DINK #112 Working on My Karma…Dharma!

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I’m sorry if a lot of y’all are feeling like I’ve been feeling lately, but I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one! I’ve never been a very good saver of anything except for maybe notes from friends in high school or letters and cards from friend and family. You know, just in case Earth ever gets invaded by E.T.s and they find my boxes of stuff as a wealth of information about mankind! So the whole idea of saving up or investing in doing good deeds for good deeds sake is just really hard to tolerate sometimes especially if you turn your ear towards the tunnel of hopelessness like listening to the tides of the ocean inside of a sea shell.

But then there’s the whole Karma/Dharma philosophy and I do believe that what we reap we will sow…I just want to reap a whole bunch right now dagnabit!

I realize that the frame of mind that I’m in right now contains a vast pool of dark-humored wisdom of which to pull from to help others who may be feeling impatient with their lives or perhaps have a whiff of despair or hopelessness. This is where all the good material lays folks…right in here where the rotten eggs breed.

For the past five years, I have been writing and blogging about all kinds of stuff from a coaching point of view but I don’t think I really hit my stride until this year when I began writing daily. Now I understand just a little bit better how my weathered writer friends feel when they hear some nubile writer talking about wanting to break into freelance writing or blogging and get paid for it. Bwahhahahhaaha! Not to say that it doesn’t happen, but I’m beginning to think that there is a certain Plebe state of being that most writers have to endure before they get paid for their writing. I’m sure this writer-thing we do will be something that we will all laugh at on the other side of this life, but for right now I can say that it sure can suck when you don’t make a buck (sorry couldn’t resist that one).

I’ve also been producing/researching/writing/casting and interviewing various people–usually authors—for my blog talk radio show, which I love to do. But again, I do this gratis. And that fact has been okay because I feel like I am being of real service to not only the people who get to hear the experience, strength and hope that my guests offer but also for the authors who I interview so that they can get the word out there about themselves and their books. I know what kind of work it took them to write and create their books and I am so proud of them it makes me want to burst my buttons so anyway I can help a writer, I will. But today I had a snafu with one of my lovely publicists was requested to re-schedule and re-book and re-post for two shows. I don’t know but on top of finding out this morning that I was losing a paid gig, really working hard for free kind of made me stumble a bit. Just a bit.

The mentoring/sponsoring I do for people in my 12-step programs should not really enter into this equation because working with them is a gift that helps me keep sober and abstinent…however, every once in a blue moon that little itty bitty grumpy grumpy addict that still lives inside of me somewhere raises her head and says, “what the hell! When do I get to win the lottery?!?!?” And, of course, you know that I have already won the lottery really because I’m as clean as a whistle and have a great marriage and lots of good friends and a nice home. The not-enoughness is a very lonely and whistling kind of place inside of my head.

So besides working up some pretty good party lines for a five minute comedy skit someday, I hope these times I’m in now–these times that you may be in as well–are just an opportunity for our good deeds and words to go into our Karma/Dharma savings to be reaped beyond our wildest imaginations someday when our higher selves/God/higher power believes we can handle it. I’m going to have questions about this procedure by the way, because some people that seem to have all the luck…well dang if they’ve done as much work on themselves as MEEEEE. Oh I know I just made someone Holy somewhere laugh!

Oh, and by the way, time is just a place mark that we humans created to try to make sense of things. Why, most likely at this very moment our greatest heart’s desires are right on their way to us.

Let me know when you get yours, cuz you know I’ll let you know when I get mine!

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