DINK #129 What Dreams May Come

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I’m pretty sure my dream of a television talk show is at least coming true in as far as I’m an Executive Producer for one that looks like it just may happen. We got a bid back from a production company that we met with and if all goes well we will be shooting three shows. The production company we may hire will help us get these shows to a digital distributor so we will have to script out about seven more shows after that to be prepared. Then it will be a matter of attracting sponsors.

My only hesitancy is that I am not able to contribute any money towards even the getting the three shows produced. I’m only able to donate my time, creativity, connections, research, etc. As it is, my TS partner may have to borrow from their 401K (which is verboten in our household!). I’m asking for Divine Guidance as far as where the income may come from and I know that if this show is meant to happen that all kinds of doors will open for us. Now the challenge is for me to get my mental intentions in alignment with making this dream happen.

Have you ever had a big dream, goal or intention come true for you? How did it unfold for you? Was it instantaneous or did it happen through a series of movements that took you up to your dream and as it unfolded it felt like one of those flip cartoon books where you can see the action happening if you flip the pages really fast. This is how the talk show dream feels right now. I’m grateful that I am feeling fairly grounded as well and not hyper manic which I can hardly stand in my own body and I’m sure repels other people away from me (not a good trait to have when trying to attract good things to yourself!).

I’m sharing this process of the talk show with you so that if it happens and is wildly successful then you’ll have been with me/us from the beginning and can see how it has unfolded and hopefully, use whatever you can to help you realize your dream. Conversely, if it turns out that the talk show does not work out, well you will have been through this with me as well and you’ll see that I’ll still be walking around with all my limbs intact and that I’ll bounce back for another day.

Awhile back, I interviewed Author, Speaker and Consultant Bill Treasurer about his book, “Courage Goes to Work” http://www.couragegoestowork.com/. Bill is a great guy and the book is focused on building workforce courage. What I love about Bill the most is that he not only overcame his fears but he dove straight into them such as in one of his first jobs of diving off of a high dive into a little bitty pool when he was terrified of heights. I bring up Bill and his message because to realize our dreams we’ve got to be willing to build up the courage to go for them and understand that there may be times that we will fail fantastically en route to our dreams and that is okay. The point is to keep moving through our fears and learning from our mistakes so that we can eventually get to where we want to go.

Using the Bill’s experience of the high dive (cuz I’m afraid of heights too!) in relation to making this talk show happen I feel like I’m on the second to the last step of the high diving board and I’m about to step up onto the platform itself. I can’t look down because if I do, I just may faint or my legs will give out from the fear so the only thing I can do is take a deep breath, remember that the pool was very full before I climbed up, look out to the beautiful clouds on the horizon and jump!

Last one in is a rotten egg!!

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