that in my past would have called for me to run away wildly from all that was good because it also was too much for me to handle. Then, “everything is unfolding as it should” becomes a calming mantra to keep me inside my body, breathing and doing the next right thing (whatever that might be).

Years ago, when I was first exposed to the idea of life/God/spirit/the force loving us and caring for us in way that we could see manifested in our lives, every time I heard these ideas I would cock my head to the side like a curious Terrier waiting to see which way the ball would be thrown. Even after many years of having evidence upon evidence upon evidence of a loving force at work in my life, when someone spoke as if there was a loving force at work in their lives (in all our lives) I immediately felt like I was an outsider–that kind of love and caring was for everyone else but me.

Luckily, something is at work within me where today as I see many of the visions I have had for my life coming to fruition such as finally getting off my derriere and making a commitment for my writing and hosting a blog talk show and creating a talk show for the networks…I really know that everything is unfolding as it should. There is a new calmness to all of this today that I have never experienced before when I would sidle up to a dream being realized.

Maybe I’m learning that just as the Chinese Symbol that represents chaos can also represent opportunity that slogans such as “everything is unfolding as it should” can be interpreted the same way…it just depends on which way we’re looking at it.

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