Blog #91 To All The Men I’ve Loved Before…

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Ahah!! Gotcha! For a second there did you imagine me with a little Julio Eglasias’ wig on my head? I dedicate this post to my Dad-Dad, my Step-Dad and then a good friend from college’s Dad, who was there for me in my crazy, crazy “yout”. Happy Father’s Day to all of “Youse”!

I’ve already shared some stories about my Dad but I don’t think I have told y’all one of the most important, un-fun tasks that he took over many years ago after a serious operation (spleenectomy) which left me wearing a bag from my side for about a month. This bag was like having your innards on your outards and had to be kept antiseptically clean at all times. At the time, Dad was working at his top notch job at the Embassy in Belgium and would come home every night after work to care for me and my “bag”. He carried out that lovely chore for about a month. Luckily, everything healed properly and I’ve been bag-less for years…but I will always be grateful to my Dad for the care he gave me then. Of course, he made me (and anyone within spitting distance) laugh about the straits I was in at the time too…which helped even though it hurt like hell to laugh with my side open like that!

My step-father didn’t come into my life until my early twenties. He’s a Geology Professor, actually he’s a Vulcanologist if you want to get real technical about it, among other things. I will always be grateful to him for taking on my mother (sorry ma, but you know it’s true!) and for his gentle being and great sense of humor. Hiking through the countryside or driving through it in a car is always fascinating with him because he always educates (in a fun way…) about the rocks and the terrain and the history. Between him and my mother you really don’t have to Google anything because they have it all right there between their ears ready to share with you. He’s quite the gentle giant (six foot four) and very good with animals. It’s hard to pick one thing that I like best about him, I’ll just leave it at saying I’m grateful he’s in our lives. Somewhere during his years of teaching he decided to explore pottery and so began throwing a little clay here and a little clay there and before you knew it, he’d gone ahead and built a kiln and I kid you not when I tell you that every time I go to visit them in West, Texas I steal a quick look for new treasures that he’s made and left in the garage to cure that I can take back home with me. I’ve go to say though one of his most favorite traits to me is that mid-way through his sixties, he will still blush if the moment calls for it. That’s tells you something about the genuine character of a person right there if you ask me.

The last “Dad” I want to acknowledge is one of my best friend’s from college. He moved to the U.S. from Syria when he was a young budding Engineer (I think I’ve got that part of it right) and ended up marrying a feisty Irish American woman with red hair like Lucille Ball and having four handsome boys and one beautiful daughter. My friend’s parents lived in Dallas which was about 45 minutes or so from where we went to college in a small (then) nearby town so of course you know that we would travel “home” for the weekends to party all night long and lay out by the pool during the day. I remember one of those weekends in particular when I was laying out by the pool trying to get a solid gold tan like Zonker when my friend’s Dad came strolling out by the pool. He was not a very big man, but he was a proud passionate man. He kept fussing with this and that around the pool and finally he got my attention and said, “Lynn, we want you to know that if you need any help we are happy to help you”. This was the summer after my freshman year of college when I flamed out royally and my Dad had rightly cut his purse strings. I was totally inept at taking care of myself and that whole summer this family and another friends’ family took care of me with groceries all summer long. I should be so ashamed of myself, but I was so clueless that I had no idea the levels that I had sunken too. Suffice it to say, this particular friend’s family always made me feel good about myself and treated me with respect… matter my helplessness. We had some great passionate discussions over family breakfast with loads of coffee on the weekends. I had no idea at the time just how precious those memories would be to me.

So today when the U.S. celebrates Father’s Day, I think of all the special “Dad’s” in my life and how grateful and blessed I am. To all the men I’ve loved as Dads, thank you.

Blog #90 What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love

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Did you happen to catch Terri Gross’s interview today on Fresh Air (NPR) of Jackie DeShannon? (ttp:// Jackie will be inducted into the songwriters’ Hall of Fame this Thursday for her contribution to the music world. She opened for the Beatles on their first U.S. tour, wrote all kinds of songs and, yes, is the voice behind the famous Burt Bacharach and Hal David song from 1965 “What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love”. It is a very interesting interview. Aside from hearing all the incredible work that Jackie has done over the years, we have definitely come along way baby when it comes to female musicians and the freedom and respect they have now in arranging and producing their songs as compared to in Jackie’s day.

And then there’s that song.

It certainly never goes out of style. I mean, don’t you agree that what the world needs now is love sweet love? I remember learning how to sing that song (complete with hand gestures and body movements) when I was in fifth grade. Fifth grade was a huge year for me. For one thing, it was 1968 (3 years after the song’s origination) which was the year that Hemisphere came to San Antonio, Texas, it was the year my parents began putting their divorce into motion, it was the year before man walked on the moon but all of us kids were being introduced to Tang and really bad chocolate energy stick thingies that supposedly the astronauts were eating in up in orbit. It was the year that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. It was the year of MLK’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech and his assassination as well. It was the year that the Vietnam war became real to me because my Dad had decided that he was going to go too (this was the year of the famous photo of the Vietnamese having his head blown off).

Singing that song in the choral group was really really hard for me because I felt so sad already and I felt like I had to not cry to help all the other people around me. Today I know that to cry and admit our pain can actually end up helping others to feel connected. I’m glad that today the song makes me happy to hear it and sing it. I can feel the power behind it. Music had such an impact on me back then (still does today!). I think that was the same year that the really famous coke jingle came out as well. And I was listening to all kinds of different music on my little transistor radio from “La la la la la means I love you” to “In a Gada Da Vida Baby”.

My great escapes back then was to listen to the radio and go get lost on the trails with my friends on our horses. I tried to run from the song and the love that I needed but I could never get far enough away from my mind. Not yet anyway.

Now I think of songs like “What the World Needs Now is Love” as liquid prayers. What I mean is that the notes contain concepts dense with meaning that are carried around through our hearts and past our minds out to the gods of our understanding to do with as we would believe them to be done. No more, no less. I wonder if perhaps when vestiges of the pain that a song conjures are still felt after the sound is long gone might not be a clue for us to explore the level of trust we have in something greater than ourselves to restore us (and certainly the world around us) to sanity.

I’m not convinced that we have enough mountains and wheat fields to last us till the end of time, certainly without us loving each other more. Maybe what we still really do need is love, sweet love. Sure does feel like there’s a lot at stake for us to do anything else but love.

Sing your songs of prayer. Supposedly each of us are born into the world with one beautiful sounding note which is uniquely our own. Wonder what kind of melody we could create with all of our notes together?

Blog #89 Angels All Around You

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I’m so happy that I got to meet Irish mystic, Lorna Byrne (“Angels in My Hair) tonight along with a select group of yummy fellow Austinites in the lovely home of Giselle Koy and her daughter in the heart of Austin. Lorna is just as down to Earth and “real” in person as I experienced in both reading her book as well as interviewing her on the air (

For those of you who may have never heard of Lorna, “Angels in my Hair” is her autobiography. When she was a child, people thought Lorna was retarded because she did not seem to be focusing on the world around her, but was instead seeing angels and spirits. As Lorna tells the story of her life, the reader meets, as she did, the creatures from the spirit worlds who also inhabit our own: mostly angels of astonishing beauty and variety–including the prophet Elijah and an archangel–but also the spirits of people who have died.

If you’d like to meet Lorna, please go to to see the schedule for her U.S. tour. She will be at the Unity Church of the Hills in Austin on Monday, June 14 and then on to Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco.

What Lorna keeps saying over and over in her book, in her interviews and when you meet her in-person is that angels are all around us. We each have a Guardian Angel–always. All we have to do is ask for their help and guidance. They are just waiting to help us. She told one story tonight of being on the train and seeing all these people (humans) looking straight ahead, not smiling, not looking at each other and the train was full of angels, brightly colored, beautiful angels who would sometimes get right in front of a person–face-to-face–and the human would all of a sudden smile and then go back into their hidden world of looking straight ahead not connecting with anyone or anything around them. So next time any of y’all are stuck in traffic or riding on a long bus or train ride, I want you to break out in a grin every now and again just in case there is an angel right in front of you. Might make them shine brighter, who knows?

I am so in awe of the courage that Lorna has to come out and talk about her experience. She says that all of us are born seeing and knowing angels and then we convince ourselves that we are not seeing or hearing them or we’re told that we’re crazy or what-have-you. I’ve always heard my angels, but I sure didn’t listen to them. I’ve also “seen” them in my mind’s eye.

The most important thing for us to remember is that there really is help all around us, all the time. The code of honor says that we must first give permission to receive help though. You can’t imagine how much I ask for help these days. This morning on the way to the morning devotional, I sang to my Guardian Angel and all the other teams of angels that are here to help to come on through and help. Help me to see, help me to hear, help me to walk through the doors of opportunity that are open to me. You know I prayed for squadrons of angels to head to the oil spill and help all life there. You know I prayed for another group to head over to the Middle East as well.

Suspend your suspicion of what you think may not be there and instead open your heart to wonder. I had an image come to me this evening while Lorna was talking that the reason we fear is because we don’t want to hurt but that when we allow the full feeling that we are afraid of being hurt by to fully come through, our heart sheds it’s outer layer (much like how a snake sheds its skin) and it expands to allow more love inside.

May the love fest begin. May your love fest begin. May you allow yourself to receive.

Blog #88 Giving to the One(s) You Love

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David and I just negated each other’s thumbs about the movie, “Please GIve” (I had one up, he had one down). Two of my favorite actors are in it (Cathrine Keener and Oliver Platt) and David seemed to think that because the Director was a woman, that explained all the extreme close-up shots. Well, that, and perhaps the fact that we had to sit in some of those front row seats where you have to kind of turn your head sideways to really catch the facial expressions in the right angle.

What I got from the movie is that it made me think of giving. Catherine Keener’s character was that of a mom who was constantly giving to everyone around her..homeless people, relative strangers in the elevator, etc. but not so much to her only daughter and husband. In fact, I don’t know if I like the spin on the old story of the wife not giving to the husband so he turns to somebody else…but it did make me think of how many times it is easier for us to give to people we either don’t know or barely know rather than to think of how we can give to the ones we live with or see day in and day out in our lives.

David and I started pretty earlier in our marriage establishing boundaries with each other around what we could say to each other and how. It probably began during our first couple of years into our lives together, “The War of Roses” had nothing on us. We realized that if we truly did mean to stay with each other for the long haul, then we sure weren’t going to have much of a relationship if we continued on the path we were on. I picked up tools for expressing outrage and anger such as, well, take last night for instance. I don’t know what bee crawled into my bonnet but I was just fit to be tied about everything and everyone in my path.

On the way to see friends to a party that I did not want to go to, I was bitching and kvetching all the way there. To David’s credit, he really did try to humor me and get me to simmer down. But I just kept going on and on about everything. I’m grateful to say that I don’t have these kind of incidences too much anymore. It got to a point in our 20 minute drive, that I began to growl. Yep, you read that right, GROWL like a big ole bear or cat or dog. He tried to do a wimpy kind of growl back to me. But it just didn’t work. I just growled back bigger. I think I may have scared him too, but he didn’t stop me. After about 4-5 really good growls, I quieted down. Growling is just about as satisfying to me as howling at the moon when your sad or melancholy. Growling isn’t very pretty but it is better than saying something about someone or to someone that you can’t erase from their minds. Once it is out of your mouth, it is stuck in their memory.

We’ve all heard the adage that love and support should begin at home first. Kind of like that rule that you put the oxygen mask on your own face first and then on the toddler or person in the seat next to you. How can we really truly give to other people out there if we’re not giving in our own homes and communities? It might just blow your hair back if you knew just how many people around you have really anorectic love lives and families who you just would never think would.

Giving to those you are close to doesn’t have to be any big fancy painful thing either. Really it can be as simple as being mindful of saying, “please” and “thank you”. For people with my kind of foot-in-the-mouth disease, not firing back a sarcastic response can be a form of loving too. Then there are little things like acknowledging some little action that someone has done. When I really started looking for all the things David does around the house to make it a home, why there were quite a few things that I could thank him for doing. I believe we’ve created a safe space for us to be with each other. That kind of safety, for me, makes it easier for me to be the goofy person that I can be and consequently we sure do laugh a lot about really simple stuff. It’s great to connect with someone you trust.

All this may seem really commonsensical to you but you’d be surprised at just how many of us don’t heed these suggestions. Try thinking of ways you can give to those who you love or live with on a daily basis and see what develops. I don’t know, but you just may find that you want to love the one your with….could be….maybe….wouldn’t it be nice?

Blog #87 The Many Truths That Make Us…..Well, “Us”!

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During my morning meditation today I looked up at the top of my amoire and noticed that it was covered with various stuffed animals that my husband and friends have given me over the years. We’re talking a space that is crammed, packed and full. I started laughing to myself because when I was in my twenties, I had a collection of stuffed animals that I’d gathered through the years which burned up in a fire that gutted my apartment. I wasn’t laughing about the fire, but rather that, even today, people see me as the kind of person to give a stuffed animal.

For years I’d carried around the belief that I was this weird collector of stuffed animals person in my youth because not very many people I knew as a teenager had a collection like mine. Then to top it all off, a fire began because of one of those stuffed critters was toppled over by one of my cats into a space heater which destroyed the whole collection! Don’t worry, no real animals were hurt or perished in the fire! Yet, here I am again many years later with a whole other collection of stuffed animals and not one red cent has passed from my hands to a merchant to purchase them. I don’t even think I’ve told many people in the last decade or two about my previous collection of stuffed animals or my fire!

I have this huge collection of angels too. Every single room in my house has at least one kind of angel. I like angels, don’t get me wrong…but I have never bought an angel for myself nor have I told people that I’d like to have an angel collection. Yet, people keep giving them to me.

Then there’s the snow globe collection. What, oh what in my make-up can possibly make people think that I’m a snow globe kind of a person? Yet, we have a whole shelf in our living room dedicated to snow globes that people have given us over the years. At least they’re from all over the world….

I also have turtles and dolphins of all sort and sizes and one of my friends has decided to give me frogs as well. I never said, “oh I love to collect dolphins, turtles and frogs”. I just wonder what truths, if any, these things that people have given to me over the years reveal about me? Or them? Truly though my best frog is one that David gave me a few years back after his brother and he took a lark trip to Graceland. Yes, he brought me back a ceramic frog dressed like Elvis Presley (complete with a black porcelain wig on his head). I don’t think anyone can top that.

I don’t think of myself as a person with chotzkes all over their house, yet here I am with a whole lotta what may someday be defined as chotzkes.

The real truth about me is that I love animals of all kinds, I talk to angels all the time and I enjoy the whimsical side of life. Okay. So maybe some people have me pegged.

Oy vey. What truths does your environment say about you?

Blog #86 Active Contentment

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Oh you know the whole, “whatever and however you focus on something, that energy will be what you attract back to you in feeling and form”…well….hmmm..maybe that’s true. Only, of course it took my mind just a little bit longer to figure out what exactly that meant. It was the figuring it out part that kept getting in my way.

I’ve noticed for the past few days, I’ve been feeling really grateful for a variety of people, places, things, ideas, animals, nature in general, etc. etc. etc. I’m feeling like I’ve let go of some unrealistic expectations or at least the doorways that leads to them. Tonight, for instance, David and I took the dogs for a 30 minute walk around our neighborhood. It was right at that dusky time when the light hits everything just so and makes the color seem especially vibrant. It seemed like all the trees in our neighborhood are sprouting new leaves, there is an abundance of wild flowers, the dogs were happy, I enjoyed talking with my husband and I guess I’m feeling about as close to contentment as I let myself get.

Not apathetic contentment, but active contentment.

Meaning, I’m being mindful of what I am grateful for in my life and about my life. For me, active contentment is an exercise in be-ing. I have to really pay attention to what I am thinking and what I am allowing myself to focus on. I’m even paying attention to my perspectives and questioning myself every now and then to jostle myself just enough that I don’t sink into a ditch. Instead, I hover at the horizon of my thoughts and am trying to make good decisions about what I want to keep and what I want to toss.

Kin-esthetically, active contentment in my body feels like everything is humming or maybe it’s purring. It’s closer to a purr I think.

If you know things that you can feel grateful about right now, try writing down three different things to feel gratitude about every night before you go to sleep for one week. If you’re life is sucking right now, you can get as simple as you need to—like you’re grateful for FB so you can read what you’re friends are doing…you know..keep it simple. I promise you that if you will do this for a week, you will begin to feel some changes in the way you think and how you focus.

Active Contentment…..another gift that money can’t buy….

Blog #85 Thinking of Our Animal Brethren With Love

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When the BP oil spill first occurred, I think a big part of me went into hiding. I felt overwhelmed by the overwhelmingness of it all. So many things didn’t make sense to me such as why were we drilling so far down into the ocean floor if we didn’t have a really good disaster plan in place to take care of something just like what has happened. As a scuba diver, I already know what oil of that magnitude does to all kinds of animal, fish and plant life. Then there are our sisters and brothers who live all up and down the coast that has just barely begun recovering from the hurricane disasters.

There needs to be a whole lot of praying going on; however you do your kind of praying. Get it going on…

Anyway, I started this blog out by admitting that when I get really, really scared and feel absolutely out of control about something like the magnitude of this oil spill then what I tend to do is run away, bury my head and hide. I know, it’s not pretty but it’s the truth. And I think I see some other faces down here in the sand along with mine. Thank God there are people who do jump in and help, like the people all the way from New Zealand with the giant skimmers and Russia wants us to nuke the oil spout shut and all the people down on the beaches rescuing birds and turtles and dolphins. Wow. Thank them. So what can you and I do? What is one thing we can do. Just one little thing.

I was thinking of how I could be part of the solution instead of the problem tonight as I was leaving a meeting and I saw a Night Hawk circling through the parking lot lights, scrimming up bugs and making it’s distinctive call…then when I got home and was opening up the front door, I noticed a big ole toad sitting part way under the umbrella that David had left outside to dry. I bent down and softed his back very gently with one finger. He didn’t startle, but he did start believing it might be a good idea to jump up to get my finger off of him. Right behind him, I watched a little geko running into the folds of the umbrella and if all that wasn’t enough, after I went inside I heard the very LOUD distinct sound of a Cicada right outside our front door. I was able to look through the glass and see it hanging from the light flaring out it’s wings with every note.

Maybe it’s because it’s been raining pretty heavy all day here in our part of Texas that everything seems so alive tonight, but I am very grateful to see all the evidence of nature everywhere I turn. I’m not sure, yet, what I’m going to do to help with the animals who have been killed or hurt or displaced from the oil spill, but for right now I can make a difference in any animal’s life who I come up against by treating them with respect and love. I’ve always believed that the animal, plant, and insect world are all connected to a big overlapping grid (I suppose we humans have a similar one too) and so I’ve always believed that what happens to one end of the spectrum, affects the other. Just like when a dew drop falls on one end of a spider web, the vibrations are felt throughout.

So, I know that the word is out there in the ether now about what is going on with various aspects of the living. Tonight it feels to me that all animal kind is asking for our reassurance. Let’s give it to them. Even if it is as simple as the joy that my friend Sandy felt when she looked out at a wheelbarrow full of rain earlier this evening and watched a Cardinal taking a wonderful little bath. Give your love and appreciation freely. Every little bit of it helps. Every little bit.

Blog #83 Seek to Understand Rather Than to Be Understood

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So sayeth St. Francis (seek to understand rather than to be understood). I’ve been thinking a whole lot about this concept after a weekend attending a conference as a delegate for a 12-step program that I am a long-time participant.

When I feel passionately about something, often times my whole body gets into the scene and it is very hard for me to calmly listen to anyone with an opposing view from mine. But I know from experience that when my body is like a live wire ready to go to battle for what I believe in, that I need to listen carefully and try to understand the opposing view point(s) before I speak or take action. I could be wrong. I very often misunderstand.

A few years ago I was an Associate Partner for a small technical company for ten years. During the first year, I recruited the person who would become my professional partner for ten years. She is still someone that I consider one of my best friends and we both would love the opportunity to work together again. I’m sharing this with you because woo-boy! there were times during that first year, or when we were under stressful deadlines, when we would go head-to-head with each other about an issue. Both of us feeling strongly convicted about our points of view. Thank God we had a great team working with us who had the courage to say to us that we were both saying the same thing, only coming at it from different ways.

That made a huge impression on me. It opened up my understanding that perhaps our world is more expansive than just being a dualistic environment. For instance, if you could pop out the thought process and intentions of this partner and me into a holographic sphere, you would probably see exactly what our friend said to us. You’d see my friend coming from point A and me coming from point B and both of us heading towards point C–just from different perspectives.

How many battles and wars have we all fought since the beginning of time because we misunderstood? I’m beginning to wonder now that if, perhaps, I get into a turf war for being right and wrong again and feel frustrated, that perhaps that frustrated feeling is a sign that I am misunderstanding rather than feeling rejected for being misunderstood?

Anyway, I’m by no means finished with this lesson for sure but I’m glad to get it out here in the open to look at and hear about your experience, strength and hope on the subject.

I want to understand you!

Blog #82 Flying So High That You Can Almost Touch God!

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I just love technology. I am typing this blog to you from 37,000 feet up in the air as we chase the sun to the west coast from the east coast. I love looking out at the tops of cumulus clouds (just stay the heck down there below us and please disperse before we arrive in Dallas!) and the way the sunlight glints off the various rivers, streams and lakes. It’s amazing how vast the North American continent, and particularly the U.S., really is and how there really are large patches of land, hills, valleys and mountains that don’t look to have much development happening on them or around them My geography is kind of screwed up right now but we’re flying over a state with lots of hills in it for miles and miles and they are all very emerald green.

I’m glad that I can enjoy this flight because one of the things that I’ve suffered from are huge panic attacks about (to the point of fearing like I was going to look like a Garfield doll with all four sucker paws attached to the window of the plane…) has been about flying. I’m sure it has something to do with having issues with control and having to accept how out of my hands this aircraft staying up in the air really is for me.

But when I can sit back and look out the window and enjoy the flying…there is just almost nothing better. My friend Bill C. likes to fly gliders and catch thermal waves (I think that’s right) when he’s not running businesses and creating technology that I can’t even understand enough to write about here. Evidently, Bill and his glider friends head out to places like west Texas and have races/contests to see how long they can stay up or maybe how high that they can fly (if Bill reads this, hopefully he can say a little bit more about what he does). The point is, I love hearing about what he does because the fearless part of me is right there in the cockpit beside him (or wherever a passenger would sit in the glider plane!). I must have an over abundant dose of whatever the chemical is that makes us feel fear strongly. And, if fear comes from our thought patterns I know that the one thing I have control over is how I allow myself to think my thoughts.

There have been many instances in my life when I have been so scared that I just want to give up and pull the covers over my head, but what an opportunity that I’d be missing if I did avoid the opportunity to grow and learn to listen to the still quiet voice within and connect with the understanding I have called a Higher Power, I can first of all, listen to the small quiet voice to see if there is any validity to my fears. Is there something that I am not paying attention to that could otherwise harm me or others? If not, the next step is for me to ask that voice to help me hear what it is trying to say to me. Sometimes it is just vestiges of the past left in my cerebral database still trying to get my attention from many years of in-attention. Then the next step is to look towards what I am afraid of and ask for help from my higher power/higher intellect/the force–whatever you call yours insert here–to help me overcome my fears so that I can do that thing that I have so much fear of doing.

Facing fear in a balanced manner is such a different approach for me. In the past, I would either have jumped straight into a fiery ring of fire or run like a bat out of hell from whatever it was that was causing me the fear. I’m coming to realize that fear, for me, is just my reptilian brain doing it’s job keeping me alive. The good news is that I have a highly developed brain that I can use to discern what is real and what is not, what to keep and what to let go of, where to correct my course and where to stay on course.

Right now, I’m just grateful that I’m sitting here in this plane feeling like I’m flying so high that I can just about touch God. Small steps. Small Steps.

Sending packets of courage your way to help you face up to fear when it comes-a-knockin’

Blog #81 Kiteboarding to Freedom!

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Had a great conversation with a new friend during lunch today about Kite Boarding ( I used to windsurf a lot a few years ago (okay, quite a few years ago) and there was just about no greater feeling of freedom than when I was on my board and the wind caught the sail so that I flew across the lake or ocean. Loved it! I’ve seen people kite boarding at the beach, but haven’t made the opportunity to try it yet. Anyway, for anyone that has ever partaken of these sports, it’s very easy to find yourself out with your board just as soon as the sun rises and sailing/flying all day long until the sun sets (and in Texas that could be at 9:00pm in the summertime!). Needless to say, even when I was quite a bit younger I would exhaust myself regularly from all the non-stop playing.

My friend was sharing what it was like for her now to go kite boarding with friends for the weekend, now that she has a plan in place to take care of herself. For one thing, she is more apt to calmly get on her board and give herself a chance to try kite boarding however it is rather than to jump on the board and fight it into submission and for another thing when after a weekend of kite boarding with friends and they decide to continue on late into the Sunday evening after fortifying themselves with Red Bull, she was able to take care of herself and go home to get ready for the week ahead. When you’re not doing any kind of caffeine or outside stimulant, you really have to listen to your body and care for yourself.

I think of my friend’s way of taking care of herself as Kiteboarding to freedom. I realized after a day and a half of long hours of business meetings at a convention that by about 5:45 this evening I was tuckered out so I arranged for my dinner to be brought to my room and am now ensconced with comfy pillows all around me watching “Nurse Jackie” …..Not quite as sexy as turning down Kiteboarding, but maybe if I can take care of myself in such a benign situation as this, than I’ll be better prepared when I do try kiteboarding later on this summer when we head to the beach. I hope!

We get so many messages from so many directions that tell us overtly or covertly that we or what we have or what we are doing is not enough so this is the beginning of my campaign to say we are enough. Right now, however we are showing up for life. The distinction between our accepting being enough and sinking into despondency an inaction are just that–how you feel when you relax and breath and just enjoy what “is”. I believe when we’re on the right track, that settling into accepting that we’re not enough feels warm and peaceful and, of course, if it’s the other than you feel pretty crappy.

You guys can remind me of all of this when I try out kiteboarding for the first time. I suspect I’ll have the tendency to want to judge myself for not being an olympian kiteboarder immediately…but hopefully I just be able to enjoy each moment as it comes.

Where can you kiteboard to freedom?