DINK #118 Turns Out That It Doesn’t Take Much To Feel Happy

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Turns out that it just doesn’t take much to feel happy. At least not a whole lot to feel happy like my black Lab, “Reality”
“Reality” or “Re-Re” Kindler
who turns 9 this October. Reality has had a form of arthritis since she came to us as a pup but she insists on going for walks anyway. We just massage her really well and give her vitamins and pain pills to help. As she gets older, her walks get slower and slower but she really does love to go out if only for a little bit. She gets to walk off leash because she is a good girl and stays close by except for those times when she forgets the body that she is in when she spies a rabbit, squirrel or deer and bunches up all her feet to run pel mel after them into the woods. I know inside her head it is worth the aches she will feel later to feel the wind in her ears now!

Today I thought I was going to get away with just taking the Paul-dog to walk to the mechanic to retrieve my car. I’d had a “talk” with Reality to let her know that I loved her but that I needed to get up there quicker than she could walk. She gave me one very tender kiss in reply and by the time I go through putting on my shoes and pulling my hair back into a pony tail I decided that I could take as long as I needed to and Reality could go for us (I suspected that she was putting those thoughts in my head because at about the same time that I had decided she could go, she popped up from the study where she had been laying and started getting all excited to go).

So we took our walk down the green-green streets of south Austin. Both dogs were so happy to be out and sniffing and finding out what was going on in their “hood”. It’s just so easy to forget that kind of happiness. Don’t you remember having “special” happy times when you were a kid? Like the littlest thing would make me happy such as when we would drive down this one highway in San Antonio and pass my favorite billboard that had Wonder Bread slices continuously falling from the bag onto a plate (course, don’t you know it would have been food that got my attention!). That’s the kind of happy I suspect my dogs feel. To top it off, by the time we’d walked the mile and a half up the street and were about to turn the corner, Reality all of a sudden perked up and got excited because she’d been to the mechanics before. You would have thought we were going to visit Santa himself. Both dogs scampered into the little waiting area with me. Then we all piled into the car and went on a short trip to my favorite coffee shop. My windows are covered with the evidence of my companions this morning. Definitely need to go to the car wash tomorrow. Such simple happiness.

The happiness of our morning excursion stayed with me all day. Had a wonderful interview with Career Intuitive Sue Frederick (www.blogtalkradio.com/Hope42day) and guests, Katherine Shelly and Terri. What fun!?

I’m glad to be reminded about the simple things that can make us happy. And I’m especially grateful for happy black dogs….

DINK #117 Really?! Am I Waking Up in Menopause?

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Surely there have been hordes of women before me who have experienced this same phenomenon that I am going through right now. It’s another experience of having a belief that I’ve carried around for years go topsy turvy. Such as the belief that life is pretty much over as we know it when — we — women (but men, you guys can experience something called Andropause so don’t be so quick to shake your head) enter the stage of menopause. That’s true in some ways and false in others.

Allow me to elaborate.

For all you who have gone before me, I bow down to you in reverence. Thank you for clearing the pathway for all of us who are now coming around. I think what’s different for my generation is that there is just so dang many of us and we’re all having the same collective experience at roughly the same time. Oh joy! Oh Joy! Course, I’m sure if we looked back to the time period when we were all entering puberty the Earth probably experienced something like a gigantic burp then as well. I never expected to feel the most awake that I have ever felt about so many things at this time in my life. What the hey?!?!? The reality of who I am now is not jibing at all with the mental picture of who I thought I would be. In many ways, that’s a good thing. I really think there was a part of me that thought I would never make it this far in life (and you know several friends and family members probably thought the same thing!).

But, here I am. Reaching out for every rose, ray of sunshine, grain of sand between my toes and helping to fluff out brilliant ideas. I’m having the mood swings of a 13 year old with the understanding and resilience of someone many decades older. Today I had several episodes of hot flashes and it was just so bizarre. Feeling cold and hot at the same time. And me, being me, felt the need to prepare the two people I had meetings with today that at some point in our time together they may look over at me and wonder if I was melting and I assured them that they should know that I would be quite alright. Upon my telling one of these friends she popped up and brought back a whole tray of over-sized dinner napkins for patting the glisten from my face. I was kind of shocked that she thought I might need so many and then the thought raced through my mind that I wasn’t quite sure how these particular napkins would respond to my level of sweat…would they break apart into little white napkin eggs on my face or come off like little miniature pancakes. Either scenario was not my preference, but I’m a trouble shooter so my brain was helping me think through for a solution to the worst case scenario. I did end up hopping up at one point and making a passing comment to disarm her with laughter as I made a beeline to the bathroom. Then I had a new choice to decide if I wanted to use one of her “guest” towels and totally wet it with water to apply to my face or to use the toilet paper. You know the former would have been a better choice than the latter. I did remove all tell tale signs of tp from my face and neck before returning to our meeting.

But such is the life of middle age woman in menopause. Really though, do I have to be so conscious throughout this process? How did it end up that I would be so sober and abstinent from everything that could have taken my mind off of this process now? What macabre joke did my higher self conspire with my higher power to create for me now? Not that I’m complaining, it’s just pretty darn funny.

I’m grateful that there are so many of us (both male and female) going through this time in our lives right now. Most of my life and definitely in my younger years I was marked for being an “air head”. Later on I decided that what was really going on was that I was so intelligent and had so many thoughts occurring simultaneously that I could not decide which thread to pick up first. Now, I have a whole posse of people who are having trouble recalling basic words in moments of sharing for others and we are all rushing to help each other finish our paragraphs of genius as if we have all signed on for some gigantic game of charades. Somehow I’ve landed amongst my people. I can seem brilliant and at the same time help people feel good about themselves for helping me to finish a thought.

I’m sure there is some beauty during this time that I have just not wrapped my mind around yet. It’s a passage. It’s a major life passage. In some cultures, this is the time when great ceremonies would take place for the woman to step into her wisdom. I’ll take the wisdom but you can have the hot flashes if you’d like.

There was something really important that I was going to end this share with tonight but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was? I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks. Just please let me know what gorgeous thoughts you think I would have had….

DINK #116 But At Least The Seeds of Love Will Be Sewn…

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The first song that came on the IPOD Shuffle when I got into the car this evening was my favorite Tears for Fears song, “Badman’s Song” (http://www.lyricsdownload.com/tears-for-fears-badman-s-song-lyrics.html) I love the music but the lyrics are what get me. Part of them go:

In my head there is a mirror
When I’ve been bad, I’ve been wrong
Food for the saints that are quick to judge me
Hope for a Badman
This is the Badman’s Song

I had just gotten out of a meeting where I shared my story about how I had used various substances/things/people in my life to keep me from feeling my feelings and hoping that I could numb out the fear. The consequences of the abuse was years of crazy erratic behavior and total absorption on the pimple on my own face and the inability to ever think beyond my own front door.

This part of the song says best how I feel what I can do today by sharing my experience, strength and hope is:

I will shine a blinding light
Through those hearts as black as night
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But as least the seeds of love will be sown

After years of trying to right my own boat that had been adrift for such a long time, I can forget that there are people out there who may be wrestling with their own version of the heart of darkness in various forms that addiction can take and my hope will always be that in the sharing of overcoming my struggles that others will realize they can do this as well. As a mentor used to tell me a long time ago, “Denial isn’t a river in Egypt”. Denial can be like a little fungus that when light shines on it, it dies down but the minute we put ourselves back into the dark it will pop back up again.

One of my friends shares this tool that helps her when her mind gets all twisted up about whatever is going on in her life and that is she asks herself “what is the truth right now?”. That’s such a great sentence to ask ourselves because it just cuts right through any drama/trauma we might want to throw out there to create a diversion from feelings. We can simply stop and take a breath and answer whatever the truth is right in the moment.

What is my truth right now? That really I’m very happy just being me right here, right now with a fever blister healing on my lip and an episode of Fringe on my husband’s IPAD waiting for us to watch before we go to sleep.

We may not become millionaires over sharing our stories and spreading hope, we may not cure cancer, we may not even stop hunger but at least the seeds of love will be sown.

DINK #115 Laughing Til You Could Spew!

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Have you ever laughed so hard about something that you spewed whatever liquid you were drinking? My brother used to make me laugh like that. In fact, one time when we were 7 and 9, he made me laugh on top of a laugh on top of a laugh and I really got scared that I was not ever going to be able to catch my breath again. Of course, you know that i went back for more and more and more!

If you’re lucky you have someone in your life who ignites your laugh button (or at least your giggle button). I believe I have selfishly been collecting laugh-makers my whole life. There is nothing I love to do more than to laugh except maybe to make someone else laugh harder than me. Tonight my husband and I just returned from playing Rumicube with our good friends Tony and Janet. What we love about playing games with them is that we can really let our hair down and be silly with them while playing Rumicube or Dominoes or Uno and I feel just like I did when I was a kid. My ultimate goal is to win the game AND find a way to make everyone laugh at the table. I don’t think I could ever be the kind of comedian who people pay to see because usually I start cracking myself up about something before I can even get it out of my mouth. Sometimes that works in my favor though because everyone will start laughing at me laughing while trying to get out of my mouth what I find so funny. Then once I get it out, we all get to laugh again at the cause. By the way, I’ve been sober for almost 20 years so it’s definitely not the beverages I’m drinking—though there have been many a time when the people around me have threatened to cut me off from my decaf coffee.

If you haven’t laughed in awhile, it is okay to just start laughing at nothing right now for about five minutes. Seriously. Our yoga teacher used to tell us that there were actually laughing clubs in India that people went to just to laugh. One of the exercises he would have the class do towards the end of our session was to lay on our backs and laugh from our bellies as loudly and long as we could. Inevitably, someone somewhere would start laughing for real and the sheer joy of their laughter would cause others of us to follow suit. I loved it when a friend, who knows how I love to laugh, would be in the same class with me, because we would definitely encourage the laughter from each other.

Practice laughing so that you can get to the point that if you had taken a sip of something you’d accidentally spew it all over from the interruption of swallowing by laughter.

Laughter: It’s good for the soul!

DINK #114 Diving Under the Microscope for Perspective

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There just isn’t anything quite like seeing how the other half lives to gain a perspective of appreciation for all that you really do have going well in your life. Luckily for me, tonight, this happened the easy way from just sitting in a movie theater watching these peoples’ lives unfolding on the safe cinematic screen in the movie “Winter’s Bone” (http://movies.nytimes.com/2010/06/11/movies/11winter.html). I feel like a very blessed woman tonight in very many ways. Wow.

When I think of the time in my life when I was the poorest, I was about 25 and lived in a one room efficiency. I had maybe two plates and three cups — all mismatched of course — and some odds and ends of forks, knives and spoons. But I had them and I had a roof over my head and I had a pretty comfortable bed to sleep on and I had running water and electricity and indoor plumbing and even a big ole red dog to keep me company and protect me. What I didn’t have was a lick of sense about how to make a better life for myself. In reviewing this time in my life it has often felt like I just stumbled along and fell into pockets of grace by accident. I don’t think I even had myopic vision then, it was more like a pin prick to let in just the barest shard of life to keep me going.

In spite of myself, somehow the pinprick of my perspective on life grew wider and wider with each passing year. It’s kind of cool how that perspective works too because not only has it helped me get to where I am today, but I can look back at my past and see a whole lot of things that I couldn’t take in back then. Like in that little tiny one room efficiency that I lived in there was a family of geckos that would hang out around the mirror in my bathroom and I kid you not, one or two of them would let me put them on my finger and stroke them under their chins. That was such a hard time in my life back then but the memory of those little geckos is such a ray of sunshine for me. I love it when perspective works that way for us.

In this movie tonight about a young 17 year old girl who was trying to hold her family together while figuring out where her meth cooking father had run away to as well as having to avoid getting killed in the process, there were scenes with her young sister and her animals that were sweet and passing scenes of the beauty of the land in between various meth lab encampments. I guess the truth for many of us is that when we’re in the thick of the choking black density of dysfunction it’s often times hard to see the good that is also there amongst us, but it is there. The challenge for us is to not be hypnotized into believing that the off-perspective of a person or a whole clan of people is the right or the only perspective….it is just theirs. We can choose to see our lives from a different perspective. Always. I believe that must be a universal law.

So I’m sitting here tonight as I type this realizing that I have an abundant life of blessings in so many ways and I’m reminded once again how easily I can succumb to looking through a glass darkly instead of into the light.

How can you change your perspective today? What do you not know that you don’t know?

DINK #113 Using Slow Motion Kung-Fu On Your Life!

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I don’t even know how to make one Kung-Fu movement in real time so why am I blogging about using slow motion Kung-Fu on your life? Because dang if the Matrix movies didn’t put a good visual for us to “see” what is in our heads when we are able to step outside of the realm of our every day lives and look at what is going on … as if it is happening in slow motion.

The levels and leaps we humans are making right now technologically has to be many a Sociologists’ dream. We are moving the game pieces of how we relate and interrelate and effect/affect each other all over the map, under the board, on top of the board and into other dimensions. The argument in my head has never been about how much we are creating but rather the inattention we pay to our intentions. Years ago I worked for a world renowned electroanalytical chemist who was and still is a truly brilliant mad-capped professor. One of the morsels I took away from his musings was how scientists (chemists in their cases) would often times just create to create. He pointed me into the direction of paying attention to who was paying for all the funding so that these chemists could create and left the suggestion in my consciousness that what “we” really needed to pay attention to was who was taking the end results that were being created in the University labs and what was being done with what had been created. It’s many years later and I still remember that.

This morning I coached a technical client of mine about her job and work-life balance issues and I realized that I was hearing from her were the same kind of worries several other technical people in my life were talking about. What seems to be more prevalent today in the work world is that the “who” of the worker is not important but rather the “what” and “how”.

From a business standpoint this does make sense somewhat but I can see where it is getting in the way when the right person for a job is overlooked or underused or misused because their “who” is avoided. My coaching client is very creative AND she has an engineering mind which means that to get the maximum juice from her brain and heart, you give her projects that she can dive into and enough time that she can explore and create and travel and come back up for air before you throw more projects on her. It’s really seeming to get down to fundamental lack of communication with each other in business (probably our homes too if we’re honest about it).

I must be doing some kind of slow motion Kung-Fu when it comes to “seeing” how a person works best and understanding why a team of people is not working well together because it just seems so obvious to me. Right now while we’re just on the tip of the edge of huge technological breakthroughs we can also be creating alongside a whole mentality of how we work together for now and for the future. But we won’t be able to do that if we don’t step back and take a breather now and then and really pay attention to what is going on around us and how we are being affect and our effect on each other.

So pretend that you and I are standing in the middle of a room with bamboo wood floors and we have really groovy silk kimonos on. I just did some kind of fancy arm movement and you did one back in return and now we’re both up in the air circling each other in slow motion….

what are you seeing?

DINK #112 Working on My Karma…Dharma!

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I’m sorry if a lot of y’all are feeling like I’ve been feeling lately, but I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one! I’ve never been a very good saver of anything except for maybe notes from friends in high school or letters and cards from friend and family. You know, just in case Earth ever gets invaded by E.T.s and they find my boxes of stuff as a wealth of information about mankind! So the whole idea of saving up or investing in doing good deeds for good deeds sake is just really hard to tolerate sometimes especially if you turn your ear towards the tunnel of hopelessness like listening to the tides of the ocean inside of a sea shell.

But then there’s the whole Karma/Dharma philosophy and I do believe that what we reap we will sow…I just want to reap a whole bunch right now dagnabit!

I realize that the frame of mind that I’m in right now contains a vast pool of dark-humored wisdom of which to pull from to help others who may be feeling impatient with their lives or perhaps have a whiff of despair or hopelessness. This is where all the good material lays folks…right in here where the rotten eggs breed.

For the past five years, I have been writing and blogging about all kinds of stuff from a coaching point of view but I don’t think I really hit my stride until this year when I began writing daily. Now I understand just a little bit better how my weathered writer friends feel when they hear some nubile writer talking about wanting to break into freelance writing or blogging and get paid for it. Bwahhahahhaaha! Not to say that it doesn’t happen, but I’m beginning to think that there is a certain Plebe state of being that most writers have to endure before they get paid for their writing. I’m sure this writer-thing we do will be something that we will all laugh at on the other side of this life, but for right now I can say that it sure can suck when you don’t make a buck (sorry couldn’t resist that one).

I’ve also been producing/researching/writing/casting and interviewing various people–usually authors—for my blog talk radio show, which I love to do. But again, I do this gratis. And that fact has been okay because I feel like I am being of real service to not only the people who get to hear the experience, strength and hope that my guests offer but also for the authors who I interview so that they can get the word out there about themselves and their books. I know what kind of work it took them to write and create their books and I am so proud of them it makes me want to burst my buttons so anyway I can help a writer, I will. But today I had a snafu with one of my lovely publicists was requested to re-schedule and re-book and re-post for two shows. I don’t know but on top of finding out this morning that I was losing a paid gig, really working hard for free kind of made me stumble a bit. Just a bit.

The mentoring/sponsoring I do for people in my 12-step programs should not really enter into this equation because working with them is a gift that helps me keep sober and abstinent…however, every once in a blue moon that little itty bitty grumpy grumpy addict that still lives inside of me somewhere raises her head and says, “what the hell! When do I get to win the lottery?!?!?” And, of course, you know that I have already won the lottery really because I’m as clean as a whistle and have a great marriage and lots of good friends and a nice home. The not-enoughness is a very lonely and whistling kind of place inside of my head.

So besides working up some pretty good party lines for a five minute comedy skit someday, I hope these times I’m in now–these times that you may be in as well–are just an opportunity for our good deeds and words to go into our Karma/Dharma savings to be reaped beyond our wildest imaginations someday when our higher selves/God/higher power believes we can handle it. I’m going to have questions about this procedure by the way, because some people that seem to have all the luck…well dang if they’ve done as much work on themselves as MEEEEE. Oh I know I just made someone Holy somewhere laugh!

Oh, and by the way, time is just a place mark that we humans created to try to make sense of things. Why, most likely at this very moment our greatest heart’s desires are right on their way to us.

Let me know when you get yours, cuz you know I’ll let you know when I get mine!

DINK #111 When You Feel Like You’re Caught in the Undertow of Life

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During the summer when I was 16, my best friend Kelly and I spent hours and hours body surfing off the shores of Assateague Island (home of the infamous Chincoteague Horses). In fact, at one point the powers-that-be threw out the red flags warning everyone not to get in the water because of crazy tide pulls during the storm. Kelly and I just kept surfing and drifting farther and farther out to sea on the rolling ambling waves of the ocean. When we finally drifted a few miles from where we had started surfing and realized that we’d better make it in for the night, the waves curling in closer to the shore were huge and mighty. Little did we know that the rip tide that pulled the water away from the beach as the wave was crashing down was oh so dangerous.

At one point when I was caught in the undertow of the tide moving out and the wave crashing down I knew for the first time in my life how futile it was for me to fight against such a mighty force. Instead of fighting against the current, I simply relaxed and allowed the tide to pull me out as the wave came crashing down. At some point in this dance, I was effortlessly spit out on to the shore and stood up grateful that we had made it through. Of course you know that we ran back down to the end of the beach and got right back in. I know this is one of those times that I was earning some angels their wings. That and we also noticed that their was a pod of dolphins who would meet us out there in the wide dark ocean and swim along side us. We learned later that they probably kept all kinds of sharks and predatory creatures away from us then. Ahhhh youth! Can you believe how clueless??

I’m grateful that I had that wonderful weekend of experience for many reasons because I did learn a lot from it including the feeling of being stuck when you are being pulled in many different directions by opposing forces but actually when you let go and allow the tide to take you, that is when all the fun begins. Yes, my chest and face did get scraped really badly on the sand during the tide tangle and yes, I did get one of the worst sunburns I have ever had in my life from body surfing during a rainstorm but I had hours and hours of so much fun.

Am I saying for you to go behave in completely crazy ways like I did to have fun?? No! But I am saying that sometimes the very thing that may cause you the most fear just may be the very thing that opens your eyes to all that is possible when you go with the flow.

So if you ever feel like you’re caught in the undertow of life just let go and see where the tide carries you, you just may end up somewhere that you never expected.

DINK #110 When Snake Is Your Totem

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I’ve always known that the Red Tail Hawk was one of my animal totems (http://www.linsdomain.com/totems.htm). I  became aware of this in a dream the night before the first time I would ever experience a sweat lodge. In the dream I was told to look for the Red Tail Hawk and that an Apache would lead the sweat. That morning, the friend who was arranging for our group to attend called to tell me that the Lakota who normally leads the sweat was called away unexpectedly and that an Apache would take his place. Outside my window I heard the caws of two Red Tail Hawks circling above our trees.

Lately, it has occurred to me that perhaps the snake is also one of my totems. I think I may have known this for awhile but because of all the negative press that the snake usually gets, I disregarded it. Meanwhile, I’m the person who has actually stroked a baby rattler as he crawled under the storage room door. I had no fear (but anyone who hears this tale certainly does for me!!). I also found myself explaining to a good friend of mine last night that my emotions lately have felt exactly like I’ve been on the inside of a snake moving in and out of the changes.

Catriona MacGregor talks about the “Spirit of the Snake” in her book Partnering With Nature. She shares her experience when helping a client discover her spirit animal. Her client had much the same reaction to discovering that snake was her spirit animal as I had. Catriona shares that “in ancient times, snakes were revered. Snake represents a powerful feminine energy often associated with the element of water; Snake has powers of healing and transmutation; and Snake is able to reach deep into the realms where illness and death exist, transforming this energy at its source. Snake is also linked to tremendous energetic and spiritual power. The Goddess Kudalini is also associated with Snake as “coiled” energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until spiritually awakened………Because snake energy is source energy, it can appear to us as dark and foreboding. Like Kali, the Hindu goddess associated with death and destruction, as well at the goddess of time and change, snake energy may be interpreted as dark and violent. Yet this energy refers to the annihilation of the ego as well, which is what occurs when one enters the “ultimate reality” or the devine realm.”

Last night I dreamed about snakes and saw Corals and King Snakes (probably because I’ve been seeing some smished on the roads in our neighborhood) and also a big yellow Anaconda (I don’t even know if Anacondas come in colors, but this one was a pale lemon yellow). Anyway, in my dream the yellow snake was young and innocent and trusted me. It came to me when I called it because some friends of mine wanted it. One of these friends was someone that I knew who has a very powerful job as a litigation attorney and he grabbed up the Anaconda and put him in a burlap sack. I actually woke myself up in the middle of saying very loudly to my friend “don’t you hurt him because he trusts you”.

I’m sure a Jungian psychologist would have a field day with this! Suffice it to say that I am willing to pay closer attention to the forces that are coming to my aid right now and am being mindful of where I put my attentions.

How about you? What friends and forces have been beside you all the while helping you along your life’s journey? Do you recognize them? Do you acknowledge them?

DINK #109 Hive Mentality….What Is It?

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My husband and I just spent all evening watching back-to-back episodes of “Fringe”. In the opening sequences of the show there are words that come up as if from a foggy bottom like telekinesis, hypnosis, etc. but the phrase that got my attention was “hive mind”. I’d heard of the hive mind, of course, in basic biology classes when studying insects such as bees and ants. And then the concept came through again in science fiction with the Borg on Star Trek. But for the past few years, “hive” mentality has been creeping up into my consciousness in relation to how we humans are with each other socially. More than that though is my curiosity about collective consciousness and how it is probably manipulated in subtle and not so subtle ways through advertising and politics, etc.

I Googled “hive mind” and “hive mentality” and pulled up some interesting articles, many coming from Scientific American such as this one called ‘The Wisdom of the Hive: Is the Web a Threat to Creativity and Cultural Values by Karen Frankel who examines the thoughts and studies of Jaron Lanier who is a virtual reality pioneer and musician (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=jaron-lanier-gadget). Here’s one little piece of Jaron’s thinking:

“Lanier claims ideology and the Web’s design—user interfaces and logins for example—marginalize individuals as “sources of fragments to be exploited by others.” Of particular concern is “hive thinking,” whereby personal expression counts for little and the creative process is harmed. Instead, he wrote, the hive mind esteems networked technologies and holds information stored in those networks—often referred to as “the cloud”—in higher regard than the people who create the information. Lanier worries that valuing the aggregate more than individuals will “leach” people of empathy and humanity.”

Then, of course, Frankel quotes a counter-source, Ray Kurzweil, who is a Futurist and staunch defender of the Singularity (when technology advances to a point that machines and humans essentially become one), and insists that he is not underestimating the brain’s capabilities, but rather that Lanier underestimates the amount of progress technology has enabled and will enable people to make.

Okay, I just have two letters to apply to this whole thing: B P. Ummeda, I would say that humans have advanced technology amazingly but cripes we are so very immature when it comes to understanding the total impact that these advances are having or could have on our world much less each other. It scares the hell out of me to think of some of the ways that “group think” manifests itself already without even pushing too far out into the future to see where things could go without some boundaries being put into place to allow for the recognition and celebration of the individual.

I hope that the brains who are creating all the technologies that we are enjoying today and will enjoy tomorrow are also connected to their hearts as well. So many good reasons for us to pay attention to who we are becoming and how.

What part are you playing in your future?