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At least as far as our Crepe Myrtles are concerned! We moved into our home a little over 14 years ago into a nice quiet neighborhood in the “kuntry” where all the homes had been built in the early 80’s and needed some updating and care. We loved our home because of the huge acre back yard and the big rectangular pool. I don’t know why our home felt as good as it did because it sure needed the huge renovation we ended up doing that first year. Part of that renovation was having a huge 2000 square foot deck built around the pool. We also had a three Crepe Myrtles thrown in for good measure.

One of the Crepe Myrtles is a huge one (I think they call it a “specimen tree”) that puts out amazing white blossoms. That one is located closer to our home. The other two Crepes are located at the end of the deck where kids run and jump off the diving board into the pool. Those two are raspberry colored and have grown into big, fluffy gorgeous trees. And then there is the little “volunteer” Crepe Myrtle that popped it’s little head out a year or two later so that we had to cut some of the wood from the deck to let it grow up and out. That little guy is a very light shade of pink.

Now, I don’t know a whole lot about biology but pretty much all you have to do is see the huge white Myrtle and then the two Raspberry Myrtles and you know that someone was up to sumptin, you know what I’m saying? We’ve learned about the birds in this house, because we have an Owl family that returns every year and the Hummingbirds, of course. And the bees because of all the flowering bushes and trees that David’s planted to attract butterflies and Hummers. And now we have the Crepe Myrtles creating offspring of their own. I have some photos in my phone that I am going to have to get someone to show me how to upload to my email (it keeps failing) so you can see these trees too.

It’s so easy in this rush here and rush there world that we live in today to just whiz right past those living things that are planted in the ground growing all around us. But, just take a minute during a busy day to stop and appreciate the trees, flowers and bushes out there. They have the thankless job of cleaning up the air for us and looking beautiful in all kinds of elements. I swear all our Crepe Myrtles are positively vibrating joy out there in our backyard. I’m grateful that I can appreciate them.

What’s nature up to in your world these days?

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As a kid, I used to skip stones, climb trees and lie on the grass looking for patterns in the clouds. And I remember how happy I felt every time I head outside to do those things. Now with all the busyness of adult life, nature has taken a back seat. I think your post has just revived in me the awesomeness of being one with nature. I’ll definitely head out to some nature tripping with family soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

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