Blog #79 Head ‘Em Up and Moooove ‘Em on Out!

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My brain (and heart) were having some kind of a good party last night in dream land. My dreams were full of vivid colors and lot’s of people and lot’s of action. I know in one part of the dream I was trying to take a group of people to a really great Greek restaurant that I knew of inside of an old Greek Church. I thought I remembered the restaurant being on 42nd street but when we would get up to that neighborhood, I couldn’t find the church. There was also a part of the dream where we were in a big old Russian castle and when I looked out the castle windows, I could see the Greek Church and it was on 49th street. So I convinced my friends to come with me through a shortcut I knew about, only it was in a very very old and falling down part of town. There was lot’s of fear there and I was willing to go through it because I realized I had already been there before and could fly right over it but they would have to actually walk through the town so we decided to not go that route for their safety.

I don’t remember much else about the dream except for the tone that I felt throughout was that I although I was with people I felt alone. I think many of us are feeling that way these days. Many of us who have done a lot of work on ourselves and have risen to another level. I spoke with someone who I love to bounce many spiritual questions and ideas off of today over the phone (Shannon Ogg . Although I didn’t talk with Shannon about my dream, we did zero in on the feeling that I’ve been feeling lately of having grown to a certain level and now I want to see the bells and whistles that come with it…only there aren’t any bells and whistles. As Shannon would say, “there is just the “is””. And then he’d probably laugh his good hardy laugh (and I would along with him). He did affirm that there are many of us, including himself, who are feeling this way now (refrain please “is that all there is?”).

I’m sharing this with you today partly because I feel guided to do so and partly because I’m in the process of experiencing how I am perceived when I am as me as I can be me. Do people get me? Do they understand and feel how much I want to help them to get who they are and to rejoice in themselves? I hope so. I hope I can allow myself to be all that I came here (to this life) to be so that I can help you to be all that you came here to be. And, okay, I know I’m sounding a bit woo-woo to some of you, but it really is very grounded stuff too.

I attended a luncheon for Austin Recovery today at Riverbend Church and heard some amazing stories of recovery and what is being done to help others find recovery from their addictions. The room was full of people who I have seen in recovery rooms over the decades whose main intent is to live a good life and to help others live well too. So see, it’s not just me wanting this for you, there’s a whole bunch of us out there.

I’m stepping out being all that I am so that I can realize my full potential. How about you? What are you passionate about in your life today?

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