DINK #110 When Snake Is Your Totem

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I’ve always known that the Red Tail Hawk was one of my animal totems (http://www.linsdomain.com/totems.htm). I  became aware of this in a dream the night before the first time I would ever experience a sweat lodge. In the dream I was told to look for the Red Tail Hawk and that an Apache would lead the sweat. That morning, the friend who was arranging for our group to attend called to tell me that the Lakota who normally leads the sweat was called away unexpectedly and that an Apache would take his place. Outside my window I heard the caws of two Red Tail Hawks circling above our trees.

Lately, it has occurred to me that perhaps the snake is also one of my totems. I think I may have known this for awhile but because of all the negative press that the snake usually gets, I disregarded it. Meanwhile, I’m the person who has actually stroked a baby rattler as he crawled under the storage room door. I had no fear (but anyone who hears this tale certainly does for me!!). I also found myself explaining to a good friend of mine last night that my emotions lately have felt exactly like I’ve been on the inside of a snake moving in and out of the changes.

Catriona MacGregor talks about the “Spirit of the Snake” in her book Partnering With Nature. She shares her experience when helping a client discover her spirit animal. Her client had much the same reaction to discovering that snake was her spirit animal as I had. Catriona shares that “in ancient times, snakes were revered. Snake represents a powerful feminine energy often associated with the element of water; Snake has powers of healing and transmutation; and Snake is able to reach deep into the realms where illness and death exist, transforming this energy at its source. Snake is also linked to tremendous energetic and spiritual power. The Goddess Kudalini is also associated with Snake as “coiled” energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until spiritually awakened………Because snake energy is source energy, it can appear to us as dark and foreboding. Like Kali, the Hindu goddess associated with death and destruction, as well at the goddess of time and change, snake energy may be interpreted as dark and violent. Yet this energy refers to the annihilation of the ego as well, which is what occurs when one enters the “ultimate reality” or the devine realm.”

Last night I dreamed about snakes and saw Corals and King Snakes (probably because I’ve been seeing some smished on the roads in our neighborhood) and also a big yellow Anaconda (I don’t even know if Anacondas come in colors, but this one was a pale lemon yellow). Anyway, in my dream the yellow snake was young and innocent and trusted me. It came to me when I called it because some friends of mine wanted it. One of these friends was someone that I knew who has a very powerful job as a litigation attorney and he grabbed up the Anaconda and put him in a burlap sack. I actually woke myself up in the middle of saying very loudly to my friend “don’t you hurt him because he trusts you”.

I’m sure a Jungian psychologist would have a field day with this! Suffice it to say that I am willing to pay closer attention to the forces that are coming to my aid right now and am being mindful of where I put my attentions.

How about you? What friends and forces have been beside you all the while helping you along your life’s journey? Do you recognize them? Do you acknowledge them?

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