DINK #135 What I Learned In Life School Today…

Posted on : 04-08-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


Today was an absolutely perfect summer day in almost every sense of the word except that I didn’t get to sleep in—which would have definitely made today the consummate summer day. Even so, I learned a whole lot in life school. Such as that you don’t have to be hurting your head to learn (like Theoretical Physics) and the day can roll along and unfold easily and you can still learn (instead of going at break neck speed from a thousand different directions).

Top Ten things that I learned today:

1.) Sometimes your husband is right when it comes to just relaxing and trying not to make everything perfect because in your head he just doesn’t care about the finer details of the common courtesies of life;

2.) Really true friends are the ones who you can just be who you are and not try to be someone you aren’t even if that means not wearing any make up to greet them at 9:00am;

3.) You can hear the truth from a real friend and in the context that they mean for you to hear it;

4.) It’s very humbling to recognize the inner-Antonio Salieri and to be willing to make different choices;

5.) It’s very hot in the Texas sun on a day late into July;

6.) I can’t put words together into cohesive thought form as easily when I’m not taking my Omega Gold;

7.) My hair is definitely getting lighter:

8.) I’ve got some of the best dogs and cats in the world because they are aware and fully in tune and ready to share love at the drop of a hat:

9.) I really do have an overflow of abundance in various aspects of my life–I just need to stop and let it in;

10.) Even though a movie has Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and Bret Mackenzie it is still possible for it not to be funny.

It’s nice to know that even on a slow easy day that you can still take in some learning and growing while you’re enjoying the is-ness.

May you drink in the everyday wisdom of each day and integrate what you learn in your dreams.

Ciao bella!

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