Blog #95 You Know It’s Been a Successful Dinner When….

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All the way home from an incredible dinner this evening I tried to bark like my friend Jennifer Hill Robenalt ( who can bark exactly like a Cairn Terrier. Now, mind you, it says something about me that after this amazing gathering of twelve very powerful and inspirational go-getters who make ideas happen….that I was motivated to capture the bark of Jennifer all the way home. I sounded more like a Hienze-57 in mortal danger…but at least I was doing my best all out bark.

My head is still spinning from all the ideas and energy generated by this group. One of the morsels I tucked away from this evening was how much more effective our talents and gifts can be exponentially when magnified through the support of other people. One of the women, who I immediately felt connected to on many levels besides the fact that we shared being Air Force Brats, is one of 29 authors (or so) in the book, “The Club No One Wanted to Join – Madoff Victims in Their Own Words.¬† Her take is decidedly from a spiritual perspective¬† and the benefits she’s gotten from this huge growth opportunity.¬† Actually, there were a couple of people at our table tonight who shared the “ah-ha’s” that they learned over the past year from sometimes very heart breaking and life altering situations in their lives which ended up being some of the best gifts that they have ever received.

I gotta confess to you that at one point when we went around the table to introduce ourselves and talk about a special project that was close to our hearts that we were working on, my palms started sweating a little bit and my stomach rumbled because I realized that this was one group that I couldn’t get away with punting. I committed to writing/putting together a book this year and right then and there my friend Nettie, taped me interviewing Jennifer about the screenplay she is writing for a film about the Irish Mystic, Lorna Byrne’s, book, “Angels in My Hair”. Nettie plans to submit this video for the Oprah Talk Show Host search. Gulp. I hope I didn’t have an Mexican food stuck in between my teeth or at least if I did that her husband Andy can air brush it out…..

Do this y’all. Invite a group of people to come together for a dinner and use all of the tools that you have ever learned over the course of your life to keep you using positive affirmative statements that will hold you accountable to acting on your dreams. For those of you who live in Austin, be prepared for me to invite you to join me at one of the dinners this new group I’m in will be having over the course of the next year. Bring your hopes and dreams and projects.

What is something that you’ve always wanted to do but have been putting off because of X, Y, or Z? What 11 people do you know or know of in your community that you would like to get together with to help each other make your dreams happen?

I’ll work on my Jennifer Cairn Terrier Bark if you’ll work on your dreams.

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